5 and 1

LS turned 1 year old in March and BG turned 5 years old a few days later. O. M. G. How time has flown!

When I started this blog almost 7 years ago, I knew one day I would be a Mom. I wasn’t sure how motherhood would manifest, because I was sick, having miscarriages, and then couldn’t get pregnant for about a year. But in my mind, I saw myself as a mother of a 5yr old.

And now, I’m really a mother to a 5yr old! Wow. Wow. Wow.

And bonus, also the mother to a 1yr old! We made it past the scary first year, where you’re just trying to keep them alive (and the world criticizes every decision you make).

I had not one, but TWO parties planned for the girls. One was Frozen II themed (because obviously BG is “Elsa” and LS is “Anna”). It was going to be at a Playground World, and it was for BG’s preschool classmates. I had a special table with balloons, pizza, and cupcakes planned. I bought the girls custom Elsa/Anna embroidered shirts with their names and ages on Etsy. It was going to be so cute! It was scheduled for a Monday afternoon after preschool. But the order for schools to shut down came that Friday before, and I had to make a choice about whether to have the party or postpone it–some people would have attended while others would have been more cautious. I decided to postpone the party, because it just didn’t feel right to have it.

The second party I had planned was a MUCH bigger deal. It was a mermaid themed party–a pool party–with a REAL mermaid! I could have bought a Louis Vuitton handbag for what I was spending on this party (FTR I don’t own designer handbags or apparel) because I just wanted it to be perfect! And I love event planning! I had matching mermaid swimsuits and cover-ups for the girls, 2 custom cakes, custom cake pops, custom cookies, and lots of candy for the dessert table. An etsy background full of glitter and sequins, a sequined table cloth, bejeweled cake and cookie displays, and a balloon arch. I had centerpieces for the tables, chargers and plates for place settings, and every table would have a full length tablecloth. It was going to be an event to remember. I mean, it still will be because I plan on hosting this party when it’s safe to do so…I just don’t know when that will be.

So naturally I was mometarily devastated when quarantine happened and my party plans were ruined. BG took it in stride and I was impressed.

Instead I made the party at home. I whipped out my sequin tablecloth and bejeweled cake stand. Blew up the balloon arch. And made the most extraordinary cake I’ve ever made. I wrapped all the presents and had everything set up so BG could be surprised when she woke up on her birthday. It turned out really nice and she LOVED it! We had a great day. I made sure she could talk to some of her friends over video chat. I let her eat whatever she wanted. We played dress up, we played outside (rode her new bike!) we blew bubbles, we decorated cupcakes, we ate WAY too much frosting, we sang happy birthday and opened her gifts. In retrospect, I was so busy planning the parties that I neglected to plan anything special on the actual days of the girls’ birthdays. It’s actually great that we got to celebrate at our house with just our family. From now on I’m going to plan a family celebration outside of the birthday party.

For LS’s birthday the week before we had made banana muffins and stuck a candle in one and sang happy birthday–she loves muffins and I don’t think it’s cute to give babies a bunch of sugar on their first birthday. She tried to grab the candle so I didn’t get any good pictures! I figured I would have more photo ops at the birthday parties. I had no idea at the time that quarantine would prevent our celebrations, because if I had known then I would have planned a more elaborate celebration at home. I feel kind of cheated about LS’s birthday. I want to make it up to her by throwing a big half birthday, if quarantine is letting up by then.

So as for the girls…

LS has grown so much! You’d never know that she had trouble gaining weight as a little baby, because she is now delightfully fleshy and robust! She’s still breastfeeding and drinking hypoallergenic formula, but she tolerates dairy now. She can eat a bit of cheese and milk and it doesn’t hurt her tummy or give her eczema and diaper rash. What a relief! She loves my homemade soups (chicken soup, beef stew) and Dr. Praeger’s littles. And oatmeal and muffins. She can drink out of any cup but she likes cups with soft straws. She can eat a squeeze pack by herself and feed herself bite sizes pieces. She waves, high fives, kisses, points when she wants something, sings, babbles, and tries to immitate things like putting on clothes or stirring a bowl. Her favorite person is her big sister ❤ She also loves our labrador and God bless Koa because he lets her “love” on him. We added a baby swing to our swingset and she enjoys that. Also enjoys walks in the stroller. Still loves being carried in the baby carrier too. But guys, she’s *almost* walking! She just needs to hold on to my finger. I looked at her waddling around the house today and realized…I have a toddler! She loves her stuffed animal lamb (lamby) that my sister gave her. In fact she loves to cuddle stuffed animals and it is sooooo pweshious. She likes: playing peek-a-boo, dancing, chasing her sister, cheesy puffs (mostly vegan ones), swinging, falling asleep on Daddy’s shoulder, our dog, balloons, bubbles, being carried, and most of all…she is *obsessed* with the tv remote. Dislikes: poopy diapers, being put down in her crib (she still mostly cosleeps with me), getting in the carseat, and *hates* having her hands and face wiped. She’s a curious and tenacious little kid, who likes to chew on cords and climb things. She has an incredible temper. But generally she’s pretty easygoing and very social. We all adore her! I can’t wait to learn more about her ❤

BG… well she’s growing up. Literally–this year she was the youngest kid in her class *but also* the tallest kid in her class, even taller than the boys. She’s beautiful, built like a ballet dancer with long blonde hair and blue eyes, an almond shaped face and a cleft chin. We compliment her but since we do not talk about how people look (we never say the words fat or skinny or ugly, or critique ourselves or anyone else) so she has no concept of how blessed she is in the looks department. She lost 3 bottom teeth when she was 4 (almost 5)! And she’s about to lose some top teeth. The tooth fairy was good to her, bringing her $2 bills, $1 gold coins, and 50 cent pieces. She likes running and I just bought her first official pair of running shoes. She likes playing soccer and we were gearing up for spring season, but covid-19 has halted that. She’s definitely athletic, which is something we have in-common.

But BG is her own person now. She loves color and glitter and sparkle and dresses and jewelry–she notices details. She has a WILD imagination! She has 2 imaginary dragons. She has a fairy door and fairy garden so her fairy can visit. She made us build a leprachan trap for St. Patricks day (spoiler: we didn’t catch one, whomp whomp). She’s at a very magical age and her head is “in the clouds” a lot (she takes after me). But she also surprises me with things she knows. Yesterday we were walking in the evening while it was still sunny outside, and she pointed and asked why the moon was out during the day. She writes her name, recognizes letters and numbers, knows some sight words, and she does addition and subtraction using her fingers (any math skills she posesses are compliments of Mr. MLACS). The other day she told me “I’m going to be a mommy AND a doctor” and I was like “YES! Do that!”. Guess I’d better start saving for medical school 😉 BG is a really great kid, but she has been difficult lately. Lots of tantrums, whining, pouting, arguing, begging, demanding, and general boundary pushing. I’d love to tell you that I keep my cool all the time but y’all know me and you know I’ll spin my head around and look at her with crazy eyes and hiss “WHAT did you just say to me?? You don’t talk to ME like that young lady!” I do intimidate her sometimes. And I know that is not the best way. I am trying to cultivate a child who has the self confidence to hold her own with even the biggest assh*le, while also teaching her not to test me because I am *the boss*. Her father is teaching her the art of sarcasm; she surprises me with her wit sometimes and makes me laugh. She is silly and goofy and loves to laugh! She’s really sweet and kind and thoughtful, with a heart of gold ❤ BG loves to make artwork for us and her friends. She’s very helpful with LS, plays with her and is never mean (though she does complain when she wants her space and I don’t blame her). She feeds the dog, puts dishes in the sink, puts clothes in the hamper, and throws away trash. She has a little broom and dust pan and she likes to help me sweep or wipe down tables.

BG LOOOOOVES BOOKS! Her favorite place is Barnes and Nobles, which I adore. We read books before bed and she will point out words she knows. This week she’s into the “Bunnicula” early reader books. BG also likes to “write”, and most especially she likes to make lists (scribbly lines) and check things off–she’s been doing that for years. BG also likes to talk, which is great but not ALL the time (I need a break). She’s been working on her speech/articulation this past year and it has dramatically improved, but she still has a long way to go. She gets frustrated easily and I dislike practicing with her–God bless her speech therapists. Kids who don’t know her often don’t understand her, and she looks 2 years older than she is–older girls have been especially mean to her and that enrages me. But I’ve taught her to ditch kids that are no fun to play with, and I encourage her to dismiss them. I hate mean girls.

BG is *obsessed* with stuffed animals and falls in love with each new one she acquires–doesn’t matter if it’s a build-a-bear or a dollar bin cheapie. She lets LS play with her stuffed animals and I’m quite impressed given how posessive she is–stuffed animals are her love language. BG also likes Frozen II (she has the castle and dolls), Barbie, and magnetic blocks–to name a few. But honestly, she enjoys chasing balloons, balls and bubbles more than playing with her toys. She also likes playing games on her tablet. And her guilty pleasure is watching cartoons on her tablet while she’s in the bathtub. She’s cuddly and would love to be cuddled next to me 24/7. She is perfection in my eyes. I really don’t know what I did to deserve BG, and I thank God that she’s mine ❤❤❤

In fact, I feel immeasureably blessed to be the mother of BG and LS. They are God’s gifts.