California L❤ve (plus an update)


So we had an absolutely WONDERFUL time in California! Steph and I are old college buddies (HPU Sea Warrior alumni) and we stayed with Steph’s family (see Steph’s blog HERE and follow her on instagram @stephmignon) and Steph fed us and entertained us and her house is beautiful but it also felt like home and not a museum and our kids adored each other and it was such a treat to see her and spend time with her family in the intimacy of her home. Like, it just couldn’t have been more perfect. Steph–you are my favorite ❤!

And get this! I got to meet Jo from My Hope Jar (click HERE to check her out)! I was privileged to meet her family and she got to meet mine and truly we did not have enough time together but it was lovely and really comfortable because it’s like we already know each other from the blogs. I didn’t feel nervous about making an impression because Jo *knows* how cray I am and still made time to meet up with me. Love you Jo!

Both of these ladies are beautiful and kind and real class acts. I’m very proud to call them my friends.

Disneyland far exceeded our expectations–BG absolutely lost her sh*t over Minnie Mouse at “Mickey’s Surf’s Up! Character Breakfast”. It was a buffet and there was plenty of gluten-free stuff I could eat–scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and breakfast potatoes. But then you can also special-order gluten free pancakes, so *of course* I had to try them and they were marvelous! I did feel a little twinge of disappointment that they were “regular” pancakes while the buffet had waffles in the shape of a Mickey mouse head, but I am 37 years old and need to get over it. FYI, all the food was delicious. BG hugged and kissed and danced with Minnie and Mickey and my heart swelled so big I thought I might actually die of the preciousness. She lit up every time Minnie visited her and she cried and reached out for Minnie every time Minnie left our table. I was stunned by her fangirl reaction. And the thought occurred to me that she might love Minnie mouse more than me–that’s how gaga BG was over her. We wheeled her away from breakfast in her stroller with the promise that we would see Minnie again, but it was her (Minnie’s) naptime. BG was seriously pouting and really could’ve used a nap herself.

It was overcast and kind of cool outside, which was *ideal* weather for us because I can’t handle the sun and Mr. MLACS doesn’t prefer the heat. The weather was like this the entire trip and everyone kept apologizing that we weren’t getting the “beach weather” we had expected but honest-to-God I was very content with the cool weather and gray skies. The South is hot and humid these days and I can hardly stand it.

Let me just condense the Disney trip and say that we walked around and we rode the carousel and BG played at Goofy’s playhouse but we didn’t bother to stand in line to ride any rides–BG does not have the patience and she was already overwhelmed and overstimulated. We took her to build-a-bear and made a stuffed Minnie mouse that cost like $60 and of course BG gives no f*cks about stuffed Minnie and is instead obsessed with a Minnie mouse ink pen, a mini pink cell phone, and a couple other junky little overpriced trinkets.

BG fell asleep in her stroller for a bit and Mr. MLACS and I celebrated our awesomeness as parents for the “home run” at Disneyland and it was actually very romantic–I now see why people do Disney as a couple. We left on cloud nine, albeit exhausted.

Another thing I love about California–Disneyland included–is that there are a lot of Starbucks. I had a lot of coconut milk chai tea lattes while on vacation. And Steph made some strong starbucks coffee every morning and even though I knew better I still had some. Because vacation.

I also ate stuff I shouldn’t have eaten and that was no bueno. I now realize I “glutened” myself at least 2x by eating mochi from whole foods–I thought mochi was just rice flour but then looked at the ingredients on a box of mochi at Trader Joe’s yesterday and it very clearly said “wheat flour”, which would explain the horrible gas and bloating. I can’t believe I was so irresponsible! Stupid stupid stupid. I felt bad blowing up Steph’s guest bathroom, but she pretended not to notice (thanks Steph).

My colon was reasonably well behaved while on vacation but by the end of the week I was feeling pretty rough from all the food and activity (and apparently, gluten). I was hurting by the time I left. And SO BLOATED. OMG. I am still up 6lbs from when we left and I think 3lbs of it is in my *face*–I have “moon face” from the prednisone so bad that I almost don’t recognize myself. It’s awful. But I still took plenty of photos and just tried to get angles that made my face look less pudgy–not an easy task.

And this makes me feel desperate to get off the prednisone–I’m having way more side effects since adding the 6MP a couple weeks ago. I feel polluted. And I got some blood test results from IBD Specialist while in Cali and they weren’t good. My Humira trough level is still at *2* and needs to be at least a *5* to make any real impact. It’s not going to happen.

I have officially *failed* Humira.

That is utterly disappointing and I’m freaked out because I said I’ll try Stelara and then if it fails I’m done with drug therapy and having surgery.

It feels surreal. Like how did I even get here? 6 months ago surgery was the furthest thing from my mind.

I have to make the 4hr round trip to the city to see IBD Specialist’s Nurse Practitioner this Friday. I have to take BG too, which is SO convenient when I’m trying to talk to a doctor (sarcasm). Although, I took her with me to the dermatologist on Monday and she was good as gold–but their office is great–big, clean, no waiting, lots of tv’s.

So guys this is it. I’m going to try Stelara and if it doesn’t work I’m about 90% sure I’ll have a permanent illeostomy before the end of the year.

Glad I took my colon to Disneyland when I had the chance because I’m pretty sure it’s about to RIP.















5 thoughts on “California L❤ve (plus an update)

  1. Hope your colon enjoyed the trip to Disneyland then! 😉 In all seriousness I hope that you will have a good response from the Stellara then to put off the illeostomy for longer. Glad you had a fun trip and met up with some blogger friends. Sorry about the hidden gluten. I’m lactose intolerant and it drives me mad when there is hidden dairy in stuff. Though sometimes it’s also my own fault for reading the ingredients wrong. In my case, it’s often in German here so that’s my excuse! x

  2. Oh well since it’s in German you can’t be held responsible! I, on the other hand, threw caution to the wind. In retrospect I don’t know what I was thinking–I’m guessing was hungry and when I’m hungry I make bad decisions. Anyhow, thanks so much for the well wishes! XOXO

  3. Glad that you, your family, and your colon had a blast.

    That surgery sounds pretty serious. Are you going to lose your colon?

    Intestinal problems are rough. Mine almost killed me three years ago when my intestine decided to take a vacation and stop working entirely. :/

    But glad yours gave you a break to enjoy Disneyland.

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