IUI #4

I decided to do another IUI with Dr. Angel before moving on with the RE. On a practical note, I had four more vials of Mr. MLACS’s frozen ‘spawn’ at my disposal, so why not? It was not premeditated, so it was rather difficult to put it together last-minute but I was amenable to using Letrozole alone and forgoing injectables this cycle, having already decided that I did not want to f*ck up my thyroid again by assaulting it with massive amounts of FSH–until someone promises me more than TWO eggs. I figured that since I had gotten two eggs with Letrozole and a minimal amount of Bravelle, that I may get two eggs from Letrozole alone. And besides, AF came several days early and by the time I was able to speak with Dr. Angel about doing a cycle, it was too late to order injectables. Here is what we did:

CD 4: Letrozole, 5mg
CD 5: Letrozole, 5mg
CD 6: Letrozole, 5mg
CD 7: Letrozole, 5mg
CD 8: Letrozole, 5mg

I was happy to have a break from daily injections and monitoring! I finally went in for monitoring on CD 11 and was ecstatic to find there were THREE follicles maturing at a good pace, measuring 13.5, 10, and 8.5.

CD 14: HCG trigger shot, 10,000iu

I was given the HCG trigger shot without monitoring, because the doc was in surgery that morning and we were both pretty confident that CD 14 was the right day to trigger (better early than late). I went in for monitoring later that day and was rather disappointed to find that there was only one follicle measuring 17.5, and then some sort of cyst-y looking thing. Oh well, “it only takes one”, right?

CD 15: Double IUI performed

First IUI at 24 hours post-trigger, 2 thawed viles of sperm only yielded 12 million motile. Second IUI at 30 hours post-trigger, 2 thawed viles of sperm only yielded 13 million motile. I was really disappointed in the numbers, and realistically knew that my chances were not great but tried to remain optimistic.

I tested with a FRER at 10, 11, and 12dpo, all negative. A beta at 13dpo confirmed I was not pregnant. I am hoping to ttc naturally in the following cycle, and consult with the RE and make a plan for a medicated cycle after that.

Medications: Pentasa, Rowasa, Wellbutrin, Synthroid
TTC related supplements: Metanx, Gummy Prenantal, Baby aspirin, Fish oil, Probiotics **I added Prednisone 10mg upon IUI
**I have been 100% gluten-free for…6 months? I think.

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