My BG is three! She turned 3 in March. This is a recent photo of her picking strawberries at a local farm.

She is my pride and joy ❤❤❤

Let me tell you about what makes my kid so special…

She is very kind and thoughtful and gentle–she’ll give her friends a hug if they cry. She is always happy to help. She’s polite, always says please and thank you. She is very kind to our animals and treats them like family–I love watching her play with Koa puppy or softly pet Kitty.

She loves books! We love to read, and she has memorized some books (not word-for-word, but close enough) and will “read” them to me. She also loves to draw, paint, play playdoh, and do any sort of art project I can come up with. We have a vast selection of sidewalk chalk, so our sidewalk is never boring (word to the wise though–get rid of the black chalk because nothing good can come of it). I framed one of her recent paintings because I love it so much ❤

She can count to 20 orally (but doesn’t recognize the numbers yet). She can sing her ABC’s and can recognize her letters. She chatters non-stop and has started to ask A LOT of questions. She knows how to express her emotions and can be verrrry dramatic (which makes me laugh–she gets that from me). She has started to assert herself by saying “No!” and “I don’t want to!” when she does not agree with me. We argue and yell at each other and then we make-up–she’ll say “I’m sorry mommy, you not mad anymore?” and I’ll say “I’m sorry too and I’m not mad, are you mad?” and she’ll say no, and we’ll hug it out.

I let her watch a lot of cartoons, but they are all educational–no nickelodeon or cartoon network. She still loves Daniel Tiger (a perennial favorite) but she also likes Caillou (I don’t), Doc McStuffins, Clifford, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Llama llama, Pinkalicious, and her newest obsession–Spirit. We watch movies too, and she loves Brave, Pete’s Dragon, Sing, How to Train Your Dragon, Polar Express, Frozen (yes, she sings “Let it Go” on repeat), Leap, Moana (my fav), Zootopia, Pets, and plenty of others. We do family movie night in bed on Friday and/or Saturday night, and we all love it ❤ We bought her a kids kindle tablet for Christmas, but she doesn’t play games on it very often, and I’m glad she isn’t interested in that and chooses to play pretend with her toys and play dress up, etc.

BG loves to dress up! She has plenty of princess dresses, ballet tutu’s, crowns, wands, wings, hats, plastic high heels (how are these even legal? but she loves them). I smile every time I hear the “clip clop clip clop” of her heels on the hardwood floor and look up to see her in full regalia with her crown, a floor-length princess dress with fluffy layers of sparkly tulle and a wand in-hand. There’s nothing better!

She’s literally off-the-charts tall. At her 3yr check up she measured 42 inches tall and the CDC chart for her age only goes up to 41 inches (no surprise as I am 5’9″ and her dad is 6’6″ tall). BG has excellent motor skills and hand/eye coordination, and this combined with her height and the fact that Mr. MLACS and I love sports and play sports with her nearly guarantees her future as an athlete. So far she goes to Little Gym, soccer and swimming, but I want her to try everything and find her niche–something(s) she loves.

Since we (finally) moved into our dream home and it has a big backyard, we put up a swingset with a slide for BG and also a very nice wooden playhouse adjacent to it. She loves playing in our backyard! We have her friends and neighbors over to play, too. We still go to parks, but not as often now that we have this great set up. We also bought her a nice bouncy house for her 3rd birthday, which delights her. BG got a minnie mouse bike with training wheels from Santa Claus and she is super fast on it! She is a good sport and wears her helmet too, even though most of the neighbor kids don’t wear them.

Oh here’s a BIG milestone–BG is potty trained! I was so stressed out about it but we’ve done it gradually and she really has the hang of it–she’s even pooping on the potty now! Not gonna lie, I bribed her with hatchimal toys, jewelry, candy, and whatever else I could coerce her with. But hey, it worked! She still wears pull-ups at night though, and 50/50 if she wakes up dry, mostly owing to her bedtime stall-tactic of saying “I’m thirsty mommy!” and then slowly drinking an entire glass of water just before bed 😏 She’s a smart little cookie.

I think BG is the most charming child ❤ She still loves to lay on us and cuddle–she rarely spends a full night in her own bed and usually ends up sleeping between us in our bed (we don’t mind). She loves dinosaurs and dragons as much as she loves twirly dresses and sparkly jewelry. She loves being barefoot and digging in the dirt. She loves chapstick and bubble baths. She gives and receives love constantly, fluidly–she is a conduit of love. And I love her with every fiber of my being. I love her with my heart and soul.

I love her endlessly, what more can I say?❤





3 thoughts on “Three

  1. She’s a doll. How lovely she sounds from your description of her. What a beautiful heart she has!
    Bless her, bless her. And congratulations on the potty training part, lol. I see a big struggle in that department with my son and it looks like we have along way to go phew!
    Love you two’s bonding too. Bless you both.

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