Share Your Nuts!

Well, I’ve been telling you that I’m “going nuts” lately, and I am humbled by your responses and encouragement to continue to “share my nuts” with you. Also, I decided I needed to bake something for Dr. Angel because he’s been so kind and in my opinion he’s basically doing charity work by giving me UNLIMITED ultrasounds and an IUI for the very small fee of $350 per month…and I had a bunch of pecans at my house…and this recipe is so easy to make…so TAH DAH! I made these delicious holiday spiced pecans, packaged them in cute little Christmas treat packages I found at the ‘Everything’s A Dollar’ store, and passed them out to Dr. Angel and his office staff yesterday afternoon. And ate a whole bunch of them myself–they are like crack to me–as I was dividing them up to give away I was like “one for you, one for for you, two for me” etc. Yup, one good nut deserves another, right?! Slippery slope.

Sweet Spiced Nuts

The situation with Dr. Angel was a bit precarious yesterday, as when I had suggested “Same time tomorrow?” at our Monday visit, his reply was “Well no, it’ll have to be in the afternoon–I’ll call you.” And I was like, “Um, ok then” and left wondering how that was going to work out. I woke up yesterday and called Dr. Angel’s office, and they informed me that Dr. Angel was out of the office and they had no idea when to expect him back that day. Hmmm. So I went about making my nuts and finding cute little packages for them at the dollar store (you know, one of the many important ways I fill up my unemployed time now) and waited…and waited…and finally I called them at about 2pm to say “Hey, it’s after noon now, so, um, any idea when he’ll be back?” and the lady sounded really awkward and cryptic in her reply that went something like, “Um, I haven’t talked to him to tell him you called earlier..and um…I’m not sure WHEN or IF he’ll be back in the office today…” And I recited what Dr. Angel had told me, verbatim, about me coming in the afternoon. It got me nowhere. I was concerned for several reasons, because they have my damn drugs in their office and because it was already 24hrs after my first shot and I knew I should be having it about the same time each day. I was shocked at how clueless they seemed, I mean, it was the middle of a regular business day so I would expect them to know a ballpark of where their damn doctor is and/or get a hold of him to ask him what he’d like to do about me. Geezus. But they finally called me an hour later and chipperly announced that Dr. Angel was back in the office and I could come by. So I came by and passed out my nutty treats (maybe this little PR stunt will get me a better response next time this happens) and experienced the fancy chair/dildocam, then got my Bravelle shot–bless his heart, Dr. Angel had found some smaller needles in his office to use for the shot and I didn’t even feel it this time.

Today, I went to see Dr. Angel and crew at 11:30am. I’m happy to report that my left follicles #1 and #2 had grown to ’13’ and ’11’ respectfully (and Dr. Angel taught me how to convert his measurements so that’s why I can now report my follicle sizes). The hemorrhagic cyst-y looking follicle on the right is at ’16’ and holding, so maybe it’s not such a problem after all. I told Dr. Angel and his nurse about my delusions of Ovarian Cancer and they laughed at me, so I guess that means I have nothing to worry about cancer-wise (yet). My lining is measuring between ‘4-5′ and I’m CD10 today, which doesn’t seem to concern the doc but what do you ladies think? Judging from these measurements do you think I’m doing ok with my follie sizes and my uterine lining on CD10? Or am I behind? Dr. Angel seemed unconcerned and figures my follies will be over ’20’ and we’ll do the IUI on Saturday. Oh but you can bet your sweet asses I will be getting some lovin’ from Mr. MLACS on Friday after I pick him up from the airport. Whether he wants it or not. Game ON.

As far as how I’m feeling mentally/emotionally, I’m better on the Bravelle than I was on the Femara. But physically, the Bravelle has been causing me headaches (which are rare for me unless it’s sinus-related). My butt no longer hurts because Dr. Angel is using a smaller needle–not sure what size but I hardly feel it. I’m slightly concerned that the Bravelle is kicking up my autoimmune issues, which I had considered before I used it–it’s highly purified but it comes from somebody else’s body so there’s always a chance that my body will consider it an intruder. My colitis has been mercifully ‘quiet’ for the past 3 weeks but I was having symptoms today, which made me think the Bravelle may be the cause. Or not. I will keep you posted on that. I had previously considered using Gonal-F because it is synthetic (when I was wondering if I might need injectables) but it’s more expensive so I wanted to try the Bravelle. We’ll see how this little science experiment works out (hence the title ‘My Life As A Case Study’) TTFN. XO