Heading South

We are about to move for the 6th time in 5 years (really, 7th move when you count our refugee move from one apartment to another after our pipes burst in 2014).

We’ve been renting and waiting to buy until Mr. MLACS left his current position (which requires him to go all over the world) for something stationary.

Living this way has been really f*cking difficult. His company never fully covered our expenses and each move was on short notice and cost thousands out of pocket, depleting our savings and accruing debt. It is up to me to find comfortable and affordable rental housing, and in the interim we lived in hotels for weeks. I also had to leave jobs and find new ones ASAP (no pressure or anything). It seems like just about the time we’d feel stable and secure (make friends, find good doctors/hairstylists/grocery stores/etc.) we’d have to up and move again.

For the past almost 3 years, Mr. MLACS has been working out of the country more than 50% of the time, and for the past several months he’s been gone 80% of the time, leaving me alone to deal with fertility treatments, my pregnancy and BG’s first year of life.

I don’t know how to adequately describe the situation, but suffice to say it has been HARD.

But no more!

Mr. MLACS has accepted a position with a new company and we are moving to the South! Land of sweet tea and humidity.

We are also purchasing our first home!

It’s brand new, it’s gorgeous and I looooove it! Here is a pic of my kitchen–the kitchen is really what sold me. Those quartz countertops… *swoon*


I have not seen the home in-person, but I found it online and sent Mr. MLACS to go look at it, and we put an offer in that day.

We are both SO excited for this move! The new company is rolling out the red carpet, covering ALL moving costs (movers to pack/unpack our things, house-hunting trips, miscellaneous expenses, and they are even paying our closing costs on the house). Mr. MLACS has earned this–he has given 200% to his career and he deserves every perk. But we are still incredibly grateful for this opportunity. We are humbled by this company’s grand gestures of good faith.

So far, we’ve experienced nothing but graciousness and Southern hospitality. I’ve never visited where we are going, but I already have warm feelings about it based on my interactions with people over the phone.

I’m so very hopeful–that we’ll make great friends and beautiful memories there. One set of next door neighbors reportedly has a kid close to BG’s age, a labrador to befriend our labrador, and the wife is a SAHM. I already envision morning walks and coffee, playdates, bbq’s and superbowl parties.

And from now on Mr. MLACS will be home for dinner every night and off on weekends! With his prior company, he usually worked 6 days a week, often 7 days. He would leave the house at 4am and I was lucky to see him by 7pm. Then when he started traveling, it was 16 days gone/12 days home, and these past few months he was gone 4-5 weeks and then only home for 5-7 days.

It will be an adjustment. There will be growing pains. But it feels promising. It feels right.

I need to practice using the word “y’all”.





3 Year Blogiversary

Wow… what a looooong strange trip it’s been…

And here I was laying here, frustrated that BG woke me up several times and that I’m lying here awake looking at social media…

I’d like to thank wordpress for reminding me how gutted I was 3 years ago, having started this blog after my second miscarriage and in the midst of a health crisis and marital discord. I was inconsolable. I was in my own personal hell.

Now that I have my BG, my biggest problem is getting enough sleep–which is trivial in comparison to the anguish of infertility and loss. I will drink my morning coffee and be grateful instead of agitated.

Thank you ladies for being there for me through it all.