Brave New World


Dude…I’m 14 weeks today…it feels totally surreal…like, I think I’m in shock…

And Koa is growing up too fast…it was just 4 weeks ago that I cradled him like a baby…now he’s hard to lift and constantly trying to hump my leg…

I marvel that things can change so quickly *for the better*. It never surprises me when life takes a nosedive. But I wasn’t prepared for life to take flight–a wise friend matter-of-factly told me “You are to used to being in *survival mode* and you don’t know how to cruise at altitude”.


I’m too used to struggling, and honestly I have a sort of “warrior spirit” that thrives on rising to the occasion…but now all of a sudden…

Everything is OK.

I’m not broke. I’m not sick. I’m not fighting breast cancer (my Mom’s & my Grandmother’s), not burying loved ones, not sucking it up at a job where I’m overworked + underpaid, not fighting with my husband…not lamenting my miscarriages and infertility EVERY day, ALL day…

And this is a *brave new world* for me–one where I am stable and crossing the threshold into the 2nd trimester.

Holy balls. Is this really MY life?!

Or a dream?

If it’s a dream then don’t wake me up.

Thisย post isย short ‘n sweet ‘n celebratory (my FIRST celebratory post, eek!) But don’t worry, I haven’t gone ‘soft’ on you. Promise.

**warning: bump pic below**

**Note: the dog photo-bombed the pic**
2014-09-08 22.03.23




31 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. Aren’t we all so used to being in the survival mode… But I am so thrilled for you my friend that you’re cruising along into the second tri! It’s supposed to be uneventful. I am glad that you get to be boring for real this time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. EEK! This post makes me smile from ear to ear…how can I not with the cute puppy and your adorable belly bump?! I am so happy for you and I hope that you continue to soar at altitude for a LONG time! Love ya girlie! xo

  3. Hot damn. Your pregnancy is seeming to me to fly by! 14 weeks! Wowee.

    It takes a long time to let go of fight-or-flight mode. Sometimes I feel actually free of it…then it’ll creep back in bits…but healing is steady and so deeply relieving. So thrilled that you are getting your first tastes of being okay. Okay is good. Boring is good. I love boring now. (:

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