Hey Ladies!

I’m excited to share with you that I’ve started a new blog! Check me out at mummymenagerie(.com)! My first post is a tutorial on an Ikea table that I upcycled for BG’s birthday. It’s kind of a big deal to me that I was able to accomplish this project, and also it is a milestone in my PPA journey–doing this project helped me.

Can you believe she’ll be a year old next month?!

It feels surreal.

BG is growing and changing at warped speed these last few weeks. She’s now feeding herself and just this week she started drinking water from a sippy cup! We own at least 6 different kind of cups and I found 2 she can use, but of those there is a clear winner. I might just have to do a post about cups on mummymenagerie–it’s *that* serious.

BG babbles in a conversational tone and uses wild hand gestures. It’s adorable. One of my favorite things is when I’m busy on one side of the kitchen, where she can’t see me, and I can peek over the breakfast bar and catch her giving a speech.

We now have tea parties at her table, complete with a little pink wooden tea set and fancy hats. BG has obviously studied me making coffee in the mornings (without fail, FIRST thing I do when we get out of bed) and she is very serious about using her little wooden spoon to stir her imaginary creamer into her little wooden tea cup. I am SO proud.

I like to have lunch out with friends 1-2x per week, and BG loves to *do lunch* and is quite social. Most often I get soup and we share it–she even likes coconut chicken curry!

There’s really nothing she won’t eat. Our new favs are Dr. Praeger’s brand–both the spinach dinosaurs and the zuchinni/carrot patties are scrumptious. We also really like Udi’s sweet potato ravioli. She doesn’t eat a lot of meat, but she still gets plenty of protein.

I’m excited for her birthday party–I’m going big. We’re definitely moving away (from my hometown) at the end of April, and since I’ve been such a hermit many of my friends haven’t even met BG. So it seems like the right time to get everyone together. I am keeping it top secret for now but I’ll post about it afterwards!

We’re in bed and she’s curled up next to me…

Have I mentioned how grateful I am?

For her. For Mr. MLACS. For our furbabies. For this life.

I am so grateful. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude. I thank God every.single.day.

Yes, life is hard. But it’s beautiful.





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