IUI #6

This IUI was ridiculously simple compared to our other IUI’s. It was unmedicated and virtually unmonitored. There were no pills or shots.

CD 11 until ovulation: Used Clear Blue Digital OPK (the one with either an empty circle or smiley face–no “blinky” face)

CD 16: Went to see Dr. Angel and check to see if my ovaries were still full of cysts or WFT was actually going on in there. Discovered there were no cysts and one follicle on the right ovary measuring 15.5

CD 18: Got a “smiley face” on the CBD OPK circa 12pm (I test late morning or afternoon because I never get positives in the morning)

CD 19: Went to Dr. Diet and was inseminated circa 12pm with 9 million total motile sperm.

During the TWW, I had plenty of symptoms, which did pique my interest because this was a totally unmedicated cycle and I was not using progesterone support. Indigestion, nausea, big boobs, fatigue, *CRAZY DREAMS* (telltale sign for me)…I think that covers it…but it was enough to make me google (for the one millionth time) “early pregnancy symptoms” after about 7dpo.

YET…I had PTSD from failed IUI #5 and literally shook at the very thought of peeing on a stick and seeing a single line. Again. So for the first time in 15 months I actually waited until the day after my missed period to POAS. And it was a strong positive, as dark as the control line. The results:

Beta #1 @ 15dpo: 192

Beta #2 @ 17dpo (almost exactly 48 hours later): 404

Beta #3 @ 21dpo: 2,220

This leads me (and possibly you) to ask *WHY* did it work this time, and not during any of the 7 medicated cycles (or 2 natural cycles) that I’ve done in the last 10 months? Well, here’s some potential reasons:

1. It was a natural cycle. I got pregnant 2 times, just 4 months apart, on natural cycles, but then NEVER in 10 months of medicated/unmedicated cycles. *Maybe* my body doesn’t like the drugs–maybe it throws off my uterine lining?

2. I’m not sick. My Ulcerative Colitis is in remission. My ANA’s (antibodies) results are “none detected”. My hypothyroid is well-managed.

3. I’ve been taking *ALL* the recommended DOR supplements to help egg quality for 2+ months. Is it a coincidence that my fellow blogger My Hope Jar achieved a spontaneous and thriving pregnancy after taking basically the same supplements for the same amount of time? I think not. I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice. But I will tell you what I was taking and my dosages, just *anecdotally*:

Ubiquinol: 300mg daily for 2+ months

L-Arginine: 500mg daily for 2+ months

Royal Jelly: 300mg daily for 2+ months

Thorne Prenatal Vitamin (recommended dose is 3 caps daily) for 4+ months

Fish Oil Capsules: 2 caps daily for years because of my colon

Vitamin D + Vitamin K combination in liquid form: 2,000iu daily for 6+ months **(I have proven to be vitamin D deficient, which is common in women experiencing infertility and loss)

Right before I conceived I was taking Chelated Magnesium for about 3 weeks, but stopped just a couple days before conception because it was inflaming my Ulcerative Colitis. I’ve read magnesium deficiency can be a factor in infertility, so I can’t say that the magnesium didn’t help, even though I didn’t take it for long. I’ve switched the Magnesium Citrate, which I tolerate just fine. My Chiropractor had told me that anything “chelated” is a powerful detox agent because it binds to impurities and then eliminates them–mostly through the colon, so no wonder my colon was irritated. But did it ultimately help me conceive? Dunno.

4. I ultimately believe that it’s God’s timing. It’s not for me to understand right now, but I’m hoping to be enlightened when I meet Him in heaven upon completion of my life here on earth.

However…although it’s God’s timing I’ve always felt compelled by Him in every step I’ve taken during my TTC and loss journey. I believe that I’ve been walking the path that God has chosen for me in this life–and that includes FIGHTING for my baby–I am a fighter and God made me that way. I am not a passive person, and I would not be pregnant right now, from *this* cycle, if I was “just relaxing” or “not trying”. My husband was literally 3,000 miles away when I conceived. Truth.








2 thoughts on “IUI #6

  1. SO freaking awesome!!! It is amazing how He knows exactly when something is right. I am so excited for you!!!! I’ll definitely be praying for you and thinking about you so PLEASE keep the updates coming. It is obviously a scary journey but that’s why you have all of us who understand to support you!

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