Gone With The Wind


Our Southern dream home–that kitchen I posted a pic of in my previous “Heading South” post–it’s gone with the wind.

There was a fire.

We are still in shock.

It happened Monday afternoon and I still have to wake up and ask myself if this really happened.

Mr. MLACS had returned to the Midwest after being away for a month (working at his new job in the South). We were expecting the movers on Wednesday. I had just returned from what I thought was my last trip to my local target store. I bought BG her first baby doll (a wee stella doll) and a stroller, and she was obsessed–we were giggling as she pushed the stroller around and cussed me in gibberish when I tried to help.

We were blissfully unaware that our world was about to turn upside down.

And then our realtor called, and I saw Mr. MLACS’s smile twist into a look of horror and panic.

Our realtor said the fire department had called her and informed her there was a fire. And she was on her way there.

We clung to the hope, “Maybe it’s not that bad”.

There were flurries of phone calls to various entities and finally, pictures sent to us via text.

It was THAT bad.

One entire side of the house was burnt to a crisp and damage throughout. And the chilling part was…

The fire started above what would have been BG’s bedroom.

I was holding it together until I imagined losing my precious baby or my pets to this fire. Or my husband. Oh Lord, no. I feel physical pain at the thought of how tragic this could have been.

It feels like one of those nightmares where you’re falling and falling and just waiting to hit the ground. It’s the worst feeling.

We are grieving. There is no other way to describe it. We are going through the stages of grief.

We break down, compose ourselves, and put one foot in front of the other. Over and over.

It appears to have been faulty wiring. Specifically, an issue that was *previously flagged as a safety hazard during inspection* and supposedly corrected. Our homeowners insurance is going to go after the builder’s insurance. This could get ugly, and we are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Ultimately, it looks like we’ll be completely tearing it down and rebuilding it.

The tentative plan is to find temporary housing and resume moving house ASAP. But for now, myself, BG, and the pets are staying at our home in the Midwest, and poor Mr. MLACS has had to return to the South by himself to deal with this situation and go back to work.

We are SO sick of living apart and we need each other right now. This sucks.

This whole situation is emotionally draining.


We are so so so very fortunate that we were not in the house at the time of the fire. We are all ok.

None of our things were there either, save for a couple (brand new) mattresses and about $6k worth of new appliances we had purchased and delivered just a week ago. These things can be replaced.

None of our stuff was even packed, because we were waiting for the movers to come pack it on Wednesday (today).

There was definitely a guardian angel(s) looking out for us–my Mom, for sure, and I feel there were others.

And it is heartwarming that so many friends have reached out to us, to check on us and offer help. What’s more, the small community we are moving to has been very supportive–everyone we know and many complete strangers have helped us and offered to help and support us in any way possible.

It brings a tear to my eye. Tears of joy at the good in this world. That people care.

I’ve found true friends already and I don’t even live there.

This is another blessing in disguise, just like all my other trials in life.










19 thoughts on “Gone With The Wind

  1. Oh no, how completely awful! I am so sorry that this happened, and thank God (angels, your mother) that you were not moved in yet. Good luck with the rebuild and recovering from the builders’ insurance — sounds like it was 100% their fault.

  2. I’m so sorry to read this. What a complete nightmare. I hope you manage to find somewhere nearby to rent soon while the house is rebuilt so you don’t have to be apart too much longer xx

  3. I am stunned and shaken at this news. You’ve had to handle so many house-related crises in your life and it seems so unfair that you keep having to wait to reunite with your husband….this must be incredibly painful! And anxiety-provoking! You are focusing on the positive–so strong. I’m beyond glad you were not there when this happened. The thought makes me want to throw up. You’re safe. Baby girl is safe. Pets are safe. Husband safe. Deep breath. The patience required of you right now is just mind-boggling.

    • You know, I have my moments where I feel the weight of it (like when BG is pitching a fit and I snap at her to quit it because I’m at the end of my rope). But generally, I’m ok. I need to do more tapping though. And stop waking up at 4am and then not getting back to sleep. XOXO

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