41 Weeks


So…I can’t think of *one* other IF/RPL blogger that has gone to 41 weeks. Everybody delivers early for one reason or another (Pre-E, PPROM, Cholestasis, Placenta Previa, IUGR, Multiples, etc. etc.)

And since I’m a *Chronically ill, IF/RPL, and AMA* person, I thought “Surely, I will deliver early for one reason or another”. And I was actually quite afraid.

So I find it highly ironic that I am 41 weeks today.

Being honest, I’m very glad to have had such a healthy pregnancy–I didn’t think that was possible for me. I’m ecstatic to have a healthy full-term baby.

But folks, I am tired of waiting. I’m ready to meet her! Bring on the contractions…



19 thoughts on “41 Weeks

  1. Oh my!!!! You are Wonder Woman!! I am sure I will be crying in self pity if I go 41 weeks. I hope the babe gets here soon!!!

  2. arg! I thought for sure you were in the hospital having her or had her at the end of last week! I hadn’t heard from you in awhile so I just assumed. BUMSICKLE!! I am sooo ready to see you holding this sweet princess! xo

  3. I hear ya! The American average for when women deliver is 41 weeks 3 days, but it seems like so many that had trouble conceiving usually go sooner. At least the people I know. Hoping you’re average! Ha!

  4. I’m glad you’re here and I’m glad you’re healthy, but I hope that it’s over soon! Looking forward to seeing how it all happens. Thinking about you.

  5. Whoohoo! Full term and healthy, but now little miss, it’s time to come out. There are a lot of people waiting to meet you and love on you! Hoping the next post says something like this: SHE’S HERE!!!!!! XOX Thinking about you lots!

  6. MLACS! You are so cute… And way ready to explode, I’m sure. I about lost my mind once the 40 week mark passed. I have never been quite so uncomfortable! Try to get some rest, lady, although I know it’s hard. I’m so very stoked for your new family!!!

  7. OMG! I am in the same boat!!! After all of years of trying to get pregnant I can now not get unpregnant! Come on babies we are ready to meet you!!!!

  8. Man alive! I came on here for a quick catch-up and I was hoping to see your news already!! You like marathons, eh? Well, buckle in, cause you’re up next!! You know it’s literally any minute now. And then there’s no turning back! Go take a nap. And keep us posted! Good luck!

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