IUI #5

IUI #5 was our first IUI with the RE, “Dr. Diet”. We were hopeful because his protocol was more aggressive, we switched meds (from Bravelle to Gonal-F), and he can process sperm and perform the IUI in his clinic (whereas we had to obtain our washed sperm from a different clinic, and then take it to our OBGYN to be inseminated).
But I was concerned that I would lose my mind if this IUI #5 didn’t work, and I did go into a serious depression post-iui, partially due to circumstances and partially due to the ridiculous amount of drugs I took–I took an IVF dose of drugs. See below.

CD 3: 225iu Gonal-F
CD 4: 225iu Gonal-F
CD 5: 225iu Gonal-F
CD 6: 225iu Gonal-F
CD 7: 225iu Gonal-F
CD 8: 225iu Gonal-F

On CD 8 I had an US, which showed several follicles on BOTH ovaries! WHAT?! I thought my right ovary had “closed up shop”, so I was thrilled to know it decided to join the party!!! Woo hoo!

CD 9: 112.5iu Gonal-F
CD 10: 225iu Gonal-F
CD 11: No drugs
CD 12: 5,000iu Novarel (trigger shot)
CD 13: No drugs
CD 14: Insemination with 8,000 at 100% motility

I was taken back that I did not receive an ultrasound on insemination day, to see if I had ovulated or was still waiting to release. I had acute ovulation pains that began maybe 3 hours post-insemination and lasted throughout the night.
An ultrasound the following day showed I had ovulated and had at least 3 corpus luteum. I’ve never ovulated 3 eggs before (to my knowledge) so I was satisfied that this cycle was all-around different from my previously failed cycles.
However….I tested with a FRER at 11dpo and BFN. Then again at 12dpo, and again BFN. I did not even go for a beta, because I started AF on CD 13. This cycle was truly heartbreaking and we (myself and Mr. MLACS) definitely “turned a corner” with regards to our infertility. I realize I can’t keep pumping my body full of drugs to do these futile IUI’s with hubs’ frozen specimen. So we fight because he doesn’t want to change his schedule to be home when I am ovulating (he is gone 2 weeks per month) and he also does not want to pay for IVF (even though his job pays him well and I’ve graciously accepted his absence 2 weeks per month so that he can do what he loves). We fought. We cried. It sucked.

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