The Best Moment of My Life

Was 1:57pm CST on March 18, 2015.

The moment Dr. Angel placed my daughter on my chest as she was born.

I’ve had maybe 6 hours of sleep in the last 72hrs, but I’m still unbelievably content. When the nurses tell me to “get my rest”, I smile and nod. But I can’t help but stare at her–every inch of her is perfection…just…WOW…she is a miracle unlike any other.

And after I’ve waited 35 years and crossed oceans of pain (spiritually and physically) in my quest to find my baby…I don’t want to spend a single moment away from her–I’ve felt frustration every time they’ve taken her from our room to do “assessments”.

We’re finally being released to go home. Can you believe it?!


Goddammit that makes me bawl–I have a “take home baby”.

I weep with joy for her being. I weep with sadness for my angels.

And I weep for all my mother friends who are still waiting to meet their children. YOU ARE MOTHERS. We are all mothers, no matter where we are at in our journeys. To you I say (as so many of our IF/RPL sisters have said before me)…


It’s so worth it–Every ounce of grief and disappointment. Every sad goodbye. Every needle stick. Every pee stick. Every tear shed in a public restroom/car ride/office/etc. Every fertile “friend” lost. Every procedure. Every page of adoption paperwork. Every home study. Every egg/sperm/embryo donor search. Every failed FET. Every stupid comment/pregnancy announcement/bump photo/etc. endured IRL and on social media. Every fight and/or breakdown you’ve had with your husband/partner….


I have more to share with you, but right now I have to tend to my daughter.




28 thoughts on “The Best Moment of My Life

  1. I was SO HAPPY to read this post from you!!! I mostly lurk but have been following along anxiously and hoping for the best for you and yours. CONGRATULATIONS! Can’t wait to read her birth story, but take your time and enjoy that hard-won baby πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!!!! Yay!! I can’t believe it! I still remember you telling me you were pregnant! It feels like last week and I remember how excited I was for you. But nothing like the excitement I have for you now! Gosh I can’t wait to see a pic.

  3. I’ve been waiting on this post!! I cried a few tears of happiness for you and baby girl. Biggest congrats!!! She will just continue to amaze and wow you. It is an amazing miracle and I am so happy for you momma!!!!

  4. Amazing news!! You know what? It doesn’t change. That incredible can’t-be-separated feeling stays with you, I’ve felt it every minute for the last 6.5 months. And it just gets better and better. It is all totally worth it. The heartache and sadness never goes but what takes over is a new calm and overwhelming love. Enjoy every second. Huge hug xx

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