Taking The Good With The Bad (Panorama test results)

*This is all about pregnancy stuff*

So today we went to see Dr. Angel for the first time in several weeks.

Well actually first we went to Walmart to pick up some CD-R’s to take to his office so we could get a digital copy of our ultrasound. Also, I’ve stopped having so much trouble with nausea (for like a whole 24 hours–this may be wishful thinking) and I’ve started having heartburn. Dr. Angel gave me a list of ailments/things I can take, and for heartburn he listed tums, malox, and some other gross chalky thing. But I hate chalky things (like my friend milk ‘o mag) so I googled zantac (a pill) and it said it’s ok to take in pregnancy. So I went to buy some at Walmart and Mr. MLACS is all like “That’s not on the list”–this frustrated the crap outta me. And I turn to him and hiss “I’m NOT taking nasty chalky sh*t for the rest of my pregnancy. I’ve reached my limit! The kid can deal. Besides I googled it.”

Why can’t sh*t just be easy for once? I’m SO sick of all the meds and supplements and suppositories and injections. It’s uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Sh*t hold on a second…

●I stopped typing & turned to Mr. MLACS and said “Damn I feel like I’m gonna puke. Will you please go get my Zofran off the counter? I have *one* left.” Mr. MLACS is tired, so he rolled his eyes and said “Which counter?” in an annoyed tone, as if he doesn’t know where I’ve kept it for the last couple of months–same spot, by the keurig. A**hole. And then I reply with the typical female response “Oh *nevermind*” and then “I’ll probably puke anyway and waste the pill. But I’ll tell you what–if I puke I’m not taking my PM meds over again. F*ck that.” And then I knew I was going to puke and I rushed to the kitchen for ice water (everything comes up better when it’s cold) and then rushed to the bathroom and whipped out my toilet bowl cleaner and circled the rim (I hate sticking my head in a dirty toilet) but didn’t get to use the scrub brush before…and up came my spaghetti dinner and my PM meds–gross-est combo ever.●

Never. Eating. Spaghetti. Again.

And furthermore, my nausea has NOT been replaced by heartburn, it is now *accompanied* by heartburn.

And I am not re-taking my PM meds. F*ck that.

But anyways, this was never the point of this post. I hope you got a laugh out of it though.

We left Walmart with some CD-R’s, some Zantac, and a new laptop computer that was on clearance–the laptop was an impulse buy on Mr. MLACS’s part but I should’ve been more excited because I hate our crappy laptop. But all I really cared about was the Zantac.

I digress, this is still not what this post is truly about.

So we left Walmart and went to Dr. Angel’s office. First thing is I got weighed and…

I’m down -4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy, which was already -7lbs from when Dr. Diet told me I needed to lose 15lbs! Essentially pregnancy has taken off the infertility weight I put on this past year. *Bonus*

Then I saw Dr. Angel and gave him a HUGE hug–I missed the guy!

And we were off to the US room. The image popped up and I smiled when I saw the outline of a *baby*, no longer looking like a space prawn. Then I started asking questions–most importantly how am I measuring and…

At 14w4d, I was measuring AHEAD at 15 weeks!


And heart rate was 158 bpm.

AND I got to keep my pants on. So awesome.


I asked for our Panorama results, excited for Dr. Angel to find out and celebrate the gender with us. However, he said he had not seen the results yet–even though it’s been 2+ weeks since my blood draw–and we’d need to call Quest to find out what’s up.

It was 4:53pm on Friday afternoon, so I just knew they wouldn’t answer.

But they did!

And turns out Quest was having technical issues so they said they’d fax the results, and Dr. Angel offered for us to wait for the fax.

So we waited.

And finally Dr. Angel came out and told us…

The Panorama results were *INCONCLUSIVE*.

Meaning: there wasn’t enough of baby’s DNA in my blood sample to provide accurate results, so we got NO results. The test requires at least 4.3% of the sample to be baby’s DNA, and my sample only had 4% baby DNA.

I was f*cked over by a measly .3%

Seriously?! WTF.

So now I have to have blood drawn again. And I have to wait.

Also, Panorama test *claims* that 95% of women will get accurate results on the first blood draw, as early as 9 weeks (I took it at 12w1d).

But I’ve read that as much as 15-20% of women have to take the test over again due to inconclusive results.

So there you have it. I’m thrilled that the babes is doing well and that I’ve actually lost weight.

I’m SO GRATEFUL to have made it this far. Like I would eat 1,000 tums (gag face) if it would help my baby (but I’m also sure I’d barf them back up).

But I’m totes frustrated about the Panorama test results being delayed. I just hope it works the second time around.

Have a great weekend ladies! Extra hugs to those of you going through tough times–believe me I am always hoping and praying for your health, happiness, and success.



31 thoughts on “Taking The Good With The Bad (Panorama test results)

  1. You crack me up…that is until I read the words “inconclusive.” I got sorta pissed for you (not at you)! I wanna know if I am buying him a bow tie or her a hair bow! Lol!!

    • Right?! I have this cute idea in-mind to surprise our “framily”with the gender and I’m itching to pull the trigger on it! Plus I am itching to buy some stuff–all I’ve bought so far are a couple of books on our vacation a few weeks ago. Love ya! XOXO

  2. I just love reading your posts. You write the funniest pregnancy posts. Not that… it’s funny to be sick.. but you know what I mean. 🙂 Sorry about the test results. Sucks to be in the “inconclusive” clan.

  3. Oh my gosh this made me laugh… And I can completely relate in the nausea dept. I found once the heart burn kicked in, it quickly turned into acid reflux, and then that turned into a vomit session. Tums would take care of the acid problem but then I would just throw them, and everything else, up within 10 minutes lol. My dr recommended trying Maalox and then Zantac 75mg as a last resort. I cannot stand Maalox, but it has helped so far.. And I’m surprised I don’t puke it right up. I just plug my nose and count to 3 before I woof it down. Yuck-o!
    I think when I was around your measurements I couldn’t eat spaghetti sauce or spicy foods any longer. Same sort of went for fried foods but I still ate them in moderation. Tis the time for bland foods!!
    I hope your nausea starts getting better soon… I’m still on the nausea train but it’s getting better. So, I feel your pain!!!

    • Yes! I noticed we are kindred spirits in some of our pregnancy experiences!
      I may be forced to try the maalox but right now I just…can’t. I do the nose-holding thing occasionally with milk ‘o mag (and chase it with soda) but not today girlfriend!
      I just woke up at 5am and grabbed another ice water and hugged the clean toilet…it was all stomach acid, so do you think it’s acid reflux that’s making me more sick???
      All I want are spicy/salty foods, many of which are also greasy (like french fries). I lament giving up spicy stuff! Dammit.
      Thanks so much for sharing! XOXO

  4. I just got prescribed 150mg Zantac twice a day, even though I just take it one at night, you are all good. I am sorry you are still having nausea. I have some extra Zofran if you need it, let me know. And hope that test comes back soon (and conclusively! [But in a good way ])

    • Seriously, *big sloppy wet kisses for you*–thank you for affirming my use of Zantac (coming from a pharmacist that means a lot)! And thank you for even offering the Zofran! It’s kind of hard to get and I hoard mine. I might take you up on that, but only if you have easy access to more in case you need it. XOXOXOXO

      • I haven’t needed any for awhile! The bottle is open, but I can assure you that I haven’t adulterated them in any way. Let me know – and I hope you feel better soon – this whole throwing up thing doesn’t sound all that awesome. I guess I was lucky(?) that I only felt like I *should* hurl instead of actually hurling. Hang in there!

    • Idol?! *blushing* Aw shucks no, I owe my weight loss to “morning sickness” and probably to HCG–you might have heard of the HCG diet? Where they give men & women the HCG hormone and helps to metabolize fat even on a low calorie diet–back in the day women would’ve starved, save for the fact that the HCG produced by pregnancy helped their bodies to metabolize stored fat for energy during times of famine (or morning sickness). So it makes sense, right? But I’m not advocating morning sickness. It blows. XOXO

    • No–the Panorama actually tests all 46 chromosomes (23 pairs) to determine if there are extra chromosomes or missing chromosomes…I think. Well at least *I KNOW* it tests for trisomies 13, 18, and 21, as well as X and Y chromosomes. And it claims 99% accuracy. So it’s actually much more important than just gender determination. I’ll be 35 yrs old when I deliver (God willing) and so my insurance will pay for it since I’m at higher risk being “advanced maternal age”. Google the Panorama prenatal test & it’ll be more specific than I can be. XOXO

    • Awaiting Autumn – You do have the test. My SIL did it, it’s called Harmony there. You have to ask for it though and unfortunately, it’s elective so it is not covered through your province health care. I’m not sure what province you live in, but my SIL is in Alberta and I think she paid around $800 for it.

  5. Yikes, nausea and heartburn at the same time does not sound fun at all. As for the Zantac, it is totally safe. I’m managing my heartburn with change in diet and Tums, but my doctor told me if it got worse to take Zantac, so don’t let the Mr. make you feel bad for taking it! As for the Panorama test, I hope the results are clear this time around and that you don’t have to wait as long to get them! I’m so excited to find out the sex! Glad everything is progressing well and baby is measuring ahead 🙂

    • I totally cheat on the diet part. I crave salty & spicy…there was a Jamaican food truck near my house today & I totally devoured some Jamaican jerk chicken. It was SO good–I think it’s my new pregnancy craving & I’ll be chasing this food truck all over town! May regret it though–so much spice! Mmmmm….*drool* XOXO

      • Mmm, that sounds amazing! I have been craving salty, spicy food too, but have totally cut back on it since the heartburn started up. I still give into cravings, but usually pay for it after. Totally worth it 🙂 the real challenge will be when my MIL comes out next month and cooks up a bunch of spicy Indian food!

  6. OMG I would have been so annoyed if my Panorama results came back inconclusive. They aren’t going to charge you for it, right? My nausea is still sticking with me too even though I’m almost 15 weeks. Hopeful for the both of us that it soon passes xo

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