Wait And See

So I didn’t hear back from my Gastroenterolgy office on Wednesday. I woke up Thursday and was in a fair amount of pain (hemorrhoids, backache, vaginal tear) and having frequent bloody diarrhea.

I was absolutely determined to right myself, as I had committed to take BG to a playdate at the zoo with a new mom’s group. It was a beautiful day, I really want to meet more moms, and we have season passes to the zoo–I was determined to go. So I popped a Hycosamine (anti-spasmodic, which reduces the ‘sudden urge’ to run to the restroom) and a Vicodin (for pain–I am only prescribed 40 pills per year and I am quite sparing with them, but needed it today–I do not feel impaired when I take them and they actually make me a bit hyper). And although I hadn’t heard back from my GI’s office, I took a Uceris pill because I need to take it in the morning and I really couldn’t go another day without it.

I got myself and BG together and we made it to the zoo right on time to meet up with the group. I felt pretty good–almost “normal”. BG and myself thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There was an awkward moment when my GI nurse called and wanted to know what my symptoms were–I told her I wasn’t comfortable discussing that at the moment but that they were “the usual” and I had left a detailed message. She understood and agreed that I should take the Uceris and that I do not need to come in for an office visit–yet. If my symptoms haven’t resolved in 2 weeks then I’ll have to be seen. Fair enough.

Both myself and BG were exhausted by the time we finished our zoo playdate. I buckled her in snd then checked my phone, realizing I had missed a call from my OBGYN office, regarding being seen for my vaginal tear. I called them back and they informed me I had an appointment in an hour! There was no way in hell I could make it, so I rescheduled for the next day (Friday). The Uceris was definitely working because I stopped having to run to the bathroom for the rest of the day.

Friday I woke up feeling better, but still uncomfortable. I had to rush to the restroom a few times, but at least there was no blood! Yay! Mr. MLACS came home in the afternoon to watch BG so I could go to the OBGYN and see about my vaginal tear. My appointment was with a Nurse Practitioner, not Dr. Soul.

I have never had a female OBGYN that I’ve liked or trusted. And this Nurse Practitioner was no exception. She was brusque and cold. She said my vaginal tear is right down the middle (I thought it was askew, but it’s hard to evaluate your own vagina). She said it looked like it might be infected.

Then she swabbed me…one of THE worst experiences of my life…it felt like she was rubbing fire ant venom on my vag! It BURNED like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I think she enjoyed hurting me–she certainly didn’t apologize (sadistic). She told me the culture won’t be back for a week or so, but assuming it’s infected, she wants me to take antibiotics and use a cream. I can’t go to spinning class or really do any sort of vigorous physical activity until it is completely healed–this SUCKS–I am gunning to get in shape and have been really great about my workouts lately! And obviously I can’t have sex–no TTC–in fact my period is due next week and I presume I can’t use tampons. Ick. I asked the NP what I should do to prevent tearing during sex (because I tear every time, just not usually this bad) and she said to use lube–coconut oil is best–and stretch the vaginal opening. I’m so annoyed because I don’t like sex to be some big production. And FTR, I use lube, but it’s KY and the NP said it has alcohol in it and is drying, so no good.

She asked if I was allergic to sulfa drugs and I told her no, but that most recently I’ve had success with using Doxycycline. To which she replied that it will ruin a breastfeeding child’s teeth (stains them). She is now the 2nd doctor to inform me of this. I have been on Doxycycline for weeks at a time (per my prior dermatologist and also Dr. Angel). Greeeeeat. So I may have ruined my child’s teeth. Awesome. Yay.

I left to go check out and the MA comes running after me to tell me–get THIS–they *used the wrong swab* and if I want it to go to my preferred lab (the one my insurance is contracted to) then I’d need to have the swab done AGAIN. She saw the HORRIFIED look on my face and quickly added “or we can have it processed here in our lab, which your insurance will still cover but maybe not all of it”. I stood there, mouth agape, but finally said “I am NEVER doing that swab again, go ahead and use the one you have”. What. The. F*ck.

I stopped by target afterwards and took my time since BG wasn’t with me. Grabbed a starbucks and just meandered (well, and I grocery shopped). That was a nice way to decompress. I picked up some liquid coconut oil, an act of optimism, that I will heal and have (non-painful) sex.

I picked up Bactrim (my antibiotic) and a cream from the pharmacy. Used them last night and I’m happy to report that my vaginal tear feels better. But my stomach is upset from the antibiotic and I had explosive bloody diarrhea again this morning, so….

F*ck it. Just have to wait and see if any of this sh*t (Uceris, Bactrim, cream, etc.) actually works.



6 thoughts on “Wait And See

  1. You poor thing. I think I would have told that MA, “Your office used the wrong swab. You guys can pay for it!” I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with all of this. xo

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