Jogging Strollers (thing I never thought I’d use)


So I’m a former gym rat and I miss working out. I miss my classes and my awesome group of gym girlfriends–it’s hard to see them posting their group selfies on facebook and not feel left behind.

I know, poor me, right?

There is no hot pilates or spin class on the horizon because I still haven’t left BG with anyone, ever, and she still wails if I hand her to anyone except her father, and even then she is only content for a few. I feel like a freak (I’ve said this before) for not being able to leave her yet. My therapist says I’m normal though, so that’s a relief.

Anyways, my compromise is that I’m planning to buy a jogging stroller, since BG does quite well in our travel system stroller (we have the Britax B-Ready). Mr. MLACS tried to get me to buy a BOB, but I was like “Dude, these take up more space than a regular stroller and I don’t even think I’ll use it since I like the gym and it has childcare.”

Well, I probly sealed my fate with that proclaimation because *here I am*, looking to buy another stroller. Dammit.

What I’ve read is that for $$$ priced strollers BOB Revolution and BOB Ironman are the best. But I’m seriously considering the JOOVY 360 because it’s slightly less expensive $$ and compares to the BOB Revolution, except one thing that bothers me is the JOOVY doesn’t have a hand brake and there are some killer hills in my neighborhood. I refuse to spend $$$$ on Phil and Teds or Mountain Buggy, etc. since I don’t even know if I will stick with this. I’ve thought about buying something cheaper $ but it appears that you get what you pay for, and I want shock absorption, a comfy seat for BG, and good tires. I’ve considered buying used but the only ones I’ve seen look worn and they still aren’t super cheap.

So if any of you ladies have any suggestions/reviews of jogger strollers please send ’em my way.




18 thoughts on “Jogging Strollers (thing I never thought I’d use)

  1. The only stroller I have other than the zebra umbrella is a Graco jogging stroller. I haven’t jogged with it once haha! But I’ve done a shit tone of walking and off roading and it’s survived 3 trips to Hawaii and 3 to minnesota in 18 months. Can’t say how it would survive actual jogging though haha. Good luck! I want to know what you buy.

    • The Graco ones are nice too–more versatile for other activities too. Haven’t focused on them because I have just been focusing on the ones that popped up when I googled “best jogging stroller 2015”. The BOB and Joovy popped up–Joovy also popped up as the best jogger for tall parents b/c it accomodates long strides. Gah! And like I even have time to obsess over it!
      BTW, Happy Birthday 🙂 ❤ XOXO

  2. I did a TON of research and tried out our friends joggers when I was still running. My BFF loves the bumble ride (but doesn’t run and wanted to give us hers so I had to step around that delicately) – avoid it! Horrible for running. I tried a joovy, okay. And a graco – worse than the bumblerude. There was another and I am blanking on the name. Also tried a bob, DH tried the bob revolution with his running buddy this weekend, it’s the latest with a handbrake. It’s massive but both the bobs we tried we loved. If you have two strollers and the second one is for jogging I guess it doesn’t ,after too much if it’s big? We also line the revolution because its height adjustable.

    Like you I’m hoping to get back into my gym rat/ running ways when baby is old enough. I know myself: buying $$$ equipment is really motivating to me. Even if all I do is a couple of 10 k walks a week tho, I’ll still feel like I’m getting my $s worth. If I could get back to running 20k a week that’d be awesome 😌😍

    • Omg, “Just a couple 10k walks” *eyes bulging* That’s some serious mileage! You go girl!
      I’m all proud if I can get my 3 miles a day/4-5 days per week (walking w/ the britax). I’m so out of shape. *sigh*
      Thank you for sharing! This really helps. And yeah, I didn’t want a BOB for everyday (trying to navigate in stores) since they’re bulky, but for running the bulk isn’t an issue. They’re just a tad expensive and I’m like “Do I deserve a premium stroller, even though I am not a premium jogger?” Like, would I look like a poser with a BOB? XOXO

      • I bet I’ll be super out of shape post partum. I had all these fantasies of staying in shape while prego that are seriously laughable now. I do a couple of 3-5 km walks a week (1.5 -3.5) and that’s it and it takes a ton of energy 😒. So who knows how my big plans post partum will work out! But I figure DH will definitely use it for running and you and I both deserve good strollers! We’re worth it!

  3. We bought a bob revolution second hand first because I will be running with baby and second because it’s also supposed to be great in snow which we contend with frequently here. I think buying it used made it a good investment. Unfortunately though, I cannot tell you how it is to use as I refuse to take it for a run until we have a child. 🙂

  4. My recommendation is whatever you decide you want, get it second hand. It will save you a lot of money and you can probably find a really nice one–a lot of people think they will need big running strollers and then don’t end up using them that much. Let their mistake be your gain!

  5. We just did this dance with the strollers. We skipped the Bob because they did not offer the adjustable handle, single hand fold and laydown flat feature. We ended up going with the Thule Urban Glide. We love love love this stroller. It’s become our go to for everything and everywhere stroller. Lots of off road walking at this point too not so much running. No handbrake but wont be marathon training. No matter what you do hit up a place with all the strollers and dare and compare them in person. The new Bob has features that rival the Glide but the Bob is still clunky to fold. The Bob seems pretty popular in our town in general. Go to the library story hour and every Mom seems to have one. I think it’s more about comfort for you and the little one. REI was a great place to check out strollers for us. Then there’s always the 20% sales that come up! Cant wait to hear what you end up with.

  6. We bought a 10 year old Bob (for $20!) and it works great. It’s got a fair bit of wear and tear, but the stroller itself still works great. I’d say, even if it looks a little rough around the edges, a used Bob for a good price is a good stroller and two, because it’s such a good stroller you could buy it now sell it when BG is too old for the stroller and still get some decent money for it.

  7. I got a second (third?) hand Quinny jogging stroller with the MT and I still love love love it. So does the MT and baby A, most importantly. I don’t know if Quinny still makes joggers and I don’t know if you have a good craigslist or like forum in your neck of the woods but there’s my lousy two cents for whatever they are worth. I’d go second hand for any of the ones you’ve mentioned – those strollers all last a dog’s age and the crunchy folk love ‘Em so there should be some around. Good luck!

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