Happy New Year ladies!

It’s been awhile…here’s my latest.

New Years Resolution:

I started out the month of December at 3lbs below my lowest pre-pegnancy weight (basically, the lightest I’ve been in a couple years).

But then I spent the month of December baking and eating ALL the things (tarts, pies, cookies, cake, etc.) and I ended up gaining 6lbs.

So when my good friend invited me to participate in a “dietbet” challenge, I had to seriously consider it, because I knew I could use the motivation in order to lose the holiday pounds and continue on to my goal weight (so about 20lbs total *ideally*). I decided to do a 28 day “transformation” challenge. How it works:

1. Pay your “bet” (mine was $25) and your money joins the “pot”.

2. Weigh in and send your pictures.

3. You have 28 days to lose 4% of your starting weight

4. If you reach the 4% goal, you win your money back *plus* a share of the pot. If you don’t reach the goal then you lose your money (and your money is split between the winners).

So I have until January 28th to lose a few pounds, which is totally do-able. I don’t have to change much, just cutting out treats (starbucks lattes and my homemade baked goods). It’s a bit of a challenge to “break up” with sugar (withdrawals) but after looking at my face in pictures (my athletic jawline is gone and my face is round) I’m ready to commit.

Christmas Review:

Mr. MLACS has been home since the beginning of December, and we’ve had a wonderful month and made a lot of special memories. The highlights:

1. Took BG to see The Nutcracker ballet.

2. Celebrated my 36th birthday.

3. Looked at Christmas lights.

4. Watched ALL the Christmas movies!

5. Participated in a family night of “gingerbread house construction” at a local bakery–ours turned out pretty cute and BG loved watching the little kids partying.

6. Had BG’s dedication at church. She wore the beautiful christening dress that my Mom left for me in my keepsake box.

7. Put up a Christmas tree with all the ornaments I’ve bought for BG. First time in our marriage that a tree has felt “right”. 

8. Celebrated Christmas just the 3 of us (plus pets). I sang and danced around the kitchen, entertaining BG while I cooked Christmas dinner (in my onesie pajamas). It was perfect. 

About BG:

This kid amazes me! She just barely started crawling at 8 months. But now at 9.5 months she’s pulling up, prefers to stand and play, and walks well with assistance. She will be walking on her own soon! She’s so brave too–she’ll let go of my hands and try to stand on her own.

I love watching her work through a challenge–she is a very determined little kid. I’ve watched a lot of kids and some of them just do things out of compulsion, without awareness. 

But BG is very deliberate in everything she does.

I’m still making her food but I’ve tried some of the organic squeeze pouches lately. They do taste processed (yup, I try them all) and she doesn’t prefer them, but I keep a fruit one in our diaper bag and when we go out to eat or visit a friend she’ll eat the pouches. I’m really stoked that my kid loves real food and dislikes processed food, because processed food is what made me sick and fat as a child and it is really hard to “quit” processed food once a child (or adult) develops a taste for it.

BG is currently cuddled up next to me on the bed–we still bedshare/cosleep. I put the mattress on the floor once she started crawling so that she won’t hurt herself if (when) she crawls off the bed. Lately bedtime is an absolute circus. BG will be tired but the moment we get to bed she’ll get this burst of energy and start acting nuts. She does “nursing acrobatics” (google it). She makes a game of trying to snatch my cell phone/battery pack charger. She talks to the wall. etc. etc. I am always exhausted and can only take so much of the antics before I get frustrated. I will ignore her. She will get mad and wail. I let her wail for 5-10 minutes. Then I nurse her to sleep. We do this every night and it’s ridiculous. But I have no desire to sleep train. 

About Me:

Well like I said before, I’m working on losing the holiday pounds this month. I need to make an appointment with my dermatologist because my Rosacea is super inflamed and the medicated gel I’ve been using isn’t cutting it. I’m afraid he’ll tell me I can’t try other treatments until I finish breastfeeding, and who knows when that’ll be (I’ve resigned myself that there’s no way BG will be ready to quit at 12 months). I know caffeine and spicy food inflame my Rosacea, but I have not committed to give them up (yet). Best I can do is scale back to just 1 cup of coffee per day (I LIVE for my morning coffee). There *must* be some magic pill to make this sh*t go away so that I don’t have to quit coffee completely. Please, God.

Oh! Almost forgot. I got my period last month. So I was waiting on it this month (had cramps, bloating, etc.) but it never came. I knew I wasn’t *you know what* but I POAS’d anyway, for the first time in 18 months–of course it was negative. But man, all those old feelings came rushing back. And my first thought was “I can’t wait to tell the girls (you) I POAS again”. Some things never change.