10 Secret blogs I adore!

Here are a bunch of blogs (ahem, mine included) that you might like to get to know! Most especially my buddy, Steph Mignon at http://www.stephmignon.com

Steph Mignon

You Inspire Me

Someone once said that a good blog is hard to find, and I tend to agree with that. I’m always on the hunt for blogs that hook me, enchant me, and blogs that keep me coming back for more like a good restaurant. But I’m also looking for blog friendships too, people who support my endeavors just like I support theirs. True virtual friends, if you will.

Now by blog, I’m not talking the “professional” types out there, all glossy and shiny with curated, perfectly crafted content. Those are great. They really are. And I know some of us aspire to be more like them, but today I’m going to list, in honor of NanoPoblano, the ones I love because of the beautiful voices that are them. (Note: most of these blogs are not part of the Pepper Parade, but I just had to list them because I love them…

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