38 Weeks

It’s 4am, which is now my “usual” wake up time–I’m awake between 4-6am most days, and some days I wake up the puppy & feed him bfast so Mr. MLACS can sleep in. Other days I fall back asleep for an hour or two. I just go with the flow.

I figured I’d do a sort of pregnancy questionnaire.

How far along? 38 weeks today!

Weight gain/loss? Gained +19 lbs as of last OB appointment (holding steady)

Maternity clothes? Not so much. I wear VS “boyfriend” sweatpants and a mix of maternity/non-maternity shirts. I do find that I have to keep tugging on my non-maternity shirts because they tend to ride up & show my underbelly.

Stretch marks? No. But I don’t lather myself in creams or oils. I was a fat kid, so I have a little extra skin + I didn’t gain much weight + genetics. It’s mostly just luck IMO.

Movement? Very much so! Her movements are very pronounced, even with my anterior placenta. She likes to par-tay sometimes, but overall she’s pretty mellow πŸ™‚

Sleep? I can’t sleep more than a few hours at a time. I compensate with 1-2 naps per day. Lately I have *crazy* dreams & Mr. MLACS says I mutter and flail. I know I snore. And I wake up to pee fairly often. I sleep with 6 pillows *and* a snoogle (which props up my legs).

Belly button in or out? In, but very shallow & I can pop it out when I press on the skin around it, which Mr. MLACS and I think is neat (we are dorks).

Rings on or off? Off–that was difficult for me. I started having a bit of swelling at 34 weeks so I relinquished them to Mr. MLACS to be safe. He then bought me a white gold “placeholder band” so I don’t feel naked ❀

Labor signs? Random braxton hicks. She obviously dropped yesterday (like my belly button is 2 inches lower than before) and I now have a pressure/crampy-ness in my pelvis. TONS of mucus–SO much mucus–draining from my head & my va-jay, but no mucus plug yet. Boobs are expanding & a bit sore.

Best moment this week? I was afraid this baby was huge because she was measuring ahead a few weeks ago, but our US 3 days ago pegged her at 6lbs 13ozs, which is perfectly average!

Other stuff:

● Still going to bi-weekly NST tests at the L&D. These are tedious *but* this lessens our chance of stillbirth to 1% *and* I’ve gotten to meet most of the L&D nurses and see how things work.

● Tried red raspberry leaf tea yesterday after 2 ladies in my prenatal yoga group suggested it. It’s supposed to “tone” your uterus and make labor/delivery shorter and easier–it can also encourage labor as your EDD draws near. I tried the traditional medicinals brand, think it’s pretty potent and caused my baby to drop/crampy-ness after *one strong cup*. Not sure if I want to jump start labor just yet, so I think I’ll postpone drinking it until next week.

● To update on Mr. MLACS, he’s doing great! He lost 60lbs of fluid in the hospital and he’s lost an additional 40lbs at home by eating healthy, logging his food, and doing moderate activity daily. That’s 100lbs he has lost! Mind you he is 6’6″ so 100lbs on him looks like 50lbs on an average-sized person (he’s not wasting away). I’m SO proud of him!!! We’re gonna have to buy him new pants soon πŸ™‚

There’s still stuff on my “to do” list (things to buy, stuff to wash/put away, cleaning, etc.) but we’re ready and I won’t freak out if she comes early.

If you follow astrology…at this point it’s inevitable that she will be a Pisces. I’m a Sagittarius and Mr. MLACS is a Taurus, so this will be interesting. Chinese New Year was just celebrated and it’s the year of the sheep–both Mr. MLACS and I were born in the year of the sheep. We are both strong personalities–I’m curious to see if she will be intense (like her parents) or more subdued. I wonder if I will have a child that is shy and introverted (the opposite of me). I’m more curious to find out *who she is* than I am to see what she looks like.

Soon now…



23 thoughts on “38 Weeks

  1. I am up at the same time these days. And I always fall back to sleep just right before my husband’s alarm goes off. Ugh.

    Go Mr. MLACS! That is impressive.

    I have been drinking raspberry leaf tea for a week now. I had already dropped before I started drinking it, but I can say I definitely have felt more instances of cramping since I started it. I’m not sure if it is coincidence or not though. Journey For My Baby mentioned her mother swears by the stuff.

  2. Ah! I love the astrology bit. I’ve always been interested in how it relates to personality. I’m a Cancer-Leo cusp. Sensitive, yet bold. πŸ™‚ My husband is a Libra – loves balance, no drama.

    • You have an interesting mix yourself–the Cancer is where you get the soft spot for your family (still trying after all these years). But the Leo keeps you from being the “peacemaker” (selling yourself out to keep them happy). You’re a very good and loyal friend πŸ™‚ It appears your baby will be born a Libra? Obviously a complimentary sign for you! My Mom was a Libra (Sept. 26th). ❀ XOXO

      • Yes Libra just like it’s Daddy. My bro in law is also a Leo and his wife a Libra – funny coincidence there. My mom, sis and bro are all Aquarius. My in-laws are both Gemini (this makes a ton of sense! Haha) . My dad is a cancer.

      • My (estranged) dad is a Taurus & my (difficult) sister is a Virgo. They are both moody and self-centered. I know I’ve mentioned it but *a lot* of my friends are Gemini’s, because we just click. I’ve dated Pisces before and my connections with them are very strong/passionate, but they are difficult for me to understand (thus a lack of trust)…I hope my daughter and I are able to communicate and trust each other. XOXO

  3. Getting so so close! Way to go Mr. MLACS! That’s amazing news for him. I’m sure you are just uber proud. I’m also plagued with the early to rise time (3:30am waah 😦 ), but I tend to “pretend” I’m still sleeping for as long as possible. Hugs! can’t wait to see what the cutie looks like what her little personality brings!

  4. Such great news about Mr. MLACS’ ongoing recovery and weight loss. Huge applause to him and to you. He couldn’t do it without you. πŸ˜‰

    I can’t wait to see what you discover about your little girl’s personality in the weeks, months and years to come. So close now…

    You can make the raspberry tea more mild and sip it throughout the day rather than drinking in one go. It needs some time to tonify the uterus. That stuff rocks.

      • Time for a random comment unrelated to the tea from your friend with the penchant for non-sequiturs. πŸ˜‰

        At work today I was tugging on my rings to slather moisturizer on my hands and I suddenly remembered your post about Mr. MLACS buying you a simple band to wear while you can’t wear your original wedding ring. I felt this rush of warmth and had to tell you how endearing that is. Big points for Mr. MLACS and a reminder to you how lucky and loved you are. Not that you need reminding but it can’t hurt. πŸ˜‰

      • I feel very lucky–but *only in the movies* would a husband go buy a ring of his own accord–I mentioned to him that I couldn’t stand having a naked ring finger and that I wanted a simple band. But kudos to him for listening and initiating going to the jewelry store πŸ™‚ XOXO

  5. Eek! 38 weeks! I remember getting antsy once I hit 38 weeks. Like, it hit me that my little man was closer than ever and I began to be on guard looking for signs of labor in everything I felt. It’s sooo exciting!! I can’t wait to come on here and read the post that she’s here!

  6. Girl! I am so behind on reading my blogs so I am sorry this is late :/ I have just been in a funk lately and not wanting to read or write much. Anywho, enough about me, let’s talk about YOU and the fact it’s getting so close! Whoo hoo! I can’t wait and I am right there with ya on wanting to know what she will act like…her personality…etc. And way to go MLACS for losing all that weight! I would like to say that I am doing well on the DASH diet, but I am not. The only time I follow the diet is breakfast when I eat bran flakes. Other than that, I am the worst!! Love ya girl!! xo

  7. You’re so close now! I’ve been so out of touch with blogging lately but just wanted to let you know I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait for your birth announcement. I know sleep is impossible these days but try to rest when you can. It’s going to be hard to come by really soon 😘

    • Hey luv! I’m really trying to keep myself together, but I feel like a *hot mess*. Hormonal (hot flashes), emotional (crying/sensitivity), physical (laying around a lot/huffing & puffing just making a sandwich), etc. etc. I’ve forgotten what “normal” feels like! XOXO

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