6 Weeks

I still haven’t finished my birth story. Why? Because I suck. I won’t say “Because I’m soooooo busy being a mooooommy” because that is such a BS thing to say on an IF/RPL blog IMHO.

Will say though that Mr. MLACS was gone for 16 days and I’m quite proud that I made it all by myself (with support–I did have a friend/neighbor who checked on me daily and a few others who checked in on me). But glad to have him home with me (until next week).

We went to see my OBGYN, Dr. Angel, today and he said “Well you are ready to have another baby!” And I laughed because *HA* I’m sooooo am NOT ready. Dr. Angel also asked if we planned to use *birth control* and again *HA* because breastfeeding is 98% effective as birth control and we will never be the 2% because helloooo…6 IUI’s. Dr. Angel laughed too because he knows what’s up.

I had birth announcements made (sorry if that makes you cringe–I totally understand) and they are *magnets* because everyone needs to admire this little human I created every time they open their refrigerator/file cabinet/etc. I have 1/2 of them stamped and addressed so far, but it’s pretty low on the list of priorities during those precious few windows of time I have during the day and I spend that time eating, going to the bathroom, folding laundry, etc.

Other things…

I’ve now breastfed in lots of public places–restaurants, doctors offices, shopping malls, cars, etc. And I do cover up but I don’t go hide in a bathroom.

We have a rule about not obliging crazy old ladies that we randomly run into who want to see our baby, but I broke the rule at Walmart today and lifted the carseat cover for a crazy old lady in the shaving cream aisle. Mr. MLACS glared at me and I regretted it because she followed me down the aisle saying cray-cray random sh*t like “I bet you’re happy to have that bundle off your stomach”–she obviously was never IF/RPL. My bad.

I hardly post any pics of our baby on facespace. And people keep badgering me to “post more pics!” Like maybe I need to be reminded because I * just forgot* to document every waking moment of my child’s life. F*ck off. Thing is I enjoy and “like” other peoples’ pics of their kids but I don’t feel as open online as some parents do. No judging, to each their own.

We got Amazon prime (free 2 day shipping) and I now shop online like *every day*. I only buy baby stuff–mostly clothes. My favorite is a line of clothing called Hatley–they have the cutest most funky fresh prints and make whimsical children’s clothes. But they’re expensive (try $38 for footie pj’s) so I try to get them on sale. Online shopping is something I can do while breastfeeding and I do *a lot* of BF’ing.

I’m about to celebrate my first Mother’s Day. It feels like a BFD, but when Mr. MLACS asked me what I wanted/what I want to do to celebrate…all I could come up with was for him to make me gluten-free french toast slathered in butter and the gourmet maple syrup he picked up for me at the airport in Toronto. I mean, I’m so happy to have my family and my kid that I feel weird about being “celebrated” for doing/being exactly what I want to do/be. I don’t feel overworked or under-appreciated. But I DO want to celebrate the fact that my arms are not empty anymore. Mother’s Day is such a horrible awful gut-wrenching piece-of-sh*t day for women dealing with IF/RPL. It sucked for me the past couple years, I get it. And much love to my ladies in the trenches.

I still can’t believe I’m a Mom, even though every breath I take is for her. Juxtapose.




20 thoughts on “6 Weeks

  1. I love that you are a mom and you are doing it so well!! Seriously, 16 days on your own with your little one and breast feeding without running to a washroom – you’re awesome!!
    On some level I also appreciate that you haven’t forgotten the struggle. That said, I hope you don’t let it hold you back. You deserve to embrace every happy moment and just enjoy guilt free! 🙂

    • Well whaddya know?! I was not aware that Hatley is a Canadian brand but no surprise there because *YES* I do love Canada (HGTV, maple syrup, Hatley, Roots, and so many cool people). Thanks sweets, hope you’re feeling better! XOXO

  2. You deserve to celebrate however you want this Mother’s Day. It is a big deal!

    I’ve never posted a single photo of my one living child on FB or any other public forum. I send photos to family and friends electronically but that’s it. I’ve been known to ask friends to take pics of my kid off their FB pages. Call me paranoid. It just isn’t my thing.

    • Yeah sounds like we’re both paranoid! And that’s ok–our kids can make their own choices about their online presence someday. I think french toast is a good way to celebrate–Mr. MLACS makes the best GF french toast 🙂 You’re in the home stretch now, yay! XOXO

  3. I have been following a while but never commented. All i have to say is i love love this post. you sound so very content and fulfilled. And add me to the list of FB haters:)

  4. Yay 6 weeks! I don’t post any pics either, Nacho’s anonymity is so important to me. I still only use an alias on FB as I closed my account years ago. However recently a bunch of fellow bloggers have started a secret FB group for parenting after TTC/IF/RPL and I’m finding that quite lovely (lemme know if you fancy in). Love checking in to see how you’re doing, so thrilled for you xx

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