IUI #1

IUI #1 (November 2013)
We started out this process very optimistically, with Dr. Angel telling me that the last time he used this protocol it resulted in triplets! Mr. MLACS and I have been pregnant twice naturally, and our friends (who have MFI) got pregnant on their first IUI, so we figured this would yield at least one baby, if not multiples.

CD 3: Letrozole, 2.5mg pill
CD 4: Letrozole, 2.5mg pill
CD 5: Letrozole, 2.5mg pill
CD 6: Letrozole, 2.5mg pill
CD 7: Letrozole, 2.5mg pill

**Ultrasound shows two measurable follicles on the left ovary (7-8mm) and one measureable follicle on the right ovary, slightly larger (10-11mm). The follicle on the right ovary is irregularly shaped and Dr. Angel says it may be an ovarian cyst.

CD 8:
Bravelle, 75iu injection
CD 9: Bravelle, 75iu injection
CD 10: Bravelle, 75iu, injection
CD 11: Bravelle, 75iu, injection
CD 12: Bravelle, 75iu, injection
CD 13: Bravelle, 75iu, injection
CD 14: Bravelle, 75iu, injection
CD 15: Bravelle, 75iu, injection

**I was monitored daily during the Bravelle injections, which were administered by Dr. Angel (so awesome I didn’t have to inject myself!) The two follicles continued to mature at a rate of 1-2mm per day, until they had reached 21+ and 22+ on CD 15. The follicle on my right ovary did turn out to be a cyst, which resolved on it’s own.

CD 16:
HCG, 10,000iu, injection

**Mr. MLACS went to the reproductive clinic at our local university hospital to collect his ‘specimen’ and have it prepared for IUI. Mr. MLACS had over 300 million count, over 140 million post-wash, with 50 million at 100% motility. He is quite proud of himself.

CD 17:
‘Dildocam’ shows I haven’t ovulated yet and Dr. Angel performs my IUI with Mr. MLACS’s ‘super sperm’. We are instructed to have sex.

CD 18: I begin experiencing HORRIBLE CRAMPS on my left side circa 12am (middle of the night) and get out of bed. I rock back-and-forth on the couch until my ibuprofen kicks in enough for me to sleep. We go and see Dr. Angel fairly early in the morning and discover that both follicles on my left ovary have released! We are instructed to have more sex, which sounds like torture to me, but we do manage to get one more session in.

**I am VERY MOODY. Mr. MLACS and I get into a horrible fight 5 or 6dpiui, and I lost all confidence that I would be pregnant this cycle.

**I test out the HCG trigger shot at 9dpiui, with a FRER.

**I test with a FRER on 12dpiui and it’s a BFN. I called Dr. Angel and he had me go and get my blood taken for betas and progesterone. My beta is negative, and my progesterone is only 2. I am definitely not pregnant.

**I actually got my period the next day, at 13dpiui. It’s the only time (since we’ve started) that I’ve had a short luteal phase (less than 14 days). We will definitely use progesterone supplements for the next IUI.

**TTC related drugs and supplements: Metanx, baby aspirin, fish oil capsules, probiotics, gummy prenatal
**Medications: Delzicol, Buproprion, Rowasa or Canasa, Synthroid
**I have been 100% gluten-free for 2 months (longer than that but I was “cheating” a lot)

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