I just checked and saw my last post was May 7th, so I’m way overdue for an update. Life has been crazy though so bullet points:

1. BG’s preschool ended their year on May 20th–not sure why they stopped so early and I certainly wasn’t prepared for that! Summer camps didn’t even start until June so she was home with me and LS, bored out of her mind and acting obnoxious. About the time we found some semblance of a new routine, summer camps started. Uhg.

2. BG’s preschool “graduates” each class, so BG had a full-on graduation with cap and gown, performances, speeches, etc. It was adorable but IMHO *a bit much* considering she’ll be returning to preschool for pre-k in the fall. However, when they announced what each kid wanted to be when they grow up, all the girls said “veterinarian” or “ballerina”. But BG said she wants to “Be a Mommy and do all the things that Mommies do and have just one baby named LS”. And I was absolutely stunned. I feel completely unworthy of her admiration and in that moment I realized my self esteem is pretty low right now because of how much I’ve been struggling with being a mother of 2 and all the chaos in my life (my business, moving, etc.) But it’s humbling and precious that my BG thinks so highly of me ❤

3. I threw Mr. MLACS a wonderful 40th birthday party at a restaurant and it went off without a hitch! I even managed to keep the secret that a friend of his/ours was flying in for the occassion! The colors were black and gold and the theme was “Cheers and Beers to 40 Years!” I had custom cookies made and this giant cake that must’ve weighed 40lbs (gluten-free so I could eat some too). I’m obviously very proud of myself for pulling this off (pats self on back). *pic of cake*


4. I had to quit eating dairy as every time I would eat cheese/ice cream/etc. and nurse LS she would be writhing in pain. It worked and she stopped needing gas drops/zantac/etc. But *good grief* quitting dairy is SO difficult! For me quitting dairy has been far more difficult than being gluten-free. I also was making/expressing more milk and stopped supplementing with similac sensitive since it’s dairy-based. I hoped it would help LS gain more weight.

5. But NOPE. LS fell a little behind again ftom 2 months to 3 months (a couple ounces short of a pound in a months time–9.4lbs to 10.2lbs). I *dread* going to the pediatrician’s office since they hospitalized her for “failure to thrive” and this time they told me to quit supplementing with my milk and give LS Alimentum formula instead. This is BAD advice and I knew it would ruin my breastfeeding if I did that. The doc even suggested I might want to give up breastfeeding in favor of formula. The Alimentum turned out to have a disgusting odor and LS gagged on it, plus the ingredients are horrific. So I finally made an appointment with a lactation consultant that is affiliated witha different pediatric practice and am happy to report they helped me, I felt comfortable/understood/supported there and we are officially switching to this new breastfeeding-friendly peds office. I also discovered a hypoallergenic formula from Germany called HIPP HA and am happy to report that LS tolerates it well–she only needs 2-4oz per day and I have continued to supplement 6-8oz of my milk (I collect my letdowns on my left breast with the haakaa pump–she hates to nurse that side). When I fed her off my right breast she took in 2.5oz in maybe 10min so I’m making enough milk. She’s a hardgainer, as was BG. But despite difficulty gaining weight, LS is healthy and growing/meeting milestones. She poops 5x or more each day and pee’s a lot. I really feel that this is her “normal”, but feeding her/her weight gain is a constant stressor for me regardless.

6. BG had her first dance recital at the beginning of June! She did a tap number and a ballet number (so two expensive costumes to buy but they were adorable). I have waited my entire life for this (seeing my child in a dance recital) and it didn’t disappoint. *However* I was put out because the school demanded the girls rehearse for 2+ hours a day the week prior to the recital. It was WAY too much for 3-5yr olds and also for the parents and siblings who had to attend (myself and LS included). It totally messed up our schedule and it was *pointless* because the girls still didn’t know their tap routine (the other class with the other teacher knew theirs so…) and their ballet number was basically being props for the older kids and had no actual ballet moves. It was a crock of sh*t. I don’t think we’ll bother with this dance school for next season. Also BG is doing soccer and has expressed an interest in karate so we’ll focus on those for now. *pic of darling little ballerinas lining up for stage*


7. We closed on our new house the end of May and I’ve been orchestrating renovations–people kept telling me how nuts I am for adding renovations to our plate when we already have so much going on and I shrugged because how hard can it be? I’m hiring people to do 90% of it and the 10% left is hanging new light fixturesb painting furniture, etc. Well…they were right. I am nuts. This sh*t is hard–dealing with the contractors has been tedious. And expensive. I’m really done writing checks for awhile. But it is looking fabulous! Moving day is this Friday! I’m not even packing. It’s literally getting tossed on the moving truck and moved 5min away. Screw it. *Pic of new chandelier in my foyer that I love*


8. I’m *trying* to take care of myself. You know that swanky gym membership I mentioned? I haven’t been in 3 weeks. Too busy & not ready to take the baby to daycare–she screams even when Mr. MLACS hold her lately–wants *me* all the time. I love holding her but I cannot get anything done. I’m skipping showers. But I did step away to get waxed and have my hair done, which made me feel better. I can’t lose weight because of the herbs/drugs (domperidone) I’m taking for breastfeeding and that is VERY frustrating. I want to feel like myself again, and put together not sloppy. I just don’t have the time or headspace for “self care” right now.

9. BG has started speech therapy 2x week because of “articulation”–she leaves off/mumbles/substitutes the sound at the beginning/ending of words. She doesn’t do b/c/d/f/g/j/k/p/t/w and maybe some others. I’m supposed to work with her on it and that is a chore because she haaaates practicing. It’s a fight. But she needs this–she is 4yrs old and she is so tall that she looks 6 or 7 but her speech makes her sound 3yrs old. I had speech for 6 years so I get it–I wasn’t as bad off as her though, I had a lateral lisp and struggles with s/sh/ch/j sounds.

Ok that’s all for now, gotta pop LS off the boob and go pick BG up from camp.