Thule Blessed


So I am now the proud owner of a Thule Chariot Cougar 2!

Let me start by saying that I thought Thule was pronounced “Thul” (as in thor with an “ul”). Mr. MLACS got a big kick out of it when he heard me say it, and corrected me that Thule is pronounced “Too-lee”.

I feel it was a blessing that I found an $800 stroller for $200. Too good to be true.

The man selling the stroller lives in the city 2 hours from us, and I asked him in earnest if he would hold the stroller for me until I could come pick it up today. We talked a little bit–I asked him why he was getting rid of the stroller and he said he had given it to his son but his son never used it much. I remarked what a good deal it is, and he said he just wanted rid of it and for another family to appreciate it. He said he’d hold it for me; I thanked him profusely, and right after I hung up I danced a little jig around the living room because I was STOKED!

I was like a kid on Christmas Eve–could hardly wait to jump in the car and go to the city to pick up the stroller. The man was lovely and even had the owners manual for us, which we need because the TCC2 does *everything*. It is a jogging stroller/hiking stroller/bike trailer/cross country skiing trailer. It normally comes with 4 wheels, but he had it rigged with the jogging kit that is sold as an accessory (which is another $100, so really it’s a $900 stroller).


I can take BG out even on the coldest winter day, because the TCC2 is “climate controlled”. She can ride in it until she’s 5 years old, and…

It seats *two*, which means I could continue using it in the event that we succeed in expanding our family (not ttc right now though).

We then went to REI and got the baby seat insert for 6-18 month olds (for babies sitting upright). Scored the last one they had in the store!

So I am “Thule blessed”! (ha ha)

But seriously, I feel all warm and fuzzy about this, like it was meant to be. And I’m very motivated to get my a** in gear and start running again (which I haven’t run in like 4 years, and never in cold weather). I’ve always wanted to be one of those fit mommies who used to pass me pushing a jogging stroller (I’m a 10 minute mile even when I’m in super duper shape–I’m a helluva sprinter though). I feel like this is my chance to fulfill that dream and be the mom I really want to be, for myself and for BG.



20 thoughts on “Thule Blessed

  1. You manage to crack me up when I read you posts. This one is no exception. Great job for scoring a deal! Love deals. πŸ™‚ I hope you will get a lot of good uses out of it for the many years to come with BG and her sibling.

      • I’d say get really good compression tights with some reflective bits, I love new balance and pearl Izumi. I find they keep your legs warm because of the tight weave and your legs feel refreshed too after runs! I find Capri length is best where I live re: cold rain but I think your area is colder so maybe full length? For jackets I like pearl Izumi cycling jackets – they’re oddly more waterproof than running jackets and fit just as close the body. Pearl Izumi has a line with wool that I like cuz it’s warm and never smells!! I like light, tight clothes for running in winter but my hands get cold so I use wool liner gloves. I’m not a hat person except in summer. And if you can find them, the strap on ice bottoms for your shoes are awesome (you put them on over your sneakers). It gets a tiny bit icy here in small patches so I feel more secure on early morning runs. When it’s verifiably icy I stop running. I’m a wuss!

      • This is extremely helpful–thanks for schooling me! I saw Pearl Izumi stuff at REI today and wondered about it, but found myself overwhelmed and unprepared to make a decision since I’m unfamiliar–and this pricey top-of-the-line gear is a commitment.I’m a chicken so I don’t see myself running on ice, maybe just some burpees in the living room instead. XOXO

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