33 Weeks (Don’t Get Too Close, I Have the Flu)

The good news is that I’m 33 weeks today and Mr. MLACS is feeling much better.

The bad news is that I have the flu and I feel like I got run over by a bus.

So Mr. MLACS has been taking care of me all weekend. Ironic much?

I guess that’s marriage though–when one is weak, the other must be strong. Well, ideally…sh*t doesn’t work when you’re both weak. Luckily, we’ve managed to time our illnesses appropriately. Ha! *as if we had any control over any of this*

I really, really need a shower. But I haven’t stood up for more than 5 minutes in the past 2 days, so I’m a little leary. I think I’m just gonna go for it.

Of course I worried that my illness might affect baby girl, but my fever never got over 101°F and she kept moving around and *thanks to Zofran* I kept down liquids and a bit of food. So we’re both ok.

In fact, we got a massage on Friday. It was so neat because my LMT could actually feel baby’s little tooshy (it always surfaces on my left side).

Mr. MLACS has been working on building the nursery furniture, which is heartwarming and also a relief because my nesting urge is making me *crazy*. I just NEED the house to be perfect and in fact my biggest gripe about having the flu is that it has prevented me from carrying out my tasks.

I also have fears that she’ll come early and I had planned to get my hospital bag together this weekend (did.not.happen). I mean honestly, I was afraid I was getting preeclampsia until I went to bed Saturday night & woke up with chills and night sweats–it didn’t even occur to me that it could be the flu until I ran a fever. I had a headache, my BP was 137/86, I was nauseous, etc. and those are symptoms of Pre-E. So I bawled  out of fear and frustration that I am unprepared, and told Mr. MLACS I’d call the doc if I wasn’t better in the morning…then broke a fever (and my entire body hurt) and realized it was the flu.

And that’s life at 33 weeks in the MLACS household. Not perfect, but we’re all ok.



28 thoughts on “33 Weeks (Don’t Get Too Close, I Have the Flu)

  1. Oh dang girl! I am so sorry to hear this! Hoping you get to feeling better soon and can get some things done. Its funny about your blood pressure…mine is always high and would be stoked to see your numbers. Lol

    • I never had to think about my BP before, but in pregnancy they don’t want it higher than 140/90 at the most. Mine was climbing for a bit in the 2nd trimester and it got into the 130’s, but then it fell back to “normal” and I was feeling reassured. However, I am reminded that there is no “safe zone” for pre-e, so best to remain attentive. Just curious, are you on meds or a low sodium diet? XOXO

      • I was on meds (the only kind you can take if pregnant) and the numbers never budged. So i stopped (doc said it was okay). Pcos causes high blood pressure and it is in every one of my family members :/. I have been told the sec i get prego i go straight to high risk. I dont add any salt to my food but i am sure there is plenty of soduim in the foods i consume.

  2. It’s amazing that you’re already 33 weeks and the massage therapist could actually tell what part of the baby she was touching! Glad that the Mr. is better, although it sucks for you to have the flu. I hope you get better soon!

  3. Wow, you guys are such troopers to have endured everything you’ve been through. I’m so sorry you’ve had the flu. Sucks…even when you aren’t pregnant, but especially if you are. So glad that little girl is doing ok despite mommy being sick. Hope everyone gets back on their feet real soon. I left you my email addy on your last post if you want to keep in touch. I’ll send pics of Owen. 🙂 XO

    • Hey lady! I remember you had some dental problems while you were preggo & I felt bad for you–no painkillers! Yeah I was wishing I could pop a Vicodin, but c’est la vie. Hope you and your little lady are doing well! XOXO

      • Yes! The pain from that was worse than labor and delivery! That whole body ache from the flu is just down right miserable, getting your baby girl here will be nothing compared to that. Seriously, hope you get to feeling better soon. I cannot believe you only have a few more weeks left!

  4. I’m sad you’re sick! But stoked your man friend is feeling okay. When does he have another recheck? And nesting effing blows! I almost threw away my entire life worth of books and school notes cause of that.

    • Lol @ “man friend” 🙂 He goes back to the cardiologist on Feb. 5th and should have another ECG just prior to seeing the doctor. He’s doing really well, so I believe the doc will be pleased with his progress.
      You moved just before baby so *I know* you feel me–it complicates the “nesting” thing. But I’m feeling better so it’s *game one* as of tomorrow! XOXO

  5. When did you get to 33 weeks?! Where the hell have I been? Really bummed to hear that you are under the weather. Wont give you crap advice and say “get some sleep now” – rather I will say start practicing everything one handed with at least an 8 lb weight in the other hand or cradled to your chest!! You can’t bank sleep but you sure can get good at everyday stuff one-handed! Feel better and get in all of those “last minute” things – go to a movie, dentist, yoga class, pedicure, long lunch with friends and of course down time with the Mr. – do it now simply because you can.

    • I am doing all those things with the idea-in-mind that even the most mundane acts will be forever changed with the addition of a baby/child. I will miss uninterrupted sleep and other things, but I’m optimistic 😉 XOXO

      • That’s what I love about you! Determined and optimistic. Sleep is over rated anyway. Don’t get me wrong EVERYTHING is better with it but getting to take care of your own little homeless person is pretty dang awesome even through bleary eyes.

  6. Sorry to bring up what I’m sure is still a tough subject but as I lay in bed at 4am I remembered your post about your husband and heart failure…. I took my husband to the hospital yesterday and he is currently in the ICU, sedated and intubated. He has double pneumonia and they aren’t sure what else yet. He is also in heart failure. Like you, this was never what we expected… Certainly not while we are busy with our now 12 day old daughter. Any words of wisdom or whatnot on dealing with this is always appreciated. I never thought I could’ve imagined hearing the news that you did… But as I hear his heart is only pumping 10%, now I undersfand. I so wish for you and for me that this was not something that we could connect on… Glad to read that your husband is home and doing much better. I hope and pray that I can say the same very soon 🙂

    Shelby @ myhopeandmyfuture.blogspot.com

    • Oh Shelby! I just tried to leave a comment on your blog & it wouldn’t let me, so I hope you see this reply! I just got your message and I’m covered in goosebumps–I really thought the worst was behind you after Isaiah’s surgery. 
      Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl–he has every reason to fight and recover for his girls. But I realize this is very much in God’s hands and I’m asking Him to watch over your family. 
      To give you hope–my husband is doing very well now. His heart rate and blood pressure are good. He has his energy back and he is mentally sharper than ever. We have him on a low-sodium diet and I have lots of recipes for you if his doctors recommend he restrict sodium. Please email me so we can be in-touch personally–I want to support you however I can. My email: mylifeasacasestudy@hotmail.com, please reach out ASAP! My heart completely goes out to you and I’m very upset that you are going through so much right now ❤

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