40 Weeks

Yep, still pregnant–today is my EDD. And I still feel really, REALLY lucky to be pregnant.

The baby did well on her NST today and I’m not showing any signs of distress (BP, urine, etc. are fine) so I guess we’ll see if our appointment with Dr. Angel reveals anything tomorrow (dilation, effacement, etc.).

I met my doula at a cafe on Sunday and we chatted (just her and me) over coffee and scones. Turns out, she’s *more* of a “case study” than I am! She has actually had more medical issues–rare ones, including one we share–than me. Obviously, we were meant for each other 🙂 She is really excited for the birth, and that made me feel a little excited (I am still nervous).

It’s been nice to have the full 40 weeks to prepare. The nursery is organized, there’s a few frozen meals in the freezer, I’ve gotten everything I think I might need, our cars both got detailed today (the dudes removed like 5lbs of fur from our vehicles–seat covers will be our next purchase), and Mr. MLACS is ready to install the car seat. We’ve had *two* great “last hurrah weekends” in a row. I think the only things I’d like to accomplish are getting the house cleaned and getting a pedicure, and if neither of those things happened that’d be ok.

We haven’t resolved any of our family issues but we haven’t had any more drama, either. We are going to have to tell Mr. MLACS’s family about the baby’s middle name being changed to my Mom’s name, but that conversation has not happened organically and we’re not forcing it.

I’m currently swaying in the glider rocking chair in the nursery–it’s my favorite place–with the window open to the breeze and the sound of kids playing a couple yards away. I can sit here peacefully for hours, and every so often Mr. MLACS will poke his head in and ask if I’m ok.

And I’ll reply “I’m fine babe!”

But really I’m not fine.

I’m damn near perfect.

Like this may be as close as I ever get to Heaven, or Nirvana, or Moksha…

I’m letting happy tears roll down my cheeks ❤



28 thoughts on “40 Weeks

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and baby girl!!! So happy for you, for your peace and joy. You will be the best momma!!! Having a doula was the decision I made. Good luck!!! You will kick ass!

  2. Don’t be nervous! Labour was nowhere near as hard as I’d imagined. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was hard, but not as bad as your imagination allows you to believe! Big love xxx

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