One Lovely Blogger Award

I’m always a little behind on the awards front, but I’d like to thank the ladies who graciously nominated me for the One Lovely Blogger Award: Awaiting Autumn, Electric Mystery, Spiritbaby Come Home, Waiting For Baby Bird, My Perfect Breakdown, and My Hope Jar–(by default, since she nominated us all)! These ladies are all amazing bloggers and I’m very proud to be recognized by them.
So then, there are some rules to accepting the award:

1. Thank the person who has nominated you.

2. Provide a link to his/her blog

3. List the rules

4. Include 7 facts about yourself

5. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated

6. Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

I’ve been thinking about what facts I should share about myself. Things you don’t already know and might find interesting.

1. I was born with curly red hair. Which became deep brunette with auburn highlights. But now I tend to mask the red with ash blonde highlights, and I flatiron my curly hair most of the time. It was hard growing up with crazy curly hair! I still like to wear it curly, but if I straighten it I can go up to 2 weeks without washing it! Jealous much??

2. I love Disney movies and soundtracks! They are so emotional for me. I used to nanny for a little boy when I was in college (in Honolulu) and I actually took his Disney compilation CD home and made copies for me & gave one to my Mom ❤ My husband secretly adores that I drag him to animated movies.

3. Besides nannying, I loved working in the service industry at bars and restaurants. My first job was at Dairy Queen (that sucked) but I’ve worked at the highest and lowest establishments–short order diners, blue collar watering holes with concrete floors so people could ash their cigarettes and throw peanut shells on them–but also fine dining restaurants and trendy nightclubs with bottle service. I treat people the way I want to be treated wherever I go–whether it’s my cashier at Walmart or my server at a trendy cosmopolitan restaurant. Being in the service industry has given me personality, manners, and respect for others.

4. I f*cking LOVE coffee! I started drinking coffee at age 15, in a diner near the University (I’m from a  Midwestern “college town”). I felt cool drinking coffee and rapping with artsy-intellectual types. Unfortunately I also started smoking (cigarrettes and pot). But now I don’t smoke. But I do still love coffee. But I can barely drink it while pregnant. But you can bet your sweet ass I still went to Starbucks and got a decaf pumpkin spice latte *the moment* they hit the shelves. But I couldn’t finish it 😦 I am a *gold level* elite member at Starbucks. Which means I spend WAY too much $$$ on coffee. C’est la vie.

5. I am a gifted baker–mostly everything I make turns out fabulously no matter what I do. I think the prettiest and most delicious thing I make is a Jewish passover bread called Challah (pronounced “hollah”) bread. It’s a pretty braided bread and a huge loaf of it on a wooden cutting board is a worthy centerpiece for any table or occasion. I started watching cooking shows on TLC at age 12, long before it was “cool”, before pinterest (before the internet), before *everybody* became a gourmet chef. I made my  first brie souffle at age 13 (total black sheep as my family is typical Midwestern meat ‘n potatoes, no frills folks–but I’ve always been *weird*).

6. I love snail mail. When I moved to Hawaii I delighted in sending and receiving packages from home. I move around a lot and colorful letters and packages are such a warm ‘n fuzzy way to show you care or to be cared for, in my humble opinion. I love surprising the people I love and making them feel special. And I love hanging postcards, cards, and pictures on my fridge to remind me that I am loved, too.

7. I love flora and fauna. We played *outside* when I was a kid, often with no shoes on, running across sticks, rocks, and acorns. I loved the forest behind our house–and there was a creek too! “Camping out” in tents, catching lightning bugs in jars, raking leaves into big piles in the fall and then jumping in them! Sledding down our big hill in the winter. And even now, I love to hike and explore. I love to walk and bike trails. I marvel when I see a fox or a snake or a groundhog–even a squirrel. I feel most spiritually connected when I’m in nature. And it’s worth noting that I LOVE the fall/harvest time in the Midwest! It’s simply brilliant.

And now for the nominations…I’ve done this before and I’m doing it again–if any of you haven’t been nominated and wish to participate (and I wish you would–would love to know more about you) then please consider yourself nominated by me! Don’t be shy!




19 thoughts on “One Lovely Blogger Award

  1. I love that you chose to participate. And, I love that you worked at Dairy Queen for your first job! I am addicted to Dairy Queen – I can tell you where the closest DQ is to me, anywhere in the city. Unfortunately/fortunately , I don’t eat there all the often because I don’t think it’s the healthiest food to live off. 🙂

  2. I also was a camp counsellor/nanny for years. I’ve got the Disney soundtracks memorized and I may sing them in the shower. 🙂 My first job was Tim Horton’s. It was years after that before I would ever eat a donut again. My sis worked at DQ though.

      • How did you know??? And im SHOCKED your husband hasn’t mentioned it. It’s comparable to Dunkin Donuts but Canada’s version and supposedly the coffee is way better. I don’t drink coffee. There’s a few in the northern states and I think they even have them overseas for the Canadian troops.

  3. So great to get to know more amazing things about you! I love everything about Disney movie and songs too! And your description of the things you love to make, made me hungry 🙂

  4. I actually love this little Lovely Blogger Award, I love knowing more about the blogs that I follow and the people behind them! I really hope that there is some fall baking and recipes you are going to share with us, and some pics of the delicious baking you endeavor on, nom nom nom!

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