Crazy Inspired (Inspired Crazy?)

Out of the blue I bought a jogging stroller and started jogging (I haven’t done anything but walking or yoga in…18 months?) It felt GREAT. I wasn’t even sore! Tackling this fitness goal has increased my confidence 1000x and I have some of my swagger back. I still suck at jogging but now I have this big fancy stroller to hide behind (it looks cumbersome but is light as a feather) and it gives me some street cred.

Then today I went to the beauty salon for the first time in…at least 10 months. Mr. MLACS was nearby with BG and I did end up nursing her while my hair was in foils and I was sitting under the dryer (so I can cross that off my bucket list). I haven’t left her alone with him at all in 4 months (like not even to take a shower) because she FREAKS out. Today they did great! BG did fuss but not in a panic, just complaining. She has taken a genuine interest in Mr. MLACS and I love watching them play and bond…but I digress…

Did I mention my hair has been falling out by the handful?

Yeah, it’s been lovely–thank you, *whoremones*.

I’ve been wearing it in a bun 24/7 since about 4 months PP because I shed more than the cat and dog *combined*. You should see some of the hairballs I’ve amassed. So gross. I’ve always worn it long and “high maintinence” but lately it’s been looking pretty low-class so…

2015-11-12 21.41.01

I told my friend/stylist to chop it off today, and here I am at least 8 inches shorter and I LOVE IT! I asked her for a long bob and she delivered (see my avant garde picture). I would usually agonize over this decision (and then not go through with it) so I must say that I surprised myself! I can still do a ponytail but now it works great to tuck it behind my ears too–the goal is to wear it down more.

I bought new clothes! I have been looking SO ragged in my VS sweatpants and random shirts (whatever is clean that fits–still nursing so boobs are big and still have a tummy). I’d like to thank the hipsters for inventing “lumberjack chic”, because I really love my new flannel shirts and Sorel boots. With my “lob” (long bob) and new clothes I will actually look appropriate and on-trend. Seriously–I was avoiding mirrors and had almost given up on myself. I bought some new cold weather workout gear too.

To top off my “transformation”…I was standing in line to pay at target and this older woman ahead of me squealed and came after BG (I was babywearing her outward facing in the ergo 360). First she touched her foot. I stepped back a bit. She kept talking. Then she touched her hand. I froze. Then she touched BG’s face and I found the courage to say “I’m not comfortable with strangers touching my baby” and I turned and walked to a different line, heart pounding and didn’t look back. This is not the first time a stranger or random acquaintance has touched her, but it’s the first time I addressed the issue directly. I want to protect and teach BG body autonomy, so that she is self-posessing and assertive about her physical boundaries. It starts NOW. And WTF is wrong with people?! Smile. Say hello. Wave. But don’t touch. I wonder what that lady would’ve done if I had rubbed her foot or touched her cheek?! The f*ing nerve of some people. Idiots.

So yeah, I feel like I’m turning over a new leaf, or starting a new chapter, or *insert other metaphor*. I’m getting my “Oprah” on and trying to live my best life.

My daughter is my inspiration ❀



18 thoughts on “Crazy Inspired (Inspired Crazy?)

    • Thank you x2! It is surprisingly difficult to tell people to back off the baby, because *apparently* the status quo is that random strangers (mostly older folks) are allowed to touch other peoples’ babies. I was with Mr. MLACS and wearing BG in the ergo baby, walking briskly through the supermarket, and had a “drive by footing” by some older female employee–even though I tried to dodge her! It’s insane. XOXO

  1. As I said on facebook, gorgeous!!! I love it! It’s funny too because I was getting my hair colored and cut yesterday too!

    I love that you’re running too. Go Momma! Do you have a baby bootcamp stroller fitness program in your area? I recently joined one here and I absolutely love it. I get to get out and meet other moms and also get back in shape at the same time, and all with Archer. And these ladies work hard! I’ve been sore (in a good way) after every class, and I’m seeing results. I’m back to my prepregnancy weight and prepregnancy clothes again! (Disclaimer: I should add that I attribute a lot of my weight loss to breastfeeding. It was hard but I kept doing it until 9 months and I think it really helped. I too still had the post pregnancy tummy until about 6 months and then it started to go away. So hang in there. It will start to go away soon. After that it was just toning and working on those last few stubborn pounds which the class was great for). I’m sure running will be just as good if not better πŸ™‚

    • I want pictures of your new ‘do! We don’t have a stroller fitness franchise here (no stroller strides) but I am thinking of engaging my mommy group and leading them in a weekly or bi-weekly workout, since we all want to be in better shape and I’m a CPT. I wish I could do it with you! You go girl! I tead your blog last night but was too tired to comment but I will! XOXO

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