Merry Birthday Jesus!

I know I was all sad and stuff in my last post (like “oh I don’t feel like talking”, blah blah blah)  but I’m feeling more like myself again (for the moment–but this may be transient). I’m nearly ready for Christmas: house decorated (but still need to finish cleaning–I hate cleaning, so I might give myself a B- in cleanliness and organization but whatevs), cookies made (I chocolate-dipped oreos and pretzels and sprinkled different things on them, for example: white chocolate with crushed candy cane bits–making chocolate dipped stuff is a WAY bigger pain-in-the-ass than just baking something, IMHO), presents bought and wrapped (I $pent almost as much on the wrapping as I do on the damn presents), groceries bought for the carefully planned Christmas dinner (which, same as Thanksgiving I’ll be cooking, because of course nobody else is volunteering), and there’s one more thing…

OH! I’m missing an excuse/lie to tell my Mother-In-Law (MIL) to explain WHY I have to leave in the middle of making dinner–because I have to go see Dr. Angel for monitoring and of course the best time for him is between 3-4pm. Hello drama, my old friend, how ya doin’?! I’m a horrible liar. I have no idea what I’m going to tell her. But as you already know, I don’t want to tell her anything because, well, I just don’t want her asking about it and I most definitely do not want her to say anything to my (shady) SIL. Mr. MLACS is totally backing me up about not saying anything, although it will be awkward because at some point during MIL’s visit we are both going to have to “excuse ourselves” to go do IUI #2. We’re kind of just thinking of saying “we’ll be back in a couple hours” and leaving it at that–MIL won’t pry. But yeah, so that’s what’s up….

I had everything planned out for Christmas, but I didn’t plan to succumb to depression and anxiety for a week and fall behind on my preparations, because I didn’t plan for IUI #1 to fail and thus necessitate IUI #2 during Christmas. Yup, infertility is nothing if not inconvenient, right?

I saw some friends this past week and that was a wonderful pick-me-up, plus Mr. MLACS is home now for about a month and we are getting along, plus I’ve had some more acupuncture from Star, plus Dr. Angel is…well, he’s an Angel.

In other news, Doc Angel and I had a pow-wow today after my monitoring session. The day he took my betas (12dpo) my Progesterone was only 2, and we all know that is pitifully low, right? Right. I have 3 months supply of Endometrin (progesterone suppositories) so given that my progesterone was so low, Dr. Angel wants me to begin progesterone the day of IUI #2. I was really surprised my progesterone was low, because my boobs were huge and I was having crazy nightmares (which always happen when I’m pregnant or on progesterone supps). But, I’m oddly relieved because now maybe I can blame low progesterone and not sh*tty egg quality for my failed IUI #1, and there’s the ‘silver lining’.

Also, Doc Angel said my testosterone is totally normal (25) right smack in the middle of ‘normal’ range and my free testosterone was also normal, though I cannot remember the exact number for it. I was surprised, because (if you’ve read my ‘about’) then you know I have a lot of excess coarse androgen-promoted hair growth on face/stomach/thighs, which unfortunately does not go away just because I got my testosterone ‘in check’. I suppose this is what spironolactone is for, because it blocks the androgen receptors in your hair follicles to prevent the hair growth. But I’ll never take that crap.

I also spoke to my Gastroenterologist (GI) doc about postponing my next Remicade infusion for a few weeks in case it may be interfering with implantation. Surprisingly, my GI was totally for it and said he didn’t prefer to use it in pregnancy if I can avoid it, but to monitor my symptoms and let him know if I’m feeling bad. This means I have to diligently use my Rowasa enemas every. single. day. But who knows, maybe I will be able to get off of the Remicade indefinitely, and that…would be priceless.

I’ll talk more about IUI #2 later, but for now I’m gonna play these cards close to the vest. I’m using the same protocol as last time (Femara + Bravelle + Trigger + IUI) except with different dosages/days and adding progesterone supps. I hope you ladies all have a Merry Christmas and cheers to Jesus! XO


Oh My Heavens It’s SO BIG!

I feel absolutely INSANE.

I finally saw Dr. Angel yesterday afternoon (after “Super Soul Sunday”) and I warned him that I might start crying and if I did then he should understand that he’s not hurting me, I am just crazy, and it’s not his fault–so please don’t take it personally. And he smiled and told me that this was only the beginning and the hormones will get worse on the Bravelle. FML. And then he looked at my ovaries with the dildocam. Left ovary had two juicy follicles he measured (no idea what the measurements are in “infertility speak” cuz e’rybody always talks about triggering when their dominant follicles are “over 15”, etc. and I didn’t ask him to convert his measurements for me). And the right ovary had one juicy follicle but it was oddly shaped and appeared to have something protruding into it…Dr. Angel said, quote, “It may be a hemorrhagic cyst or something.” No mf*ing clue what “or something” may be. I remembered to bring the drugs and paraphernalia with me, expecting that Dr. Angel would teach me how to do the Bravelle shots. But he flipped the script on me and said he’d like for me to begin Bravelle tomorrow (today) so that he can see, quote, “If those follicles are leftover from the last cycle or if they are from this cycle.” I asked him how he would be able to tell and he said, quote, “If the follicles are new, then they should increase in size, but if they are old then they probably won’t.” Well, ok then. He offered to keep my Bravelle and accoutrements at his office, and I was glad because that’s one less thing for me to worry about. And I left, went home, and took my last Femara tablet.

I returned to Dr. Angel’s office today to have another US and (finally) get my first Bravelle shot. I gotta ask you guys, have you ever sat in a chair in the OBGYN or RE’s office that raises you up and tips you back so that you’re practically upside down and your lady parts are in the air at eye-level with your practitioner? The ultrasounds yesterday and today were my first experiences with this fancy chair, and I don’t hate it but it’s weird as hell, don’t you think? Just sayin’. So anyways, Dr. Angel first looks at my left ovary and measures the 2 follicles from yesterday, and I notice they have grown–hooray, they are “new”! And then…he looked at my right ovary…and WTF??? The potential ‘hemorrhagic cyst’ from yesterday that had been about the same size as the other two follicles now seemed to be taking up my entire f*ing ovary! I was like…”Um…is that seriously the follicle from yesterday?!” And he didn’t say much, he was just clicking away taking measurements and he even made a 3D color image of my ovary to get a better look. I was like, “Whoa dude, this looks bad, is it bad??” And he was like, “Nah, it looks like a hemorrhagic cyst”. And I was like “But from what I’ve read about other people’s cycles, the cycles get canceled when they have a cyst! Is this cyst gonna mess up my cycle?” And he was like, “No it won’t cancel your cycle.” And I was like “Cool–my right ovary can be delinquent as long as my left ovary is still in the game.” But really, I’m like, what the hell is wrong with my ovary??? I’m over here wondering if my Remicade + Clomid cycles have given me ovarian cancer or some sh*t. And when I think I might have ovarian cancer, the first thing that pops into my mind is “Please Lord, let Dr. Angel ignore my ovarian cancer and let me get pregnant and have a baby before I die, Amen.” I am such a whack job.

Then, it was FINALLY time for me to get that Bravelle shot. And all along I was thinking I would give it to myself in my stomach. But Dr. Angel is pointing at his butt saying “So you’ll want to make sure you don’t hit your sciatic nerve…” and I’m thinking…”Damn, how the hell am I s’posd to give myself a shot in my ass”…I’m flexible but this seems unrealistic/unfair. And then…I see this GIANT MF*ING NEEDLE and I’m like “Lord Jesus are you serious?! Is THAT the needle?! How big is that??!” And Dr. Angel is just showing me how to mix the Bravelle with the filler solution but I am not even paying attention because I’m too busy looking at this ridiculously HUGE needle. It’s a good thing I’m not a curious person and I hadn’t examined the contents of the box Freedom Pharmacy sent except to make sure the meds were there, cuz I might’ve changed my damn mind. I asked Dr. Angel what size needle that was, hoping that my eyes were deceiving me, but he said “23” and my face fell–it really is as big as it looks. I was still pants-less holding a sheet around me as I’m watching Dr. Angel get the shot ready, and finally it was time and I held the sheet awkwardly with one hand (so Dr. Angel had access to my buttock) and grabbed the counter with the other hand…and…it wasn’t that bad. But I’m gonna be straight with you: my ass is still sore from it. And for the record I’m not afraid of needles–been stuck countless times for bloodwork and IV’s and even had Botox on my face a few times (don’t judge me), but those needles were child’s play compared to this one. Damn. Luckily, I have to have an ultrasound every day and I’m only taking the Bravelle 75iu once a day, so I looked at Dr. Angel and said “I will seriously pay you extra if you will give me these shots.”

Can I also mention (of course I can but you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to) that my Dad has a girlfriend. Any of you out there whose Mom/Dad passed away and you’ve had to deal with your living parent dating while also dealing with the loss of your other parent? Well…it’s been rough. My sister openly HATES the girlfriend and will have NOTHING to do with her. I’ve been living away from home for most of this time so I only have to see her occasionally because she lives 2 hours away and they alternate weekends (he goes there, she comes here). I don’t like her, but I don’t hate her. However, the girlfriend has two sons and they seem to really like my Dad. And these sons have small children of their own. And…all of a sudden lately ALL my Dad talks about when he comes home from visiting the girlfriend is playing with her adorable grandchildren. Today, he even told me what he intends to get each of her grandchildren for Christmas! Can somebody PLEASE take the dagger giant syringe out of my still-beating heart?! And he fuggin’ knows exactly what I’m going through–I’ve told him everything. He’s just stupid. That is all. XO


Syringe to the Heart

Will Work For…?

Hey ladies, what’s happenin’?! Well here, I’ll go first:

I was 100% correct with that BFN on 12dpo, and I started AF on Monday, as scheduled. IT WAS SO F*ING PAINFUL. Omg, I was popping the ibuprofen gel caps (fyi they work way better than the tablets) 400mg every 2 hours and it still hurt like a mofo–like I was grinding my teeth and holding my breath. Which was just icing on the cake because I started my new job at the medical office on Monday! Oh yeah, it was an 11 hour shift and guess what: they don’t take lunch breaks! I expected an hour lunch break, but nope, they don’t take ANY lunch break and instead they take turns making infrequent trips to get food or coffee (there is NO Starbucks nearby either *hurumph*) and they freakin’ expect us to eat quickly in the back room or bring it up front to the front desk–which seems SO unprofessional to me. If you are a sick person do you really want to walk in to a room that smells overwhelmingly of chili? Me neither. Yes, I am aware that this practice of no official break/lunch is totally illegal. Um, we also don’t clock in. You record your hours in a log book. Freaking weird huh? But everyone is really nice, including the docs that own the clinic. Supposedly the profit sharing and bonuses make up for the BS (snacking for lunch). And they are compensating me for 3 new pairs of scrubs–nobody does that. I’m so torn about this situation. And you know what makes it more awkward? I’m a horrible liar, and I’m keeping stuff from them. I don’t want to tell them I’m taking Remicade for my Ulcerative Colitis. I don’t want to see the look of shock and dismay on their faces when they realize that I am a “sick person”–don’t want the stigma. This clinic treats a lot of contagious sick people and I am taking a risk by being on an immunosuppressant drug and exposing myself to whatever might walk through the door. I wonder if maybe I am stupid for even considering taking this job, but I’ve been on Prednisone (a steroid/immunosuppressant) and worked in the same type of clinic and I never got sick–save for a typical winter cold. I had to “dance around” telling my new employers/coworkers about the Remicade though, because I needed a flu vaccination and I can ONLY take the flu shot (non-live vaccine) and NOT the flu mist (live vaccine)–and they asked me “Do you have asthma or something?” and I simply said “Yes”…which is partially true because I do keep an inhaler around for occasional exercise-induced asthma…but I felt like such a liar! I know it’s none of their business but still…these people treat each other as friends, and God forbid if something should arise (I get super duper sick) and I have to tell them…and what if they think I’m just a big fat truth-concealing liar???

In Procreational news, I had to put the smack-down on Freedom Pharmacy, but my Bravelle should arrive tomorrow–and it only cost me a $75 copay!!! How sweet is that?! How lucky am I?! I am so very grateful, because that’s really all we can afford right now (since the IRS is taking their sweet time returning the money they wrongfully took from us). Freedom Pharmacy just pisses me off–they couldn’t tell me my mf*ing copay, and I kept having to call them back, and finally I said “get me a manager because I don’t have another 24 hours to play phone tag and I WANT TO KNOW WHY this is so difficult, if you are indeed a legitimate pharmacy.” And manager got on the phone, apologized for the two other phone reps who had given me conflicting information and no answer as to what my copay would be, and she went and ‘fetched’ that information herself–when she told me it was only $75 I did a little dance and thanked her and hung up the phone. But cheese ‘n rice they are such a pain to deal with.

I worked 1/2 the day today and called my OBGYN ‘Dr. Angel’ as soon as I got home, so that I could figure out the protocol for this cycle and arrange a time to come in this Friday to learn how to do my Bravelle shots. Here is my protocol:

1. Begin 2.5mg Letrozole CD3 (today)

2. Begin 75iu Bravelle daily on CD7 (Sunday)

3. Come in for monitoring daily until follicles mature

4. Do the trigger shot and IUI

This is such a circus…first of all, Mr. MLACS doesn’t arrive home until next Friday the 22nd, so I’m just slightly concerned that we time everything so that he’s around to “do his part”. The other thing is, I just started this new job and I DON’T GET A LUNCH BREAK, which I was counting on to be able to rush over to Dr. Angel’s office and do my ultrasounds/monitoring without having to take time off or give an explanation. FML. What am I supposed to tell my work? They said they will be flexible about my schedule for the first couple weeks while I’m training, because I wasn’t supposed to start until December, but still…they will expect me to give some explanation or else they will think I am weird and shady. Any suggestions? I’m at a loss. And there’s more….

I got this job for several reasons; I’d like to save up and pay cash for nursing school (I have enough student loans for one lifetime, thanks); I’d like to travel with Mr. MLACS; I’m glad to have the experience since I plan to become a nurse; I need something to keep me busy while Mr. MLACS is gone; etc. We don’t particularly need the money, especially because Mr. MLACS just got a promotion and pay increase–his pay increase is more than I will make in a year at this job. There’s pro’s and con’s to this job, and I’m not sure if I should even let them waste time training me if I’m not going to stay…can you guys take a look at this and tell me what you would do if you were me?


  • Money–you can never have too much money
  • Experience–my nursing school resume will look ‘beefy’ with the variety of clinics I’ve worked at
  • Purpose–it’s great to know that you’re helping people; it’s great to have a reason to wake up in the morning
  • Social–it’s great to interact with people, instead of being a “homebody” and sitting around until everybody else gets off work
  • Schedule–it’s full time but I only work 3.5 days per week (Three 11hr shifts + One 5.5hr shift)


  • Health Risks–I’m on Remicade, which suppresses my immune system. I may not get any more sick than a “normal” person. Or, I may end up with a raging infection that threatens my life. WHAT IF I GET PREGNANT?! Could I live with myself if my brazen job choice put my long-awaited child’s life at risk?
  • Time Apart–Mr. MLACS is typically going to be gone 1/2 the month. How am I going to tear myself away from him?! This first trip is actually more than 3 weeks and when he gets back next week I just want to glue myself to him. Work-Schmerk. Blah.
  • No Lunch–seriously, this is sort of a deal-breaker for me. I live 5 minutes away from the clinic, and when you’re working 11 hour shifts sometimes you just need to get away during your lunch break (hence the word ‘break’). I’m not a doctor or a nurse and I sure as hell don’t get paid like one (um, some of you wouldn’t get out of bed for $11.50 per hour, right?) So I want my mf*ing lunch break.
  • Privacy–I have doctors appointments more than most people, and I’m sure there will be times when I need to go to the doctor and these people are going to roll their eyes and look at me funny. I mean, these peeps don’t take lunch. And when people who work there need a doctor, they see our doctors. So how am I going to keep my medical information/history private??? FML.
  • Travel–Mr. MLACS finally has a schedule where he gets time off! For the first time in our relationship! I want to go places with him. This clinic works with a skeleton crew and the only way people get time off is if other people are working overtime for them.
  • Socio-economic status–Ok, this is a tough one but I’m just gonna put it out there. I have nothing in-common with my immediate coworkers. They work at this job because they need the money, because they are an integral part of providing for their households. I have to downplay my situation in order to “fit in” with the other office staff (it’s always this way in every medical office I’ve worked in). It’s a conscious effort I make not to mention certain things so I “blend”. I’m proud of the fact that I work because I want to–I think that says something about my character–but it would be arrogant for me to share this with my coworkers. I don’t get any satisfaction from having more than someone else and I take care not to gloat–I despise people who parade their good fortune (and most of the time people who act like that are full of sh*t anyways). I can’t wait until I’m in a position (such as a nurse) where I mingle with coworkers who are in similar situations as myself so I don’t have to feel like such a schmuck.

My choices as I see them:

  1. Quit this job immediately so they don’t waste any time training me and I don’t miss any time with Mr. MLACS when he’s home for the next 2 weeks (not my fav option because I’d like to make a couple paychecks at least).
  2. Wait until I find another job (go find another job!) and then quit this job
  3. Wait until I’ve reached a pregnancy milestone, such as a positive HPT or graduation from first trimester, then quit so I can just rest and focus on my health/safety (staying away from sick people).
  4. Quit and just do charity work to stay busy (until I return to school) and don’t worry about making an income.

Any other options that you suggest I am willing to entertain, if you feel like putting yourself in my shoes and dishing advice. There’s just SO MUCH to consider and I’m overwhelmed and not prepared to make a decision. I don’t want to ‘screw over’ the clinic and work just long enough to entertain myself and line my pockets, but on the other hand a friend pointed out to me that the clinic wouldn’t think twice about acting upon it’s own interests, so I shouldn’t feel guilty about acting in my own interests. I am perplexed.

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Lately, all the people I talk to in the medical profession (mostly nurses), treat me as though I have never researched a disease I’ve had for 10 years. I don’t know what sort of idiots they’re used to dealing with, but I know a helluva lot more than they do–both from a scholarly perspective AND from a personal perspective. For example, one haughty NICU nurse said she had been diagnosed with UC a year ago. I asked what meds she took and she couldn’t even name them, but recognized them when I rattled off the different brands/types. She said “well it doesn’t matter because they’re all the same”. I didn’t bother getting into a pissing match with her, but she couldn’t be more wrong. The meds we discussed were all variations of the same ingredient (mesalamine) but they are NOT biologically equivalent–which is to say, that they are not all broken down, absorbed, and utilized the same in our bodies. Prime example: I was thrilled when I recently switched from taking 6 Delzicol capsules, to 3 Asacol HD tablets (twice daily). But the extended release meds I tried previously (Lialda) never worked as well for me, and unfortunately neither did Asacol HD, so I switched back to Delzicol this week and have seen improvement. This nurse also uses Canasa suppositories (as do I) but she crinkled her nose when I told her I’m using Remicade. Which brings me to…

ALL my doctors (particularly my GI’s) tell me to use Remicade while ttc and throughout pregnancy. ALL the boards I’ve consulted where women posted stories of their pregnancies while on Remicade and their children’s health afterwards have been nothing but positive. ALL the infusion nurses I’ve had have told me stories of Remicade patients who delivered healthy babies…

But on the flip side, all the nurses (both acquaintances and my infusion nurses) have this nervous, worried/confused look on their faces when I say that I intend to use Remicade during my pregnancy. What gives?! None of them have offered me a “cautionary tale” and in fact each of them can recall at least one Remicade patient that had a normal pregnancy.

Yes, I do read medical journals (not just google), and I’m not blindly following my doctors’ suggestions. Unfortunately (fortunately) researchers aren’t allowed to use pregnant women like lab rats, so there’s just not a lot of data available to support/refute the use of Remicade during pregnancy. So I have to base my decisions on the data I have, the severity of my disease, the experiences of other women who’ve used Remicade in pregnancy and my doctors (who are confident in prescribing Remicade to pregnant women).

So why are these nurses making me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing? Like I’m doing something wrong? I’m ok with every other ignorant “crunchy mama” telling me to quit the drugs, eat paleo and do yoga–and I appreciate everybody’s (judgement) concern, but honestly I expected nurses to be more (educated) understanding.

When I went in for my Remicade infusion today and told “Nurse Carol” that we are ttc, she said “but you’ll quit when you’re pregnant” and without hesitation I said “No”! And proceeded to fill her in on the details of my decision. I could tell she was a bit embarrassed about opening her big mouth–and she should be.

I admit that I’m pretty pushy with my friends, but even then I don’t advocate things if I can’t back my claims up with data and examples. I certainly don’t push my (medical) opinions on strangers! And knowing what a big decision Remicade is and that doctors (are supposed to) only advocate it when less invasive treatments have failed…knowing that a woman with an overactive immune system would rather risk the unknown and take Remicade, rather than lament the demise of her baby because her own (broken) body attacked her pregnancy…me personally, I would wish her well and keep my f*ing mouth shut. But that’s just me.

I Finally Found the Doctor of My Dreams (and now I’m moving)

Today I had my last appointment with my beloved GI, who I will refer to as Dr. Handsome. I first met Dr. Handsome in April, in the midst of my post-miscarriage health crisis. I had been misguided and bullied by my former GI doc, and I came to Dr. Handsome feeling beat-down, scared, and vulnerable—I really hoped that he would hear me out and see my point-of-view, and empower me to make weighty decisions about my treatment.
When he walked in the room, I was captivated: Tall, athletic build, silver hair, ice blue eyes, nice smile, and a friendly voice (hence the name “Dr. Handsome”). He immediately put me at ease. He listened to me nervously rattle on about my medical history, and he rolled his eyes (appropriately) when I told him about the crazy bullsh*t my former GI was trying to pull. But where he stole my heart, was when he shook my hand and looked me in the eye as he was leaving and said “We’re going to take GOOD CARE of you.” I get all teary-eyed just thinking about it—no doctor has ever said that to me before. I believed him.
Dr. Handsome had suggested Remicade at that first visit, but I was not ready to go to “big gun” meds, as there are risks and once you’re on it you will stay on it for years…most of the time it buys you 2-5 years at most, and then you have to look at other meds or surgery if your Ulcerative Colitis can’t be controlled. I didn’t want to be pregnant on Remicade. I didn’t want to have my colon out. So Dr. Handsome referred me to Cedars Sinai for a second opinion. At first I thought he was just trying to get rid of me because I didn’t want to take his advice, but when I said that to him he chuckled and said “Noooo, I’ve never fired a patient before and you ‘re a sweetheart! I genuinely want you to have the second opinion and Cedars is the best of the best.” WOW. Like, wow…I left his office with a smile. In the meantime, my UC got remarkably worse and I started feeling pretty desperate to get it under control.
After a couple of weeks of enemas that weren’t working and a mostly liquid diet, my patience was wearing thin. Then I learned that I have slightly elevated NK cells (which can affect implantation of an embryo) and I learned that Remicade helps to regulate NK cells. After a lot of prayer and soul-searching, I finally decided it was time to try the Remicade, so I went crawling back to Dr. Handsome and practically begged for it. I told him I just want to get pregnant and have a healthy baby. And he said to me “We are going to take CARE of you, and you are going to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.” I was so relieved, I cried.
I bought Subway for lunch for their whole office (20 people) to say “thank you”. What you may not know, is that doctors used to get lunches provided by the pharmaceutical reps almost daily (I worked for a Neurologist and the whole office got catered lunches at least twice a week). BUT there was a law passed in January whereby doctors can no longer accept these catered lunches from the drug reps. SO, if you are trying to get on your doctors’ good side (and really, you ought to butter-up his medical assistants and office staff because they call the shots) then food goes a long way, especially since this law was passed. Just sayin’.
After that, the office staff and medical assistants rolled out the red carpet for me! Now this was not my motivation and I didn’t expect it, but it is nice to have your calls returned promptly and to hear a bubbly voice that is happy to help you.
Anyhow, the reason I went in today wasn’t just to say goodbye. It was to ask Dr. Handsome how I should plan for the future of my disease (UC). We both agreed that I need to stay on Remicade (and all the other sh*t that I’m on) for now, and that it’s not time for surgery. For me, my goal is to hurry up and have a baby before it gets any worse. And then if it gets worse after I have the baby (inevitably it will) I want to seriously consider surgery. Fun facts about surgery:
1. I would have the J-pouch surgery. First, they remove my colon and fashion a colon out of my small intestines. While it heals, I’d have a colostomy bag. But a couple months after the first surgery, I would have a second surgery to re-attach everything. Presto!
2. After the surgery, I would be considered “disease free”!!! Did you know that Ulcerative Colitis is the only disease that is curable?! It is! Because once you remove the colon, it’s gone. No more meds.
3. I’d have more frequent bowel movements (like 7 per day). I could handle that, I think, if it meant no sickness and no more meds!
Dr. Handsome suggested that his preferred surgeons were at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. He said I can always call him, and gave me a hug. I also got hugs from his medical assistants. They said come by and visit whenever I’m in town. I wonder if it’s because I brought them cupcakes today? Or maybe it’s the hilariously long and rambling messages I leave for them. In any case, I hate to leave them, but I’m confident that they are there if and when I need them. I feel good now that I have a plan for “what if”. God Bless Dr. Handsome.
***I brought Dr. Handsome and staff generic grocery store cupcakes. Normally (when I’m not in the middle of moving) I would go balls-out and attempt something pinterest-worthy, like the picture below.
WHOOOOO wants a cupcake?!!

Remember, the way to a doctors heart is through his staff, and they way to his staff is through their stomachs

Remember, the way to a doctors heart is through his staff, and the way to his staff is through their stomachs