MLACS: An Update

So I wrote my previous post a month ago. I hired the coach I spoke to because he is very knowledgeable about the hormonal issues I’m dealing with and uses diet, lifestyle and supplementation to heal the body, along with working closely with functional medicine docs. He wrote me a program, which at this point consists of an anti-inflammatory diet and a boatload of supplements–I take about 50 pills a day and that’s not including all the powders and things I have to drink!

I dropped 14 lbs in 4 weeks, even with my Thanksgiving “cheat”. The crazy part is I dropped 11 lbs in just 2 weeks–so much water I was holding due to inflammation. It’s ALL about my food, because I’m not exercising at all. I’m just working on healing my endocrine system.

I’m gluten-free *and* dairy-free now, for the forseeable future. Gluten was obviously not a problem (I’ve been gluten-free for 7 years) but it has been an adjustment going dairy-free again (I was dairy-free for like 11 months of breastfeeding and prior to that was dairy-free for about 10 years as a bodybuilder). Luckily “paleo” and “whole 30” diets are popular now so there are lots of great recipes out there that are GF/DF. I made paleo sweet potato casserole and a paleo pecan tart (pictured) for Thanksgiving.

I’m still making food for my family, but I have to eat what’s on my program. BG is old enough to notice and I’ve explained to her that Mommy is doing her best to be healthy so I have to eat the foods that are best for me, to which she responded “So you can live a long time and be here for your babies!” And I said “Exactly!” It’s sad that she worries about me dying young, since my Mom died before she was born. She always tells me to stay healthy so I can be here to help her with babies when she’s a Mom (she’s obsessed with being a Mom).

Truly, I will do ANYTHING to be healthy for my kids (and future grandkids) ❤.

It’s a lot of work though, taking care of myself (high maintinence as I am). On top of caring for everyone else. Especially during the holidays. During a pandemic.

I’m teaching BG virtual kindergarten, while also trying to entertain and enrich my toddler LS. We don’t go anywhere due to Covid, so it’s just me and the girls at the house all day–no trips to target/grocery store/parks/the gym/the mall, etc. And now the weather is cold and wet (rain yesterday, snow today!) so we don’t get to play outside every day. I’m having Mr. MLACS install a swing and a trapeze in the playroom and we have mats, so we can have “recess” indoors.

Will write more later (will share holiday ideas to entertain kids). Gotta go!



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