Pupdate (followed by an update)

Chewing on his powder blue puppy pacifier

Chewing on his powder blue puppy pacifier

We picked up our newest addition to the family on Saturday–I’d like to introduce you to Koa!

Everything he does is precious! And he’s doing well with potty training and learning his name and commands. I’m SO proud and fiercely protective of him–he is my sweet baby boy.

Kitty is stand-off-ish but has been a really good sport, better than we expected. Kitty will always be my first baby, and I think he is a great big bother. Also, kitty has retained exclusive rights to sleeping in the bed.

I will take and post more (and better) pictures!



**Also, I have a pregnancy update, please feel free to skip this part**


We had our NT scan today at 11w1d. And our measurements were great!

Heart rate: 166 bpm

Measuring: 11w0d (at 11w1d)

NT: 1.0 (under 2.0 is good!)

The US tech was great–she has been doing this for like 30 years. I didn’t have to take my pants off! That was amazing (no dildocam). Instead of a sea monkey, we saw a *baby* jumping around and waving his/her arms! Mr. MLACS and I were both mesmerized and our eyes were glued to the screen. I’m still in disbelief that this is happening–that I am growing my very own baby, just like regular people do. 

I’m starting to have a bit of a noticeable bump, but only when I stand certain ways or stick my stomach out. I can see the quizzical look in peoples’ eyes when they catch me at the right angle. I enjoy keeping my secret though.

I’m starting to feel inclined to buy a pair of maternity jeans, but I find the task sort of overwhelming. Our only store here is motherhood, so I’m thinking I’ll order online, and that is daunting because I am tall, curvy, and long-waisted, so I always have to try stuff on. Any suggestions here? 









50 thoughts on “Pupdate (followed by an update)

      • Yeah. No sense in asking on those boards. I do have some prego clothes advice though. I may have worked in retail for 6 years during high school and university. I know some women once they were much bigger actually would buy X or 1X shirts instead of maternity ones. We all know maternity clothes are jacked up in price. Typically the plus sizes are a bit more expensive but still in line with regular sizes. Often they will be longer and have enough extra room for that tummy. Doesn’t work for every body type but if it does for you, why not save a few bucks?

  1. Happy to hear that your ultrasound was fantastic and that everyone is doing awesome! And, I love your puppy and think he is absolutely adorable – I may be biased because he looks so similar to our dog when she was that age. 🙂

  2. I found some pretty good things at Motherhood. For jeans I liked my Old Navy ones best. I found some good work dresses and such at Target too. Also if you have any friends that are a similar size (doesn’t need to be exact!) I’d borrow clothes if they are down with that. It helped so much to have some borrowed pieces I didn’t have to buy. So glad the scan went well!!

      • I usually am too but living in the boonies gave me few options. I made a small order and loved everything. Sizes are true to pre-pregnancy sizes. I made a second order and got the rest of what I needed and again, loved everything. They usually have good sales too. Praying for you and baby!!

  3. Happy that everything is looking great! Don’t feel bad about asking a maternity or pregnancy questions here. This is YOUR blog. I don’t know the answer to your question though. I’d imagine going online would be the best choice.

  4. Your puppy is so adorable!! I just want to snuggle him and smell his puppy breath. That’s weird, isn’t it? LOL

    And YAY, YAY, YAY for baby growing so big and strong! I am ecstatic for you. I’m going to guess girl for you with a heartrate so high. I can’t wait to find out! And I know you said early on that you didn’t want to post bump pics, but I for one would love to see them if you ever get comfortable with the idea. I’m sure you make one lovely little momma! Congrats again!! **HUGS**

    • Oh girl, his puppy breath is kinda gross! Lol. But I love his silky puppy fur. I will put a “kukui” option on my menu, but tbh, I’ve just been so tired and feeling “icky”! I’m laying in bed now. I don’t know how you have been so sick & still kept up with everything + a kiddo. Kudos to you! XOXO

  5. Yay! So happy all was good at your NT scan! Over the noon for you hon! And your puppy is so cute! Can’t wait for pics! As for maternity clothes, I’m also tall and have a long torso and finding jeans that are long enough has been a lifelong mission not just during pregnancy. I actually found some at TJ-Max if you have one near you? They have a decent maternity section. I also liked the old navy suggestion. Didn’t know they have maternity. I bet they’ll have better sizing options for length then motherhood. Good luck! So happy and excited for you!

  6. I can’t even deal with how cute this puppy is! Enjoy this fun, frustrating, adorable time with him – time flies and he’s gonna be bigger than you before you know it! So happy everything in your life is going so well right now! ❤

  7. Koa is so dang cute!!!! I’ve been just wearing fitness preggo clothes but I must say I LOVE the workout pants – both capri and longer at Target. They can be hard to find but they are cut low and cross in the back so just the belly is really covered. Things I never thought that would be “important” somehow are… not sure on the jeans front. Trying Athleta preggo bottoms next!

  8. Just had to do the jean thing and so far – H&M Mama line has produced positive jean results! I dont think these will last beyond this pregnancy as most H&M stuff is like Old Navy and it’s more “throw away after 30 uses” but hey – they fit and seem nice to start!

  9. Congrats on the puppy and your NT results, Yay! As for maternity pants – don’t hesitate go out and buy some right now. Once you go there you won’t want to go back to real pants. I really loved the secret belly fit pants from motherhood because they have this big stretchy panel that goes over the bump. They feel a little like a hug. I got a fantastic pair of mat. jeans for cheap on sale at Motherhood back in the day. I got tons of compliments on those jeans and have even worn them not pregnant especially during a cycle when I get super bloated and my fat pants are too small.

    You’re pregnant! You deserve to enjoy the maternity wear, at least a little. It’s not like you’re some weirdo who likes to fantasize and goes there when you’re not pregnant (like me) . Go to the store, put on that rubber belly and find some pants that fit OK now and will fit over your belly once you get bigger. Enjoy!

  10. I have tears in my eyes as I catch up on everything I’ve missed. I’m so happy and excited the ultrasound went well. Your New puppy is a cutie.
    So with one of those early tests I don’t remember which one but it can tell u if it’s a boy or girl. Will u find out? Almost made it to 12 weeks. I hope your morning sickness gets better very soon!

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