Sick in Seattle

**pregnancy mentioned**

Quick update:

The first part of our vacation (Port Townsend, WA & the wedding) was awesome & I’ll blog about it more when we get home.

But Mr. MLACS was sick while we were in Port Townsend–he called it “allergies”, which he has a history so I bought into that theory.

Until yesterday.

I was exhausted after all the wedding activities and fell asleep early on Sunday. Woke up around 3:30am and my throat felt like it was *on fire*. I snacked on some organic Ranier cherries (fruit of the gods and indigenous to Washington). Fell back asleep. Woke up around 7am, throat still hurting. Mr. MLACS was sleeping on the couch so I could rest (bless his heart). He asked me if I was ok, and I told him I didn’t feel good.

I was, in fact, terrified. Monday marked 7w0d for this pregnancy. And my first miscarriage began with a trip to urgent care 2 days prior to the miscarriage, because my throat hurt and I felt awful & thought I had strep throat. I was 7w0d when I became ill and 7w2d when I miscarried.

So yeah, I was kind of freaking out.

But Mr. MLACS noted that I had been snoring “like a lumberjack”, and I noted that I had a lot of *TMI* clear snot running down the back of my throat & some out my nose, which may well have been allergies or a poor adjustment to the *cold* weather (it was only like 50° at night and high 60’s during the day). So I didn’t have a full-on panic attack because the sore throat could be explained.

Then I started to feel nauseous…which this is not new for me but it was miserable. I managed to fall back asleep for a little while. Then woke up and showered, the whole time wondering if I was going to vomit.

Finally, I knew it was coming–my first ever up-chuck of pregnancy (never happened before). It was all the snot that had been draining into my stomach. I felt a little better for like 5 minutes.

Then I needed some crackers to settle my stomach. We packed up our stuff into the rented ford escape and headed to Safeway hoping to find gluten-free crackers.

*Side note, being gluten-free is much trickier during pregnancy. You can’t just stuff the nearest carbs in your mouth when you start to feel sick. And I have a lot of food aversions, which further narrows my options.

I was feeling so sick on the way to Safeway that I couldn’t even talk. I finally ripped open the crackers Mr. MLACS brought me and I hated the first ones. The second ones were edible so I managed to get 3 of them down and chased them with sprite.

Then we took a long, twisted mountain road to Sheldon, WA to see Mr. MLACS’s friend (more on him later). Along the way I had to stop at a tiny general store in an RV park and go #2. And can I just tell you: I didn’t know it was possible to simultaneously be constipated *and* have diarrhea. It IS possible. Unfortunately the general store did not sell preparation H, but it is now on my list of “must haves”.

Finally we got to the friend’s place, where I barfed again–outside in nature (his bathroom reeked of marijuana and I could hardly stand it).

Then we got in the car to go to Seattle. My lower back and legs hurt SO BAD I just couldn’t get comfortable. Stretching didn’t help. I was nauseous. My nose was a faucet and I kept wiping, blowing, and spitting to keep it from pooling in my stomach. I was a mess.

Then we had to get on a ferry. I am already prone to motion sickness. I am not ashamed to say I cried–it was awful. I hadn’t eaten anything, could hardly drink (was sipping sprite & sucking on ice cubes). And this is *with* the seaband anti-nausea bands on my wrists! And preggy pops! My back & legs were killing me. I was a mess.

We drove offthe ferry & found our hotel, and I vomited again in the parking lot. Mr. MLACS got me situated in the room & went to fetch something I might be able to eat. My back & legs were excruciating but I managed to fall asleep.

I woke up and my back & legs STILL hurt, and that’s when I realized I wasn’t just sore from the car ride. I was horribly DEHYDRATED and my body was robbing the muscles in the lower half of my body so that the *kukui* (our name for our seedling) and my internal organs could continue to function. I was relieved to know my body was doing what it’s supposed to do. But weary, because I still couldn’t drink much and wondered if I would be able to properly rehydrate.

I managed to eat some gluten-free cupcake (just cake, no frosting) that Mr. MLACS had brought to entice me. I ate ice cubes and drank about 1/2 a bottle of sprite and kept it all down, and magically my back and legs began to feel better.

This morning I woke up with a stuffy nose and realized that I have a head cold, and Mr. MLACS had given me his “allergies” (he actually had a cold). I felt like hammered sh*t.

So today Mr. MLACS has left twice to get us food–my food of choice is gluten-free chicken noodle soup. One good thing about having a cold is that I can’t taste or smell anything, so I’m not picky about food or dying because I can’t stand the smell of the hand soap (which I could smell last night and it was awful).

I haven’t left the hotel at all. I had intended to see all of Seattle and eat ALL the gluten-free food I could find. But instead I’m in a hotel room eating ice cubes, sprite, and chicken soup from a can.
It’s not what I had in-mind.

But I’ll take it. I’ll take every bit of nausea and fatigue and missed vacation.

Tomorrow (Wed) I will be 7w2d pregnant. It’s a scary time to feel as vulnerable as I do right now.

But if I can just make it to Thursday, I will officially be the most pregnant I have ever been. I am hoping and praying that my kukui is ok.


51 thoughts on “Sick in Seattle

  1. I am sorry that you have been so miserable. ❤ I am sending lots of positive energy to you three and I know you will make it past 7w2d! Hugs!

  2. Please know I am hoping and praying your kukui is okay too. I’m really sorry you caught that bug and hope you’re past the worst of it. Pregnancy colds are among if not the worst ones I’ve ever had. My hope you feel better soon but not so much better you panic. Hugs, my friend.

      • Thank you. I feel like crap and that would be okay if I were pregnant but I’m just a cranky woman who feels like crap instead. Oh well. I’m living vicariously through you and that part feels pretty good (because I’m not in your tummy or sinuses ;-)). Keeping the prayers flowing for you guys.

      • About the cold with the MT – I was so sick I actually let my acupuncturist impale my sinuses through my nose with a needle that made me cry like a baby (only time an acupuncture needle has ever made me cry or even felt particularly bad). I actually said “TAKE THAT OUT” but my sadistic acupuncturist (I say that with love and gratitude) asked “Do you *really* want me to take it out?” I asked if it was going to hurt like that the whole time. She said no but it would keep making my eyes water. I said nothing and she left it in. That afternoon was the first time I could breathe in a week and that night the first time I could sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time. It really was the most evil cold ever. This was in the first trimester, too, a little later than 7 weeks but not a lot. And baby was/is fine. Kukui likely suppresed your resistance and is doing all the growing and developing s/he needs to be diong right now while you suffer. 🙂

  3. I can’t believe you had the sore throat thing right before miscarrying, too. Are we basically the same person?!

    Just for a bit of reassurance, I did get sick (throat, nose, cold symptoms) early in my pregnancy with Molly and of course I was freaking out about it…but it turned out OK. The nausea/vomiting is such a good sign! I never had that!

    P.S. Try Snyder’s gluten-free pretzels. I like them better than the real ones!!

    • Ooooo, I will try the pretzels! Good idea. I’m sorry we are so similar in our MC stories, but of course this brings hope that (like you) I could be holding my rainbow next year! Thanks sweets! XOXO

  4. Aww, I love that you are calling your seedling “kukui” ❤ I hope that you are feeling better soon and glad that you can at least rest in the hotel. Thursday is a big day for me – I have the energy to pull for both of us – it is gonna happen. Hugs m'dear!

  5. Aww. That sounds horrific. BUT I have to say that I’m smiling because I got horribly sick at around the same time you’re sick now and my RE said it was actually most likely a good sign—he said it could mean that my immune system was nice and down-regulated and letting the embryo implant and grow. I was worried that the sickness would negatively effect the embryo’s development and he said definitively that that would not happen. So maybe this is a good sign from your immune system. Holding my breath as you pass through your marker…grow baby grow…

    • Yes! Good point. I’m always worried about my immune system over-responding, but this cold does indicate that my immune system is “laying low” and allowing kukui to stick around. Thanks for reassurance! XOXO

  6. I can relate to you on feeling scared when you reach the point of your last miscarriage and ANY similarity at all to what happened before is enough to freak you out. Trust me…I’ve been there! Even though I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so sick and miserable, it makes me happy. Because that is a wonderful sign that your baby is growing and thriving! The sicker, the better! That’s what I kept telling myself on my worst days. Come on littl kukui! GROW, BABY, GROW!!!

  7. Oh my God. I’ve forgotten everything in this post already because… HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?! I turn my back on blogland for a matter of weeks and I have missed out on lots of major news. This is great! I hope you keep feeling sick and awful. Lots of love and I’ve got everything crossed for you xxx

    • Ha! Well I have been kind of shy about it and I flatly refuse to post pics of pee sticks or ultrasounds, so there was nothing to capture your attention. Don’t worry, I still feel like sh*t so we’re on the right track. Miss you. XOXO

      • I have an allergic reaction to pee sticks and ultrasounds.. and naked bump pics :/ I’m still happy for them, but it’s awfully hard when you’ve been TTC 4 years and have 3 failed IVF cycles, 1 mmc and 2 abandoned cycles under your belt to see those pictures.

        Really glad you’re still feeling sh*t, excellent 🙂 I’m going on holiday soon, but I’ll check in on your blog when I can and catch up on your news xxx

  8. Oh hon, I’m sorry you have been feeling so poorly! I hope you feel better and can enjoy the rest of your vacation a little bit. Yay for being the most pregnant you have ever been! Keep it going Kukui! Praying for you constantly! ❤

  9. Ugh… it always seems to snowball when you aren’t feeling well. BUT I’m glad you are feeling somewhat crappy (the nauseous and throwing up part) AND that you know why you are feeling like crap otherwise. It’s always so scary to approach that “furthest I’ve ever been in a pregnancy” point, but you are going to make it and that little baby is going to keep growing. Hopefully your nerves will give you a bit of a break the further along you get. Good luck and hope you get to enjoy some of your trip!

  10. My heart so goes out for you!!!! I’ve just cleared the dry heaves and projectile vomit first trimester part of pregnancy and it seemed like there wasnt a day that was easy for me so I am so feeling for you!! I found that sparkling water did wonders for the upset tummy in general. Adding honey and ginger only make it better but I was staying away from processed sugars as a rule of thumb. Whatever you do keep those fluids coming in and staying down!!!! I highly recommend trying any and all gluten free foods that just sound good to you. I still cant believe that I lived on spicy organic bloody mary mix for 4 months… it just seems so wrong. Thursday is on it’s way. I wont tell you that the fears go away but moving past the tough milestones help pave the future. Although I am going to have to send you some oil from Maui since kukui will be hanging around!!!

    • Really? Bloody mary mix?! That’s wild! Lol. You’re right & I’ll try the sparkling water because soda is not ideal. Are you going to maui?! I used to lather myself in “maui brown” tanning lotion when I lived on Oahu (full of kukui oil)–those were the days! XOXO

  11. I have been wondering about you and this explains why you have been quiet. I’m praying for you and believing that this baby will be healthy and in your arms 🙂 No worries! xoxo

  12. Week 7 was when the morning sickness started for me…you’re right on schedule. I’m sorry you’re sick and missing out on your fun vacation but at the same time, it makes me smile because I know how happy you must be. It’s a great reason to feel miserable! I hope this time flies by and you’re back to feeling like yourself soon. Sending love and anti-nausea vibes! ❤

    • Aw, thanks Jess! I’ve kept stuff down these past couple days, but it’s been easier because I’ve hardly left the bed–when I start moving around (car ride, walking) is when I start to feel bad. So if I can just spend the next few weeks in bed… XOXO

  13. Ugh, no fun. I was just thinking of booking a vacation to Seattle for mid August… It’s a shame you couldn’t enjoy your time there. Sending prayers your way!

    • Thanks lady! We stayed at University Inn (a boutique hotel) and it was very comfy–I would know since I spent nearly all my time in the room. We did go to Pike Place market before we left & that was neat! XO

  14. Yuck that doesn’t sound good at all. I’m so sorry that you got so sick. I hope that it’s smooth sailing from now on and you’ll make it past all the milestones.

  15. Oh lady! I am so sorry that those contagious “allergies” are being so awful! I really hope that you are feeling a tad better! And I am praying all of the prayers for your little kukui. Keep on growing, tiny baby!! I know that you must be so terrified, because of that damn sore throat, but I am banking that it’s a wonderful/crappy new mommy immune system. Happy, happy Thursday!!! It’s now the best day, right =)

  16. Hi, sweet lady! I wanted to pop over to tell you that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award!! You have been through so much and I’ve been inspired by your ability to keep your head up and support others. I love your blog!!! Details of the award are on my blog.

    • Wow Mel, thank you so much! I can say the same about you so don’t be surprised when I nominate you back (regardless of the rules)! Gonna take me a minute to blog about the award cuz I’m still pretty sick, but improving. XOXO

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