35 Weeks, Settling In

Well, here we are. It’s been a crazy few weeks of 2019, as I’ve scrambled to get settled in our new home. There’s still so much I want to do before baby comes, but I am proud of all that I’ve accomplished.

Most importantly, I found BG a wonderful preschool! I did my research (which, FTR, I research everything) and found out what preschools are better than others in my area. I reached out and most of them are enrolling for *fall*. The only ones enrolling for spring were daycare centers–they were both expensive for part-time. One well-known chain was $660/mo for 12hrs/week. That works out to $13.75/hr, which I could almost pay a nanny for that amount. I went to tour the place and it was a zoo! Absolute chaos. Cramped. I don’t see how the toddlers could focus to learn anything with all the noise and distractions. Plus the director was a complete weirdo–a salesperson who looked like a doppledanger of Bette Middler in the movie “Hocus Pocus”. She lacked warmth and authenticity, and BG and I both cringed when she patted BG’s head. The teacher seemed nice and well-intentioned, but pulled in 100 different directions. I kick myself now, but I did consider this place even after the visit, just for BG to socialize. But my gut instinct was “hell no”.

We then visited another preschool under the guise of considering enrolling for fall. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. And then I walked in, and I got all the “warm fuzzies”. The teachers are great. It’s small but they make excellent use of their space. The kids were well behaved and organized, some doing art projects in one room (and I’m not talking scribbles on paper–they were being taught a painting technique employed by a famous artist). In the large playroom another group was playing on a balance maze the teacher had set up. And in another room they were having show-and-tell. I could feel the authenticity and warmth. I told them I wished more than anything that BG could start there, because I wanted her there in the fall and I strongly disliked the chaos of the bigger centers. For her part, BG charmed the art teacher, and when she was offered a spot at the table she happily put on a smock to paint with the other kids without looking back at me. Aaaaand they offered her a spot to start NOW! I was so thrilled and relieved that I bawled when I got in the car, no joke. I will say, it has been challenging for BG. She was placed with “The 4’s”, all of whom turned 4 by September 1st. BG won’t be 4yrs until March, so she is the youngest in the class. She is the same size or bigger than the other kids though (I’m 5’9″ and her dad is 6’6″ so she’s destined to be tall). And she is very well mannered. So far the teachers say she has transitioned “seamlessly”. But I can tell that being in a group of older kids is mentally and physically far more taxing for her. It’s intimidating. But she is learning so much! Her language and communication skills have grown so much just in the last 3 weeks! I’m amazed.

But BG still needs speech therapy. She was evaluated in our previous state this fall and she qualified for services–she has difficulty making certain sounds and can be hard to understand (articulation). So I got her IEP and immediately upon our arrival to new state I began the process of getting her qualified for services here. I meet with the lady to sign off on her new IEP this week and then she can begin services. With her quick progress since starting preschool, I’m very encouraged that she will do well.

I also enrolled BG in a ballet class at a classical ballet school, where she is actually learning proper form and technique (but in a fun and age appropriate way). I adored her last dance teacher but that class was a sh*t show–it was worth it for the social aspect but she didn’t learn anything.

I enrolled BG in indoor soccer, but it’s a joke. They have practice in the basement of a church on a shiny tiled floor that makes it impossible to control the ball. It’s a 20min drive to get there and the “practice” is only about 40min. BG actually has a good foundation from her previous soccer league and I actually think this new league will cause her to regress–they suck that bad. So lesson learned, that was a waste of time and money. We’ll find a better league for spring.

We’ve been to our new local public library and BG has her own library card. We’ve been to storytime and craft at the local B&N. We’ve had a playdate. We’ve been invited to 3 birthday parties (attended 2 and one this weekend). I’ve planned BG’s 4th birthday at a bounce place, ordered custom invites off etsy and bought her presents–we are doing it 2 weeks early because I’m due just a few days before her actual bday. I’m volunteering at her school valentines day party next week. And we have bought tickets to take her to Disney on Ice and the movie “How to train your dragon 3”. I’ve gone to great lengths to create a healthy and fun new routine for BG, and I’m quite proud of what I’ve accomplished on her behalf these past few weeks. Also she has been clingy and moody, which is to be expected with all these changes, and I have given her all the compassion, patience, love and encouragement. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes I have to pause and dig deep to meet her where she’s at–but I am proud to say I have. And our bond is very strong.

For Mr. MLACS’s part, this new job has been great for him mentally, physically and spiritually. He was truly miserable in his last position. But he seems to have hit his stride with his career and he is in a sweet spot with excellent mentors and peers. I am SO happy for him! In turn, he has been very thoughtful and loving towards me. He sent me my favorite flowers “for no reason”, has bought me all sorts of things to make my pregnancy and postpartum more comfortable, has started ordering grocery service to spare me the time and trouble, has addressed my “honey do” list (which is immense since we just moved), encourages me to take care of myself, tells me how beautiful I am, and has basically been a “dream husband”–I feel very loved and cared for, and couldn’t ask for more. Oh! And he had 2lbs of chocolate covered strawberries delivered from my favorite hometown candy shop! Food is my true love language lately. He only had one and I ate the rest. He also ordered BG rainbow roses to accompany a rainbow bear from build a bear–her first flowers–for valentine’s day ❤ This is in addition to two stuffed dragon characters he ordered from build a bear that we’ll surprise her with when we take her to the movie.

Mr. MLACS has also been taking great care of himself, cooking his healthy meals, packing his lunches, going to his doctors appointments, and he just started a program called “Diamond Dave’s yoga”–I’m impressed! I never thought I’d see the day that my husband would buy a yoga mat!

As far as my pregnancy goes, I found an OBGYN that I like. He and the MFM have given their blessing for me to have a vaginal birth. Baby is measuring healthy and she is moving around A LOT. She’s a freaking ninja! BG was way more chill en utero. One cool feature of my OB office is they have a drop-in playcare that is very secure and the ladies are great–BG had a fantastic time while I was at my last OBGYN visit! I have another one today. I believe he’ll check my cervix and effacement, which will suck but good info to have. I had braxton hicks last weekend and Mr. MLACS was almost convinced I was going into labor. They f*ing hurt and were coming every 10 min for about an hour, but stopped. I don’t feel ready for baby to come yet–I need to finish nesting. Last week BG and I had a cold and I was exhausted and felt like crap, so it was a maddeningly unproductive week. Plus preschool, ballet, soccer, etc. were canceled due to the freezing temps. My skin revolted and I had to go to the Dermatologist and get meds for blepharitis, rosacea, and peri-oral dermatitis. My whole face was bright red and painful. Luckily the meds worked, the headcold and the freezing temps abated, and I’m back in the game this week. I also had an EFT tapping session with my guru yesterday, which clears out negative emotions/blocks and gives me peace, clarity and energy. Icve been awake since 4:30am, no coffee, and I feel great.

I’ve written a book! More later on how I hired a sibling doula for when I give birth, how we narrowly avoided a disaster by moving, and other random sh*t.



4 thoughts on “35 Weeks, Settling In

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so happy to hear everything has been going so well! And girl, I honestly don’t know how you’re doing all of that with BG being super pregnant- you’re the mother of the year, for sure! If you don’t blog until after delivery, I wish you a very quick and safe delivery ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wow, sounds like you’re keeping really busy. I don’t think I could do all that when not pregnant 😊. I’m glad to hear that it seems like everyone is settling in well after the move.

  3. Sounds like this move has been pretty positive. I’m glad things are going better, you’ve had it pretty rough during the recent past. Looking forward to hearing about the safe arrival of your little girl and how the transition goes!

  4. lovely update! Sounds like you are all settling in well there. We viewed two daycare places here. The first didn’t give me a great feeling, I’m not even that sure why but the second we loved and we have been offered a place there. It’s also really close to where we live which is handy! It’s so important to go with your gut feeling about these things

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