I Have a Troll!

I HATE TROLLS. They always pop up when you *appear* to be vulnerable (like in my last post). I am constantly daring trolls who bother my blogger friends to f*ck with me instead–like I “fish” for trolls…


Nielson_lisa@hotmail.com, can you please stand up? You are being recognized as the absolute *first* troll who has tried to step to me. You tried to *disguise* yourself as a person, but your cowardly ass is lacking:

1. A blog of your own

2. Your (above) email address is fake

3. You mentioned the last blogger I went toe-to-toe with (completely out of context) so obviously you have *beef* with me. In fact, that witch is BSC (batsh*t crazy) so maybe you are, in fact, one and the same?! Hmmmmm….

So I’d like to thank you for entertaining me–I got a good laugh from your comments. And also thank you for prompting me to change my privacy settings, so you will have to come legit if you want to *attempt* to comment again! I really needed a distraction, and your passive-aggressive bullsh*t was just what the doctor ordered.



11 thoughts on “I Have a Troll!

  1. Pah … Who seriously puts that much effort into trying to upset another human anonymously?! Someone with a bitter heart, no courage in their own convictions and WAY too much time on their hands. Poor troll to have a life so bland they need to inject venom to get their kicks!

  2. Ewww! I get trolls with every post! It’s annoying! My blocked list is probably longer than most. My most recent troll told me my life was pointless and I wasn’t even close to being a mom because I was “just” a foster mom. Seriously? Who says that? Anyway, love ya sugars!! Xo

  3. I don’t understand people sometimes. Do they really feel better after they troll someone? I’m glad you dealt with it.

  4. Trolls suck! I’ve only had one really bad one who accused us of supporting slavery if we choose to adopt. I don’t understand their motivation, but I also stopped caring because the love and compassion that exists far outweighs the negative trolls.
    And on that note, sending you lots of love my friend!

  5. MLACS, you are a fighter, and I love that about you. The bullies are so transparent and they don’t know it. They’re pathetic. And they can be dangerous (you know I’ve had an experience that was horrifying, right after a pregnancy loss, and you helped me through it, for which I will be forever grateful). Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight. XO!

    • Gah, I remember you emailing me about that one – hateful. I’m baffled by your most recent troll as well. Why do these chicks have so much time on their hands???

  6. Wow, that sounds awful! Thankfully I’ve never had a troll, and I hope I don’t encounter one! But, good for you for standing up for yourself!! You’re amazing 🙂 XOXO

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