Well, I’ve made it to 11 weeks! The nausea has slowly been subsiding and I am just an eating machine now–some of it is bad–nutella on gluten-free graham crackers and ice cream. And some of it is good–I’m so happy I can eat salads again!

I had my 11 week appointment on Wednesday, and obviously it went well or this post would have a different tone.

First, I got to hear baby’s heartbeat on the doppler. It took my OB a minute to find it and I was nervous, but when I finally heard it my heart melted and I turned to look at Mr. MLACS with a huge smile on my face.

Then we talked about doing an NT scan and the Harmony test. Apparently new protocol is to do one or the other, whereas in 2014 when I had testing on BG the protocol was to do both. I was perplexed because I wanted the Harmony test, but I also desperately wanted to see my baby on the ultrasound. Honestly I needed that ultrasound, to make it feel real and to believe that everything is ok. So I told my OB how I was feeling and he said he’d make up a reason for me to go have the ultrasound, but without the NT scan. So Mr. MLACS and I went to the ultrasound techs and told them the deal, which they were totally cool with. And one of them was practicing to be NT certified, but unfortunately the baby didn’t cooperate for measurements, which was fine. But baby looked great! Like a real little human with head/body/arms/legs! It appears that I am carrying a healthy baby and I pray that in a few months my BG will be a big sister ❤

After my appointment (which took forever) Mr. MLACS and I went to lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant–my choice. I was happy that skeptical Mr. MLACS really enjoyed his lunch, because I loooove Vietnamese food and I want it to be an option for date nights.

After lunch, we had to go see Mr. MLACS’s Cardiologist. This is always nerve-wracking for us because we never know what he/they are going to say. The news was not bad, but not good. He still is not cleared to drive for another month. Which is not a huge deal, but it would make life easier.

Moreover, he still needs to lose a good 50-60lbs before he is elligible for any type of life-saving surgery. This is scary, because if his heart started to fail tomorrow, they wouldn’t operate on him due to his weight/BMI. And he would certainly be too weak to do anything about it at that point. So he HAS to lose more weight. He has plateaued lately, due to not paying attention to eating (skipping meals/snacks and eating too much later in the say) because he has been working non-stop and has not been making it to the gym since we got back from Hawaii. I feel bad, because I have needed his help since I’ve been pregnant/sick and BG and our dog desperately want his time and attention, so he is spread very thin. I cannot help him–he has to tell work to f*ck off but he won’t. I told him to walk–I have money (although health insurance is a thing) but he persists. We are looking at a job opportunity, but they are not offering a competetive salary (in fact the offer was insulting) so I don’t know if it will be viable.

Plus BG just started preschool here and loves it. I have mom friends and a great babysitter. We love our house. We have great doctors. And I’m about to have the chaos of an infant and a toddler. So staying put for now would be so much easier. And there’s no promise that this next job would suck less than the current job.

So I’m happy, but still stressed. I am having PTSD because we are approaching the 1yr anniversary of Mr. MLACS’s cardiac arrest–the worst day of my life. And we still don’t have resolution or reassurance that the worst is behind us–maybe it’s not. His arrest happened at THE worst possible time (when I was deathly ill and awaiting surgery). His first heart failure hospitalization/diagnosis/near death experience happened at the other most vulnerable time of my life, when I was 32 weeks pregnant with BG. So if history repeats, he’ll probably drop dead since I’m pregnant and have a small child. I know I’ll be ok if the worst occurs, because I definitely considered all the “what if’s” before TTC (I have anxiety so I’m a pro at conjuring worst-case scenarios).

Lately I’m trying to pray for and imagine what I DO want, instead of all the scary/awful things I don’t want. Basically I’m trying to harness the power of positive thinking, which is actually really hard for me because of my anxiety and PTSD. But I’m trying.



19 thoughts on “Appointments

  1. Oh my dear sweet friend. They say the wolf that wins is the one you feed but in this case your worries aren’t just dreamt up anxieties about what could go wrong. You have dealt with some VERY real shit in the last few years! Very real. It’s a wonder you’re as together as you are. But you’re strong AF, you’re an amazing wife and mama and prego. I love you. I also believe in you, your family, and the power of positive thinking! Keep trying to focus on the good thoughts. I will too (as hard as it fucking is!).

  2. I’m glad things are going well with your pregnancy! But what a stressful situation with your husband. I hope he is able to continue on his path toward health so he can get that surgery. I cannot imagine how scary everything you’ve been through has been and I hope the unthinkable does not happen. Hugs!

  3. I’m glad to hear that overall things are going fairly well – being pregnant is stressful enough without the additional thoughts / problems. Hopefully now that the nausea is subsiding you will be able to enjoy things a bit more!

    • Thank you! We are out of routine and I have been waiting to find out if we’d be moving for a new job. I haven’t seen any mom friends (my 2 favs moved) and I’m quite lonely/isolated since I’ve been sick and Mr. MLACS has been working late + weekends. I need to regroup. XOXO

  4. Mercy! I can understand why you have anxiety and PTSD! This is a lot to handle but you are doing a good job working through all of this and trying to stay positive. God is with you and He will never leave you or forsake you. Sending you love! Oh, and I’m so glad you made it to 11 weeks and had such a great appointment with baby. That’s amazing! XOXO

  5. As always I am in awe of your strength in the face of so many challenges. Obviously I’m so relieved to hear that baby is growing well. And I desperetly hope all your worse nightmares (which are completely legitimate and real) do not come true.

  6. I’m glad your appointment went so well and you, Vietnamese food! I hope your husband’s health continues to improve; that sounds so worrying for you all. My own husband is pretty bad about telling work where to go as well :/

  7. That is really really scary about your husband’s health especially with a baby on the way. Weight loss surgery isn’t an option?
    I’m so glad the pregnancy is going smoothly. Hugs and good health to you and your family. I find I get easily stressed when prego so your husband’s health issues can’t be easy for you to deal with now.

    • Actually weight loss surgery is an option now–his Cardiologist said that now that he has healthy eating habits it is an option, but we didn’t discuss it much. I know Mr. MLACS would rather not, and now is not a good time to push the issue since he’s overwhelmed by his work. But believe me, I will bring it up if/when the time is right. XO

  8. Sending the best positive vibes I can. I know it’s hard to stay positive with so many worries on your plate, but I hope for the best for you and your family. I felt so happy reading about your husband’s smile when he heard the the heartbeat. So wonderful.

    Your baby is getting bigger and bigger. A few more months and they’re here.

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