Sooper Pooper Scooper


Hey guys, sorry it’s been a hot minute, I’ve been busy…

Dealing with poop.

It’s fast becoming the “theme” of this blog, eh?

Well, first there’s the cat. I scoop his box–yes I know one must be careful in pregnancy but there’s no one else to do it while Mr. MLACS is gone and I take the precaution of wearing disposable gloves.

Then there’s this puppy…we currently live in an apartment so every time he poops (which is several times a day) I have to pick it up in a lavender-scented poop bag and toss it in the dumpster. And today, I had to pick it up off my area rug–I was not a happy camper as we had just been outside 10 minutes before & he had ample opportunity. Grrrr…

Then there’s my poop. Yep, “it” happened again. Twice. And I had to fix “it” with my trusty non-latex disposable gloves. %#$@!

While Mr. MLACS was home he was great–I was feeling quite sick (nauseous) despite the Zofran and he picked up all the slack–did dishes, got up with puppy in the night, did laundry, went to pick up food, etc. Now he’s gone back to work and I am struggling, feeling like a slave to the dog, the cat, and my own body/baby. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THESE GUYS. They and Mr. MLACS are my everything. But damn, I feel like all I do is sleep, eat, pick up poo and entertain/care for the animals. Uh…because that IS literally all I do.

Puppy (Koa) is doing well. He’s nearly 17lbs now at 9 weeks old! He’s gonna be huge. So he MUST be trained or he will be totally unmanageable (like, dragging me behind him on the leash). So we had 2 private training lessons and our first “puppy class” this past week. It’s been intense. Koa responds to commands like a pro *in class* but he’s not as good at home. He is a terrible “leash puller” and that’s something I’ve got to fix but it’s hard, given that *anytime* he goes outside he is on a leash–even for playtime with neighbor dogs. We both hate it–he is pulling & getting tangled while I am resisting and frantically trying to avoid getting tangled in the leash. Koa needs to RUN. But the trainer was wary of taking him to the dog park before 12 weeks, citing that if he were to have a bad experience with another dog before 12 weeks old, then Koa would be scarred for life. I’m nervous about other dogs–very protective of my puppy. But…he is frustrated (with lack of mobility) and so am I, so we may end up at the dog park this weekend–but only in the small dog area.

Also, our lease is up mid-October so I’m currently looking for a house with a yard. We are still planning to rent because we don’t know where Mr. MLACS will be working a year or two from now.

***Pregnancy Update***

So, I’m 12w5d today, and I’ve started showing and telling some people about the pregnancy. The neighbor lady whose dog plays with Koa. My book club (they were so sweet & happy for me–they knew we were having a hard time). My Mom’s best friend. It’s odd, I haven’t told my father. We haven’t spoken since March. My MIL (who herself has a son that won’t speak to her) is irritated with me about not telling him, but I don’t want to talk to him and I don’t want to give him *yet another* opportunity to upset me. I don’t really care if he finds out from someone else eventually–but it had better not be from my MIL. Yes, I’ve started going to therapy–that’s another post though.

In other non-drama-related news, I bought a pair of maternity jeans from Motherhood! Dark wash-straight leg-secret belly fit. They are cute! And I wear a medium in Motherhood pants (which probably just means everybody else wears an extra small but whatevs). I also got a bunch of tops on sale at Target, and none are maternity. I got regular tunic-length t-shirts (I’m tall so they just look like a long t-shirt on me), some long tank tops, and a flowy plus-sized tunic top.

Other things that happened: I’ve had sinus problems, including a headache that lasted 3 days until I finally took a benadryl. That was fun. And a pulled back muscle on my lower left side that made bending over, sitting…everything…excruciating–it’s still sore/stiff but I found an epsom salt bath + tylenol + tiger balm helped a lot. Oh! And yeast problems! The Crinone and I don’t get along. I’ve been taking a probiotic called “Femdopholous” and high protein/low sugar yogurt.

And…I quit the Crinone! As nervous as I’ve been about stopping progesterone, I just felt it was time. Dr. Angel was out of town so I just tried it for a couple days, then got my progesterone drawn Tuesday…but even though I called 3x I have not gotten the results! Now there’s really no point to have drawn the progesterone and I’m irritated that I’ll have to pay for it. This is unusual from Dr. Angel’s office. The other thing is that I was *supposed* to have the Panorama blood test done at my 9 week visit, but it wasn’t ordered–I gave several vials of blood but it was for the OB panel. I was expecting the results by now! So I had to go in again and have that drawn this week, and won’t get results for a couple more weeks. *pout pout*

Ok that’s enough for one blog post! Gonna go eat some peanut butter toast & try not to puke! As my dog chews on my wooden table leg…*smh*…there’s like 10 toys nearby…whyyyyyy?!




26 thoughts on “Sooper Pooper Scooper

  1. It’s good to hear from you even it’s scatalogical again.

    Ah, puppies. Thank goodness you are going through his crazy poopy puppy days now and not when baby is 2 weeks (or 2 days) old. Still, I’m sympathizing. Pups are a *lot* of work.

  2. My dad doesn’t know I’m pregnant either, we haven’t talked since June. I’m sad that he doesn’t know, but even more sad that he’ll have yet another grandchild that won’t know him because he won’t make the effort.

    Sorry your still dealing with constipation and nausea. My nausea went away around 19 weeks and though the constipation went away, it has come back. Ah, the joys of pregnancy! Right? But you and I both know we wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m still so happy for you! Welcome to the second trimester!!!

    • Mel I hate to hear you’re going through a similar situation–but thanks for sharing because I feel less alone and weird about it. Of course we would do anything for our babies! I will definitely tell this kid how much I wanted (and endured) him/her. XOXO

  3. We had a night the other day, when the puppy had an upset tummy and kept crying to be let out but took the opportunity to run around like a loon rather than go to the loo and then the cats decided to poo out the smelliest poo ever and then chase each other around our bedroom! My husband and I lay there crying with laughter about how we’ll soon have a third rear end to deal with!

  4. Wow already 12 weeks, almost 13 weeks! Time flies. Sorry that you have to deal with all the things while you aren’t feeling well. Looks like the pregnancy is moving along well though! Happy for you, girl. 🙂

  5. Oyyy, picking up dog poop is my life! LOL. I guess you just eventually get used to it – I don’t know. I’ll tell you what though, karma is a load of crap – I totally don’t believe in it at all. I always, always pick up dog poop (even during my pregnancies and miscarriages when I felt like death) and yet, I always end up stepping in other people’s dog poop. It makes me so mad! I’m SO over apartment living. I agree with you – life would be so much easier with a backyard. Happy to hear a good PG update – keep them coming 🙂

    • Oh I know! People are so sneaky about leaving poop behind! I got some on my house slippers the other day & it was SO gross trying to clean them! Gotta tell you–there’s a man made stream that’s part of the landscaping here, and I took him on his first walk and let him play in the water–PRICELESS! He loved it so much! Hope he sleeps good… XOXO

  6. Chewing the furniture? Not good. Sometimes you can spray it so it tastes bad and he won’t want to. I know you can buy this at most stores that sell pet supplies but it’s probably worth a google to see if there’s a homemade remedy recipe. More puppy photos please! 🙂

  7. I’m glad to hear from you! I’m sorry to hear about all the poop troubles! I’m glad some good things have happened (shopping). Koa sure is growing! Wishing you all the very best!

  8. Yay! So glad to read an update from you!! I am sorry you are still not feeling well and constipated :/ Hopefully it ends soon. Sending ya some hugs and prayers. Xo

  9. Kiwis and more kiwis! When I eat kiwis, the bathroom and I are friends. It’s amazing what happens—nice, healthy things. Doctor TUT recommends 1 per day. (:

    Eating/nausea during pregnancy is the oddest thing. I don’t understand what our bodies are doing, evolutionarily. Some of the aversions and attractions just don’t make sense. (Why, for example, am I craving cookies like a three year old and still finding greens challenging?) You’ll get happy 2nd-tri weeks, I’ll bet, when you suddenly love food and veggies….And then the 3rd trimester comes and everything gets weird again.

    Thinking of you always.

    • I like kiwis! I can do that 🙂

      And SO true! I eat crap now that I haven’t eaten in 20 years. Like icee’s. And PB&J. And Domino’s GF pizza. Every so often I can sneak in a salad–I used to eat salad every day! I stare longingly at gourmet food I used to love and silently hope my palate returns to “normal” someday. Plus, I feel guilty because I had always thought “when I’m pregnant I’ll eat only nutritious food and I will workout every day”–and now the opposite is true! I’m doing my best though. Thanks mama! XOXO

  10. Hope all your poop problems get better soon! I’m still having my own issues with it too. I’m now taking colace which has helped quite a bit, but if I try to stop taking it, it’s not good. It’s so hard because we want to enjoy every minute of this process, but being that backed up is not good! Hopefully it get’s better in the second tri for you not worse like it has for me. It sucks that you have to move again so soon, but glad you’ll be moving soon to a place with a yard and more space so Koi will have somewhere to run around and hopefully it will make training him a little easier for you!

    Yay for 12W5D!!! I’m so excited for you that you’re almost done the first tri! Good luck with the Panorama blood test. Is that the same as the MaterniT21? If so, I got the results in less than a week even though they told me to expect to wait at least week. Sending you and Kukui lots of prayers! Hugs hon ❤

    • At this point, poop doesn’t phase me! The nausea is obnoxious but it could be worse–at least I don’t barf all the time.
      Puppers will love a yard and it will be great for me not to have to take him out at 2am. It won’t be too bad moving because a lot of my stuff is still in boxes & storage bins in the garage.
      I’m excited to get the results (panorama is like materniT21)! Gotta wait until Mr. MLACS gets home in 11 days, then we will find out the gender together! XO

  11. Your pup is too cute; even if he does crap on the carpet. I think it’s great the pup and your baby will grow up together. I delayed going to college because my parents wouldn’t let me take my beloved mutt with me. She was 14, blind, and deaf. I’d picked her from the pound when I was 4. I bet your little one will also be incredible attached to Koa.

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