Everything’s Ok

So it’s been a busy week. We are getting ready to go on our first real vacation (besides occasional weekend getaways) since our wedding in April 2012. I am a bridesmaid in a wedding that will take place in Port Townsend, a little harbor town a couple hours outside of Seattle. Then we’re going to Seattle. Then we’re going to Portland to visit Mr. MLACS’s brother (whom we haven’t seen since our wedding). I will tell you guys about it and post some pics when we get back.

Last night Mr. MLACS flew into the city a little early so that he could attend our ultrasound today–the viability ultrasound. I had carefully orchestrated plans for my trip to the city to fetch Mr. MLACS. First, I had to go to a CVS pharmacy and pick up a truckload of Endometrin progesterone suppositories (because like I’ve said, I have CVS Caremark insurance so it’s cheaper for me to get meds from CVS pharmacies, and we don’t have a CVS in my town so I go to the one in the city). Then I went to my old favorite, PF Chang’s for some gluten-free chicken lettuce wraps and gluten-free chicken fried rice. I sat at the bar and looked at my phone (looked at blog posts) and then it struck me…the last time I was at PF Chang’s, Mr. MLACS and I collected 3 fortuitous fortunes from the fortune cookies they serve at the end of the meal (click HERE to read this post). Well, I kind of thought to myself…really, what else could I want from PF Chang’s? I felt like I had already received more than my fair share of good fortunes, and I certainly didn’t want to get an ominous fortune on the night before our viability ultrasound. But then…I thought…I’d leave it to *chance*. And wouldn’t you know it–the server didn’t give me any fortune cookies! First time ever! I was totally relieved. And I’m not sure I’ll ever open another fortune cookie again.

I picked up Mr. MLACS from the airport and we were SO happy to see one another! I mean, just one day after we got our good news, he had to get on a plane and go back to work. I know it was torture for him not to be with me these past couple weeks, and it wasn’t easy for me with him gone.

 This morning we woke up and laid around before the ultrasound late-morning. I had asked Dr. Angel’s receptionist if he likes peach cobbler, and she said no, that he would prefer fresh fruit, particularly pineapple. So we stopped by the grocery store and I got a mixed fruit platter (with lots of pineapple) to bring to Dr. Angel. We walked in and were immediately escorted to the imaging room. Which was warm. And I was nervous. So it made me queasy. Finally Dr. Angel arrived and it was “go” time, and I saw an image pop up on the screen but I couldn’t hear a heartbeat.

I nervously asked Dr. Angel “What do you see? Is it ok? Is there a heartbeat?” because I thought it would just all magically appear on the screen at once and would be obvious. However, it took him a minute to sharpen the image of my uterus. As the seconds passing felt like hours, I began to panic that maybe it wasn’t there…that it was all over…

But then, Dr. Angel said “Do you hear that?” And I could hear the familiar “whoosh whoosh whoosh” sound–but I was not satisfied. Frantically I asked “How many beats per minute?”

And he measured…

And it said…

127 BPM

And I began to cry…I placed my hand over my mouth to choke back sobs that wanted to rise from my chest…Mr. MLACS patted my other hand and handed me a tissue.

Dr. Angel said everything is measuring perfectly (I didn’t even think to ask precisely what day I’m measuring at–today is 6w3d gestationally). I was just overwhelmed with emotion when I realized that everything is ok.

I cannot remember the last time that everything was ok.






25 thoughts on “Everything’s Ok

  1. Yay!!! I’m so happy and relieved for you and crying tears of joy with you! Continuing to send prayers your way hon. ❤

  2. Happy dance! Praise God! Everything will be great! Stay in hope and keep believing!! This is amazing and so awesome! God I pray and ask that you continue to protect and surround this precious baby with your grace and mercy! Amen!

  3. I am sooooo happy for this news! And for you and mister. I cannot imagine the emotions you felt when hearing that heartbeat. You and baby have all my prayers! Keep us updated!

  4. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More tears of joy. I’m so flippin’ happy for you and your hubby. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your vacation. I can’t wait to hear all about it! ❤

  5. I’m so choked up reading this. We got a BFP on our final pre-IVF IUI just last week. I’m praying for a sticky bean this time and go in for beta two tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your story.

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