Chronic Illness During Flu Season


So, a friend from my mommy group and I had planned a playdate at the library yesterday. But she texted me in the morning saying her son had been up since 2am projectile vomiting and crying. Poor kid. I suggested she call his pediatrician. She got back to me later saying her son has a viral cold and he must’ve picked it up from the baby that was visiting them on Wednesday, since *she knew the baby’s older brother had a cold*. And she hopes BG doesn’t get it but “oh well it’s good for their immune system”…because we just saw them the day before a shared toys so we were obviously exposed.


There is no advantage to an infant being exposed to a virus. With a stuffy nose/sore throat/swollen glands it’s hard to nurse. BG isn’t old enough to blow her nose and those snot-sucker-thingys are crap. And they are not old enough to take *real* cough medicine, only this homeopathic pseudo-remedy junk. So NO, it’s NOT a good idea to expose an infant to a cold or any other virus.

Furthermore, BOTH me and my husband have chronic illnesses. Mr. MLACS almost f*ing DIED last year when a flu virus catapulted his fragile heart into heart failure. My autoimmune diseases kick up every time I have to fight an illness.

So I don’t appreciate my mommy friend making the decision to keep a sick kid and then expose my family without warning, because *to her* a cold is “no big deal”.

I realize that someday I’ll have a kid in school (a veritable ocean of germs) and may unknowingly expose others to illness via my kid. But if *I know* my kid (or anyone in my family–including the pets) is sick, then I *QUARANTINE* them to the best of my ability. Because common courtesy and also *viruses can kill people/animals with compromised immune systems and/or chronic illnesses.

So please be considerate of others this flu season, because while it’s “just a cold” to you, it may be far more dangerous for someone else.

11 thoughts on “Chronic Illness During Flu Season

  1. So far, so good. But gotta wait a few days to see if BG picked up that cold virus. I’m taking echinacea *and* antibiotics so I’m covered. Going to pump the huzz full of echinacea when he returns home next week. He already takes emergen-c packets. Hope you guys stay well too! Cuz ain’t nobody got time fo dat. XOXO

  2. I can’t agree more with this post. My husband’s family is consistently sick. They pass it back and forth. I had to politely decline seeing my in laws on Thanksgiving because they both had colds and I did not want to get one at 40 weeks pregnant. It blows my mind when the ones who are sick don’t consider that though. Stay healthy! Hope BG doesn’t get it

  3. I am so with you on this. Baby A has had three effing colds already and he isn’t even 5 months old. And each time he gets one I get a flare of inflammation from my stupid immune system. Thanks but no thanks!

  4. Have you tried Nosefrida or are you opposed? That thing has literally saved my existence. I know that’s really not the point of this post at all but in the future… it makes life soooo much easier! Those bulb suckers don’t work at all!

      • Oh ok, I just know the concept freaks some people out… but like I said, once you use it you’ll be like, “Where has this thing been all my life?” and I swear I’ve never eaten a boogie 🙂 Plus… I have to admit… it can be a little fun. Read the Amazon reviews, they tell it better than I can.

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