Let It Go

I got into it with another blogger–big surprise–every so often I express my negative opinion about blog posts that I find offensive (actually this is only the 2nd time). She did not appreciate my opinion.

I re-blogged her reply post (she deleted the original) because she twisted my words and also said some mean and disrespectful things to/about me. But I have deleted it, because I want to let it go.

I have previously supported her. She’s never supported me. She’s said a lot of negative things about her fellow IF/RPL bloggers and her attitude is “poor me, my life is harder than yours”. So I “unfollowed” her awhile ago, but when she experienced her recent loss I came running back to lift her up. My mistake.

A lot of people dismiss her behavior because she’s grieving a loss & they think deserves amnesty, regardless of how she treats other people. 

I think people should always be accountable for their words/actions.

I hope peace will eventually replace her bitterness and rage. For my part, I’m letting go of my discontentment so I can focus my energy where it belongs–on MY family.




23 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. I wish I could remember the first blog where I heard the term “pain olympics” used to refer to the attitude you’re talking about. Ever since that messy blow-up on Twitter, I’ve felt really conscious of that vibe ’round these parts–you don’t get to talk because you aren’t suffering as much I as I am right now regardless of what you’ve been through–and it’s really turning me off. I started a draft called “Sanctimonious” to vent the gross feelings I was having about the tone of certain blogs and never published it, so now I’ve just been taking some space from this little corner of the cyber-universe. Point is – I feel you.

  2. I read it this morning and thought ”whhhhhattt is is going on here?!?!?!”. I have only known you to be extremely supportive and also honest when it comes to where you stand. Honestly is a characteristic I think too many people lack. They aren’t honest with themselves so they take their shit out on others. I am proud of you for removing the post. Sometimes these situations don’t deserve any more attention. ❤

  3. I have zero context for the specifics but although I am sorry you spent your time and energy on what proved to be a fruitless (and worse) exercise I am glad to hear you have made a healthy choice for you and your family. Love and hugs to you.

  4. I read it yesterday, having never read any of her blog entries previously. It read with an intense poor little old me victim syndrome but with a dose of angry thrown in to make it worse. You were spot on in your response! Fewer people should support bad behaviour and it wouldn’t be allowed to blossom into something truly unbearable! Good on you taking the higher moral ground and looking out for you and your bubble though. Your time energy and attention are better turned inwards to you than bothering with crazies.

  5. Girl, I hear you, I’m struggling to let some things go too after the birth of Owen. Particularly dealing with my hateful MIL and her immature behavior. I’m glad you came back to support her in her time of need, but I’m sorry that she acted so rudely about it. :-/

  6. Drama is never fun, good for you for deciding to let it go. I can’t remember if I commented the other day on your post about your husband but I hope all is well and I’m so glad they found everything in time. Just take care of you guys and don’t worry about the sometimes ridiculous blogging world. A bitter person is a hurting person and hopefully someday she’ll decide to move beyond bitterness to healing. XOXO

  7. I didnt read what transpired but I do know you’ve been nothing but kind, supportive, refeshingly honest, and empathetic to me and others. Whoever started drama with you is projecting their insecurities/anger on you instead of dealing with them. Sorry you had to deal with that B.S.

    • Thanks sweets–Isn’t that what we’re all here for? To support and to be supported?
      It pisses me off when people say hurtful/callous things (on their blog) and use the excuse “well this is MY story so you can’t censor my blog”–it begs the question “then why involve yourself in the IF/RPL community if you don’t give a sh*t how your readers/supporters react to your posts?” So yeah, I called her out on that–I don’t support that. XOXO

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