October 12, 2013

2015-10-12-12-31-22--393727939Today is my EDD for my first pregnancy, my first baby, that I lost (on February 25th 2013). I’m holding my BG and nursing her, but I still have tears in my eyes…we should be celebrating a 2 year old’s birthday…

I’ve never mentioned this (I don’t think?) but I always attach little silk butterflies to the silk bouquets I place on my Mom’s grave–symbolic of my 2 little butterflies in heaven. When we were in Costa Rica recently (will tell you about that later) I saw tons of butterflies. I knew these were my little butterflies and my mom.

I see you, little butterfly. I see you ❤

6 thoughts on “October 12, 2013

  1. Butterflies always make me think of my children in heaven. At my doctor’s office they have pictures on the ceiling. During all of my ultrasounds, the only thing really comforting to me was looking up and seeing a beautiful image of butterflies. Just two days ago, my husband and I were walking at a path in our neighborhood and I was drawn to this beautiful area where the sunlight was peaking through the trees and I noticed several butterflies around the area flying together, almost like they were playing. I don’t often feel very close to my babies because I just can’t think about it too often, but that was one of those moments where you just feel their presence closely. Thank you for sharing this – my heart goes out to you. Hugs and love to you!

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