Still Truckin’ (update)

**pregnancy mentioned**

I wrote a clever post and stupid wordpress erased it. 

First, thank you to the lovely ladies who nominated me for the Inspirational Blogger Award–I’m flattered and excited and looking forward to nominating so many blogs that I love! 

Second, I want to tell you about our epic trip to the Pacific Northwest, complete with pictures.


To be honest, morning sickness is kicking my ass–I thought people were over dramatizing the experience but this sh*t is no joke. How do people work like this? Or care for an existing child? I’m baffled. So I haven’t written because we’ve been on vacation and any little bit of energy I had I tried to spend doing stuff with Mr. MLACS. But we got home yesterday and I was anxious to have bloodwork and an ultrasound, so I called Dr. Angel and he graciously accommodated us today (my appointment was for Wednesday).

I peeled myself out of bed and wore my pajamas (covered in cat hair) and didn’t shower or brush my teeth, and I grabbed my trusty sprite from the fridge (not gingerale, 7 up, or sierra mist–SPRITE ONLY) and flung myself into Mr. MLACS’s truck. We got there and I just wanted to lay down, like, on the floor of the waiting room. But there were people there and I had to fill out my “new OB patient” paperwork (even though I’m not “new” there). I half-assed it and then the nurse took us to a room and handed me a gown–apparently a new OB appointment entails a breast exam and papsmear…I had forgotten as it has been 15 months since I’ve been an OB patient. I put the gown on and began to pace…I felt queasy…and then resolutely went to the lavatory and sacrificed my sprite to the porcelain gods. After that Dr. Angel entered the room. I took a deep breath as he “launched” the dildocam…Long(er) story short:

Measuring 8w1d  (a day ahead)

Heartrate 168 bpm

We are still in business! It is surreal to think that I might actually be *legit* pregnant.I’m still afraid, despite the morning sickness (all day sickness) and the measurements, but today’s news was comforting. I don’t even care that I can’t eat anything but gluten-free  pizza or that I am so disgusted with the aroma of my bath & bodyworks wallflower airfresheners that I chucked them as far as I could throw them. I hardly notice the bruises on my stomach from the Heparin injections or the constant oozing from the 4 progesterone suppositories I take daily! No big deal!

Because right NOW, I am the most pregnant I’ve ever been. 6 weeks ago when I had my IUI #6 I couldn’t imagine myself 8 weeks pregnant! It’s wild how quickly things can change. I’m thinking of my ladies who are out there working hard toward this goal, and I’m sending you hope and strength to keep on truckin’.

Must end this post and go barf. Again.




34 thoughts on “Still Truckin’ (update)

  1. Eek morning (or all day) sickness sounds no fun but so happy for you that things are going well!!! Of course you’re pregnant! I’ll take all the hope and strength so thank you. I hope that things continue to look great for you, girl!

  2. I’m ready to be in your shoes. I know now from women like you it’s possible and will happen. Thanks for the constant reminder that all can be well. Congrats on the babes sticking around like it should and growing ahead of schedule! Keep up the good job mommas

  3. I am sorry you’re feeling so wretched but so deeply happy that this baby is here to stay. I know you’re scared and I know I’ve said it before but I have a good feeling about your little kukui. Love and hugs (if they don’t make you puke).

    • Hey love, thanks for the encouragement, love and hugs! Hoping “Barfy Monday” has given way to “Gimme A Break Tuesday” (so far, so good). Every so often the radio will play that song I posted, “Latch” by Disclosure, and I feel like it’s Kukui reminding me that he/she is here to stay. XOXO

    • My MS is not always a “barf all day” event, but even if I don’t barf the nausea can be pretty miserable. I spend most of my time laying down, but if I had to be upright (for work, etc.) all day I think I’d need some drugs to be able to function. At least the MS is a good sign! Thanks lady 🙂 XOXO

  4. Strong heartbeat! Great measurements! This is looking perfect, holy shit! Yes!

    Eech, you’re in the icky-sickies. It’s totally bizarre to be ecstatic on the one hand and barfing on the other. I ate nothing but white rice and gingerale one day…And yesterday a first-tri day supplanted itself directly into my late second-tri, like a beeyatch, and I felt horrible (and threw up in the morning, good times!). So am feeling particularly sympathetic. The only thing that really helped me was regular excercise, but sometimes I just could NOT motivate. And I hear you about How do they do it–those who work or care for a child. I truly don’t understand. I would have used all of my sick days and vacation days.

    In any case, yeah, MS is a way good sign. How crazy. I’m so jealous you never had to spend wacko $ on IVF (: You’re IUI triumphant! Amazeballs.

    Keep growing baby.

    • Aww, sorry you’ve been ‘pukey’ too! I had gluten free chicken noodle soup for breakfast. I am *hoping* that we won’t need IVF but still not making any big purchases until we are out of the first trimester, just in case. XOXO

  5. This is amazing news!!! Sorry about all the sickness though. But I’m so happy for you that baby is growing away!!! Take care of yourself and that baby! Praying for you 🙂

  6. Been hoping for a good update from you – and this is a great one! I’m right there with you trying to make it through “all day” sickness. What is this “morning” BS? It’s a strange contradiction to want to feel better but also want to keep feeling crappy. Mostly, hope you just continue to feel pregnant!

  7. Oh yes, those days of constant barfing are only recently behind me, but they are not easy to forget! I feel so badly that you have it, but it is such an amazing sign of a healthy pregnancy. Hopefully it will pass for you soon, but I must admit that I am 17 weeks and still vomit at least once a day. Totally manageable though! I am so excited for you to have had a great ultrasound, measuring ahead with a strong heartbeat. Go baby MLACS!! **HUGS**

  8. Ah girlie, I am feeling deeply empathetic for your morning/all day sickness… I am just a week a head of you and have more or less been spared the barfing but when the nausea does come on, usually in the evening, its totally immobilizing and has cultivated in me a whole new respect and admiration for the women that power through it… that is truly fierce!!

    So happy to read that baby is growing to perfection. I am so so hopeful for you and excited to follow along as this becomes more and more real, for us both… I hope. Heaps of hugs to you!

  9. I’m so freaking happy for you! Yay for being the most pregnant ever!!! and yay for your little one! I know what you mean about feeling completely shocked by how quickly everything can change. I’m still in awe of this myself these days. I’m so very happy for you! Continuing to pray for you and your little one constantly! ❤

      • 🙂 I’m okay. I’m 17 Weeks 3 Days today. It’s so hard to believe! I’ll post an update soon. I’ve just been so tired the past week again, but will definitely post soon.

        My SIL surprised me with a home doppler yesterday. I wasn’t going to get one because I was scared to not find the heartbeat and then worrying over it, but my hubby convinced me, so I went for it, and we found it right away. It was amazing! I totally recommend getting one for added peace of mind between appointments. I think they are pretty accurate after about 10 weeks or so.

  10. I am so sorry that you have been sick…I’m praying that it goes away soon so that you can start fully enjoying this pregnancy and this amazing life that is growing perfectly inside of you right now. God is a prayer answering God and I thank Him each and every time I think of you for answering our prayers. Love ya girl! xo

  11. So freaking excited for you!!!!! It is so nice to be able to say each day that “this is the most pregnant I’ve ever been”. Especially once you start hitting those major milestones. I’m now pretty much done with morning sickness but my severe pizza craving is not gone. Pizza every day, even more than once a day is fine by me! 🙂 Praying for you and your baby!

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