The “C” Word

I have recently discovered Claudia’s blog about her life with Crohn’s disease–she is SO witty and SO blatantly honest and if you know me (as some of you do) then you know I like her style. So I’m re-blogging her latest blog. As for me, I’m just sitting here waiting for someone to call me back for my Stelara infusion…


On Fridays, during lent, I would make my family linguine with clams. For those of you who are not Italian, it’s a big dish in the Italian culture. Both my girls loved it. The 2011 Easter and lenten season would be a memorable one…for the whole family. While my kids were feasting on their linguine, […]

via Linguine and Clams and my first fissure! — THE “C” WORD


4 thoughts on “The “C” Word

  1. I think I just figured out how to leave a comment. I hope I’m leaving a comment on your blog and not mine. Lol. Thank you for sharing. You are a doll. I am trying to find your name so I can send you a request on Facebook. You stay well, girl. Keep fighting the fight

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