“As the legend goes, when the Phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before”–Danielle LaPorte

In 2017…I lost my house to a fire, my health to Crohn’s disease (and subsequently my colon to a colectomy, my hair to Stelara, and my mind to Prednisone), and last–but certainly not least–I lost my husband to a SCA (sudden cardiac arrest).

Luckily, I got them all back.

My house has been repaired, my health recovered, and my husband resurrected.

And I lived through it all, with as much grace and courage and dignity as I could muster.

I have scars, both inside and out.

But I feel so proud of myself.

So at peace with myself.

Strong. Confident. Determined.

I have walked through the flames.

I will rise from these ashes.

More beautiful than before–not in vain–but rather, a beauty of essence. Of spirit. Of soul.

In 2018, I will emerge, radiant.




13 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. I love the image you painted here. but I feel compelled to tell you that I believe you are already radiant!!! Your ability to survive and even thrive while facing everything you faced in 2017 has truly been inspirational to me (and others). And while I look forward to seeing what emerging radiant means to you, I firmly believe you are already radiant! ❤
    Wishing you the most amazing 2018 filled with so much happiness and love.

    • You made me think MPB–why do I feel “dull” (like covered in ashes) and not “radiant” (yet)? And I suppose I have this vision in my head of how I want to look and things I want to accomplish. And also, I feel kind of like a baby giraffe when it comes to my ostomy (I need to get traction with that) and then be more “visible” with it (like, work it, own it) and reach out to help people by sharing my experience. I’m almost off the prednisone but I still don’t look or feel good. But I am confident that I can and will reinvent myself and be happy with the result! Much love ❤ XO

  2. Beautiful post. I know it’s old, but I remember reading this back when you posted. I thought I had commented before. I like the fighting image you paint. You keep getting kicked down by something, but you get up and continue the fight. I want to be tough like you. I’m not sure I could be so strong through all you’ve been through.

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