Better Late Than Never!

Inspirational Blogger Award

So a couple weeks ago I learned who my *real* friends are (jk, jk) when I was nominated by a few of my absolute most favorite bloggers in the whole world, for the illustrious *Very Inspirational Blogger Award*. I don’t know if I’m inspirational or maybe if they just didn’t want to leave me out because they knew I’d pout if I wasn’t nominated. Regardless, I’d like to thank and simultaneously re-nominate these ladies, because they are AH-MAZ-BALLS:

If anyone else nominated me and I failed to realize it and recognize them in this post, then please comment so I can revise this post to include you!!! And to the above ladies, I just love you all so much and I don’t know what I would do without you–I hope you all keep blogging forever.

So, I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about me. I’m not sure how “deep” or “daring” I’m feeling today. I really like to sell myself as the boring individual that I am today…but I wasn’t *always* that boring…

1. I moved to Honolulu at age 21 with two duffle bags and dreadlocks, and slept on an air mattress on the floor of my friend’s living room for several months, with no car. It was a sh*thole off of Piikoi Street near Kapiolani Blvd., if you know the area.

2. In 2005 I was hospitalized for 10 days and diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, then I went from “flab to fab” and started competing in *Figure* competitions, plus I also got my BA in Communications–graduating with Lambda Pi Eta honors. It was a BIG year for me.

3. I was an exotic dancer off-and-on for years (single girl supporting herself). I am the exception, in that I never drank or did drugs or prostituted or had kids (so many dancers are single Mom’s). However, instead of single motherhood, I found myself dealing with infertility as my reward for being so *responsible*. Irony much?

 4. I met my husband in the last strip club I ever worked at. On my dead Mother’s birthday. And we were legally married a year *to the day* later (actually the day after her birthday) at a courthouse. I would NEVER give my number to customers, but my gut told me he might be *the one*. I know my Mom brought him to me. No doubt.

5. Yes, I’ve always been a performer–when I was 12 years old I auditioned with a professional theater group and played the part of the orphan “Duffy” in the musical “Annie”. My Dad gave me flowers for opening night. Pretty epic.

6. Speaking of performances, I love the ballet. I don’t have season tickets or anything cool like that, but every. single. year. I go and see the Nutcracker Ballet around my birthday/Christmas. I love nothing more than to see the little girls twirling in their holiday dresses at intermission–just like I did when I was a little girl. There is so little innocence in our world today…*wistful sigh*

7. However I am NOT built like a ballerina. I am tall and sturdy–I used to be flat-chested too, until I had breast augmentation when I was 20 years old (prior to moving to Hawaii). I suffered from body-image issues my whole life, but amazingly, fake boobs and exotic dancing cured me of this.

Now you might know why I like the word “Juxtaposed”. I lived two lives at the same time. By day, an honor student, a volunteer with Foster Family Programs and at one point a chair person for Susan G. Komen, a nanny for some of the richest people in the world (jet setters, pro athletes), a good girl from the Midwest who likes to bake and sends Christmas cards to everyone she knows every year. And by night, an exotic dancer. Named “Joey”.

And now, a housewife and future SAHM.

See, I told you, I’m boring.

So I’m going to nominate a bunch of people for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award, and you people (if you haven’t already done so) are invited to tell everybody 7 things about yourself (they can be scandalous, like mine, or mundane, like “I like cookies”). Then you are to nominate 15 other bloggers.

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So that’s 15 16 blogs, and last time I was like “I nominate everyone” but this time I’m just gonna stop at 16, cuz that’s a lot of links to post. And most of you have been nominated more than once anyway, because you’re awesome and everybody thinks so.












21 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never!

  1. I was seriously fascinated by your facts! It makes my facts seem…well…lame and boring! meh! LOL! Thanks for the nomination sweets! When I had done mine several weeks ago you were already nominated and I had been looking forward to your facts….but then never saw them and gave up So glad you finally posted them! Since I have already done my post, I might just have to do another and put 7 facts about the hubs, but his is seriously boring. Maybe I could title it “The most boring facts about the Hubs”

  2. Wow! Not boring at all! It was so great to get to know a bit more about you! And what an amazing story of how you and the Mr. met. Btw, your dancer name made me smile because my husband’s nickname for me is Joey. So funny!

    Thinking about you and baby ❤

  3. Thank you for the nomination although I have no idea how to follow that. I going to struggle to think of one interesting about myself that comes even close to yours! x

  4. This post blew me away, my friend. (No small feat considering how I’ve been feeling lately – I hope the light comes back on soon). Number four gave me chills (the part about your mom).

    About the exotic and scandalous – it’s so you to write about that here! I once wrote a paper about the crowd that populated gyno row in the upscale strip club in the west coast city where I did my undergrad (for an anthropology class). I used to volunteer with the prostitutes’ rights group. Lots of single moms and students there, too. I used to babysit for an exotic dancer too. I haven’t thought about that era of my life in years – thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    Thanks for sharing and the renomination – very sweet of you. Hope your current self acclaimed boring self is feeling better these days. 🙂

  5. ohhh I do know the area around Piikoi and Kapiolani – my acupuncturist was around there. That takes some guts! Thanks for the re-nomination. After my attempt to post the award a couple of weeks ago followed by complete and utter failure, I will just try and sneak in a few facts in upcoming posts 😉

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