35 Weeks

2015-02-02 06.48.07

Today marks 35 weeks! I can hardly believe it!

Today also marks the day 2 years ago when I got the biggest shock of my life….2 unmistakable pink lines that confirmed my first pregnancy. It was the day after super bowl. Actually it was Feb. 4th and today is Feb. 1st but I’ll always remember it as “the day after the super bowl”.

There’s so much I could say. I remember every minute of our roller coaster ride to parenthood over these past 2 years. I’m forever changed. On one hand, I’m scarred from my journey. But on the other hand I’m better for it–this pain is a “growing pain”. I’m wiser both intellectually and emotionally. My marriage is stronger. I will be a better mother, having fought for my child long before she was even conceived. I’ve gained so much perspective.

I’m glad I haven’t forgotten where I came from. I’m glad it still hurts to remember my first and second pregnancies. I don’t want to forget.

But I’m also excited to be 35 weeks gestation with my baby girl. I’m happy that we got to celebrate her pending arrival with friends and family this past weekend. I’m grateful for every kick, punch, roll and hiccup.

I usually throw my own parties. So of course I ended up taking on way too much responsibility for this baby shower. It was stressful. But it came together beautifully. I don’t have many pics yet but I had a professional photographer so I’ll have some nice pics to share in a week or so.

I have a lot of “thank you” cards to write and teeny tiny clothes to wash and put away. I keep holding the clothes up to my tummy and marveling that I am actually building a human to wear them. It’s surreal to me.

I got my breast pump in the mail last week and I have an appointment with a lactation consultant this week. I had my first NST test last Thursday (baby did great) and I have another one today, then I see Dr. Angel  (my OBGYN) tomorrow. After that Mr. MLACS has an ECG and will follow-up with his cardiologist to see how he is healing/progressing. I believe he’s healing well and will be cleared to go back to work up north next week. I don’t want him to leave! He doesn’t either. He’s seriously looking for family-friendly jobs.

I’m thinking of you all ❤



13 thoughts on “35 Weeks

  1. Beautiful belly. Beautiful hair. And so happy for you that things are going well. Hope Mr. MLACS will be all clear at his appointment and will be able to find a job closer to you and baby girl.

  2. I can’t believe how fast time goes by. It seems like just last week you weren’t ready to talk about it much and now LOOK AT THAT PERFECT BELLY PIC. Congrats! I wish the most amazing birth experience for you and nothing but happiness for your little one and the whole family.

  3. You look great. You must have been in incredible shape going into your pregnancy. Can see the muscles. 🙂 You’re totally gonna be one of those annoying chicks who snaps right back into shape after birth. 😉

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