All Drama, ALL the time

My brand new Southern dream house burned down.

Our parish and all the others have been ravaged by floods and we are living in a disaster area (yes, we are moving to Baton Rouge, I don’t even care about my anonymity right now). I can’t even explain how awful it is. Pray for Louisiana.

Then today CVS pharmacy called to tell me that my Pentasa, which I take 10 of per day for my Ulcerative Colitis, will cost $1200 per month, and I have to pay 25% of the cost. And there is not a single equivalent medication covered by my insurance. In fact, Ulcerative Colitis is not even on the list of covered illnesses for which “preventive medicines” are allowed. But get this–Louisiana Medicaid covers Pentasa with a copay of $5.

I am literally thinking about divorcing my husband in order to obtain adequate medical coverage.

This is so beyond f*cked up.

Mr. MLACS and I bought the best insurance plan his company offers–it’s not cheap. We looked over the plan carefully and it said $60 copay for brand names and like $20 for generic. Nowhere did it say “But only if it’s on our list”.

What if I needed one of the infusion medications, like Entyvio? Those infusions are about $30,000 each and must be given every few weeks. These infusions were the whole reason Mr. MLACS and I got secretly married 6 months before our actual wedding–because I was sick and afraid my illness could bankrupt us.

The drama just never ends.

I just don’t even know how much more I can take.


15 thoughts on “All Drama, ALL the time

  1. I’m sorry lady! The whole prescription business pisses me off. If you have a good insurance plan you shouldn’t have to pay out your butt for meds! Does your time line for moving get changed now because of the floods?

    • We secured our rental home just before the flood happened, and we were slated to move in Sept. 1st, so it really hasn’t affected us since neither our dream house nor our rental house flooded (thank God). I was supposed to go out and visit last weekend, and that of course didn’t happen due to floods.

      I’m proud of Mr. MLACS–he was part of the “Cajun Navy” that was rescuing people. For my part, I am rounding up donations to take with us. These folks lost everything 😦

  2. How awful! I’m so sorry this is happening to you. We have a lot of drama happening in our family too and I keep saying to my husband, “I can’t handle anymore. I can’t do it.” …And then somehow, I do. But every new, awful thing feels harder than the last because of the weight of all the other awful things I’m trying to manage. I really, really feel for you. And am praying this all gets so much easier for you soon. xo

    • Oh sweets, I’m sorry to hear you are on the “drama train” too. It takes energy and focus to be a good parent eve on a good day, and with all these distractions lately I have had to work hard to stay upbeat and engaged with BG–I know you understand. Hugs ❤

  3. When it rains, it pours. I can’t stand the insurance companies – it seems like they are only in it for themselves and want to gouge all the rest of us just to make a buck! They have way too much power. 😦 I’m sorry you’re impacted by the floods – it looks horrific 😦

    • The insurance companies suck, but they are not at the top of the proverbial “food chain”–it’s the f*cking pharmaceutical companies that really rake us over the coals.

      But yeah, poor Baton Rouge got pummeled and can you just imagine losing everything–traumatized by being trapped and rescued and shuffled from shelter to shelter for however long, and then having to go home–still in shock–and pick up a shovel to haul everything to the curb? I mean, I can imagine it because I felt it when my house burned a couple weeks ago, but at least I didn’t lose any of my belongings and I didn’t have to be rescued or sheltered, and I don’t have to clean it up. I hurt for them. XOXO ❤

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