It’s A…



I wrote this long post *waxing poetic* but then I remembered:
This is an infertility and loss blog. I used to turn purple with anger thinking “Why are you cluttering my newsfeed with this sh*t? Go start a pregnancy blog with the other fertiles!” So I’m not going to gush. At least, not here, not now. But I figured you’d want to know (I’d want to know) so here it is–I’m carrying a chromosomally normal baby girl. ❀ ❀ ❀


53 thoughts on “It’s A…

    • Thanks hun! πŸ™‚ XOXO
      P.S. The puppy is driving me insane. He’s 14 weeks and it’s like nannying for a two year old child! I take him to puppy playcare 1-2 times per week for a few hours so I can get stuff done & he can play with other puppies & wear himself out. But I kind of wish I could take him *every day*. Is this normal, to be so exasperated/frustrated? XOXO

  1. Yay! Go ahead and gush hon! You deserve it! A girl! So exciting! When you said you saw something on the ultrasound I though for sure it meant you were having a boy! I’m so surprised and happy for you!

    • Well I mean, we saw *the absence* of a penis, but I wasn’t trying to mislead you! I had such a hard time with everybody I followed getting pg before me, that I feel the need to be super sensitive. Like, maybe some of what I write will be hurtful, but at least they’ll know I’m trying. Thanks sweets for always being so supportive–your pg never bothered me because it is such a miracle after all you’ve been through! XOXO

      • You can’t control how readers feel on any given day. Warnings are good. Censorship after a hard won battle is not a happy medium in my view but to each her own. I’m just saying I personally will not stop following or reading and nobody who is still doing either would want you not to be overjoyed. Besides, you of all people aren’t about pleasing everyone. But I appreciate and respect your concern for others’ feelings. Your gut is saying no right now. No need to justify that. I’m just offering my perspective as a reader and your friend. Lots of love, as always.

      • Perhaps I am wrong to assume that everyone felt as bitter and betrayed as I did when 90% of the blogs I followed became pregnancy blogs. I just wished some of them could tone it down so it didn’t feel like they were bragging or that they had *forgotten where they came from*. Perhaps I am a b*tchy freak and I was too hard on them. But one thing I strive to avoid, is being a *hypocrite*. I made a list of “When I am pregnant, I will never…” declarations. I’ve broken a couple of them 😦 I feel so guilty for being happy when others aren’t. But it’s generous of you to be so positive & encouraging. Thank you! ❀

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