MLACS: A New Chapter of Chronic Illness

Well guys, maybe you thought my troubles were over since I’ve lived the last 3 years post-colectomy in relative peace health-wise. But no! I’m back with a brand new chapter in the neverending story of my medical trials and tribulations.

My hormones are ALL f*d up.

I knew they were “off” as my TSH is higher than it has been in years, I’m lethargic and I can’t lose weight. I went to see a “hormone guru” NP that some moms in a local fb group recommended. Had labs done and had a follow up visit last Thursday. I was completely unprepared for the news I received.

My hormones are all very low. Progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, and Free T3. But most disturbingly my cortisol is very low and my insulin is fairly high. The NP was quite concerned and prescribed me several supplements including pregnenolone, berberine, ashwaganda, and DHEA. She also said my B vitamins are low. And she told me to eat a high fat diet and eat at least every 4 hours.

Part of my current problem stems back to my adolesence when I was diagnosed PCOS. My sex hormones have always been imbalanced, with evidence being facial hair, long cycles, skipping periods, easy weight gain/difficult weightloss, and extremely low progesterone (which probably caused my first miscarriage).

And as for the cortisol, I have been on high dose corticosteroids (which mess up your adrenal glands) too many times at very high doses and my adrenal glands have shut down. Which is dragging my entire endocrine system down. Screwing up my thyroid.

I’m told my body is in crisis mode.

I had no f*ing idea.

I’m a 40yr old mother of 2 small children. Everyone expects you to be tired and sore. I thought I was just getting older and recovering slower postpartum after having LS in 2019. I’m not in pain. I’m functional as long as I have a steady stream of caffeine. I thought I was doing just fine.

I was shocked and it was a lot to absorb. I knew I needed a diet and exercise plan, so I called a friend who is an expert in the health and wellness industry and she pointed me to her own coach, who she said is a “hormone guru”. I wasted no time contacting him and set up a phone call for Sunday. We’ll see what he says.



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