So, you know how I’ve been all “OMG my PPA is neeeeeverrrrr going away and I feel like a freak!” Crying tears of angst as I lay awake staring at the ceiling.

And then yesterday I was all euphorically thankful for my perfect baby and my lovely husband and our fur-babies. Crying tears of joy as I played on the floor and watched the Macy’s parade with my mini.

Then today…woke up *exhausted*, like had to lay there for a few while my kid smacked me around…stumble into the bathroom, pee, *wipe*-there’s BLOOD but not sure which end it’s coming from, check again…

Yep. I started my f*cking period. First one since May of 2014. SMH. This explains *eveything*.



11 thoughts on “Whoremones

  1. This stuff makes us crazy!!! I’m pretty placid during pregnancy – forgetful as all hell – so no wonder I’m mellow. But I’m already bracing myself for post partum. I was cray on ivf meds and I get loopy with pms, so I’m guessing post partum hormones will be a rocket!

    • Yes, I was pretty chill during pregnancy. And yes, PMS and IF meds made me nutty. And obvs, postpartum has been a real *walk on the wild side* for me, so yes, you probably ought to warn your husband that you’ll be a touch batsh*t crazy–but he should never ever ever tell you that. I have threatened divorce multiple times postpartum when Mr. MLACS even dared to roll his eyes, act annoyed, or suggested I was overreacting. XOXO

  2. I’ve found post partum hormones to be interesting. Right around my one month mark, two zits appeared on my chin (I haven’t had a zit since I got prego!) and I had a major Mommy Meltdown. My lochia flow picked up and I even passed a few clots. Now it’s back to barely there. I’m definitely dreading my first real period down the road. Good on Mr. MLACS for being a strong support and clearly level headed enough to see through the whoremones.

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