Today’s Post Is Brought To You By The Letter: Z

**pregnancy mentioned–it ain’t all rainbows and unicorns either**

*Z* is for Zofran.

What is Zofran? AH-MAZ-ING. Zofran is a bonafide f*cking miracle drug.

It makes you *not nauseaous* anymore. You have enough energy to take a shower AND do the dishes *in the same day*. It allows you to drink as much *water* as you actually want! You can eat food other than starchy carbs–and not puke it up!

Honestly, it got to the point where I couldn’t take care of myself anymore. Today was the last straw. Mr. MLACS had to leave town and go to work Wednesday. For the last 2 weeks he has done EVERYTHING for me. I didn’t even have to get out of bed to get my own sprite. I was really going to try to tough things out, but it wasn’t working. My Ulcerative Colitis became irritated because I can’t take my medicine properly–I can never take my *morning meds* in the morning, I have to wait until the afternoon, and sometimes I skip them altogether (except for my tiny Synthroid pill–I can always sneak that in). My dishes in the sink are smelly and the the odor makes me sick, and I can’t bring myself to go near them, plus I’m too exhausted and standing up makes my nausea worse. I still haven’t unpacked and done laundry since I got home from vacation a week ago–I need clean undies. I can hardly make myself eat anything, and certainly nothing healthy (all starchy carbs)–I’m jealous because one of my friends is newly pregnant and she is drinking green smoothies! I finally had a craving for pineapple last night–it didn’t stay down (too acidic I think). I can’t exercise–I hardly leave the bed or the house. I can’t drink very much water, because water makes me sick–I got dehydrated just from walking through the mall (sometimes I just suck on ice cubes because I can’t drink water at all). I haven’t been able to do anything except lay around feeling sick. I drag myself to get food when I can think of something that doesn’t sound disgusting. I’m lonely. It’s depressing.

I knew when I went to bed last night that today was going to be a bad day…

I woke up *hot* and being too warm is very bad for nausea. I kicked off the covers and rolled up my lounge pants…I felt like sh*t and I just. wanted. to. sleep. it. off…like a hangover. But that’s now how MS works–it just doesn’t go away with a good sleep and a bloody mary. Plus pregnancy gives me a fair bit of insomnia–I can’t sleep more than 6 hours in a stretch (but I take naps). I begrudgingly accepted the fact that I was awake. I also accepted the fact that I was *nauseous because I was hungry, but couldn’t eat because of the nausea*, a real catch-22, and I innately knew I was going to puke and so I decided not to eat. Just wait. I spend A LOT of time *just waiting* to be sick–unfortunately I can’t just do it on command. Sometimes I will lay there for an hour with waves of nausea and hunger washing over me, until I finally vomit, and then I have to quickly gather myself and figure out something to eat so that I don’t continue to vomit.

So I finally barfed–like the kind where you can’t stop heaving and your eyes are twitching and bulging out of your head. And then…

I resolutely went to my bathroom cabinet and with shaky hands I fumbled through a bag of old prescriptions until I found it…the Zofran that my OB in Las Vegas had prescribed to me after my first miscarriage. Believe me, in anticipation of this moment I have done ALL my research on the safety of Zofran in pregnancy–it’s safe. And furthermore, I’ve already told y’all that I am forced to take some other class B drugs because of my various health issues. So all you “crunchy mama’s” can go suck on a ginger root for your nausea and have your babies at home in your bathtub. That’s just not an option for me, regardless of how I feel about it. Also, I’m sure my baby will still kick your baby’s ass, even though I ate domino’s (gluten free) pizza and took some drugs. (jk, jk)

I laid down on my bed and *bawled*. Certainly tears have rolled down my face more than once during this pregnancy, but this is the first time I have just *lost it*. So tired. So miserable. So unsure if the Zofran was the right answer–don’t most IF/RPL women lust for morning sickness??! What is wrong with me?!

But an hour later, I was out of bed and eating *toast with jelly*–I had been wanting toast with jelly for days but just couldn’t eat it! I felt strong again! I took a shower without feeling dizzy or losing my balance–I shaved my “lady parts” for the first time in a couple weeks! I put on a skirt and went and got a *manicure*. I ate thai food for lunch *and* I drank TWO whole glasses of water *with* my lunch. This is the best day I’ve had in weeks!

I still need to call Dr. Angel and talk to him about the Zofran, but I didn’t want to bother him over the weekend if I didn’t need to. Plus I’m pretty sure he won’t mind once I explain that I haven’t been able to take my essential meds due to the nausea. It’s been almost 12 hours since I took the Zofran and I still feel fine. I’m so excited to get back to living my life again! I’m lonely but it’s been so hard to leave the house or be around food that I’ve turned down all invitations to see friends, and that has been frustrating. I’m looking forward to going to church with my friends in the morning! I’m no longer dreading taking my Grandma to her 9am doctor appointment on Monday (cuz the past 2 Mondays I have barfed ALL day long). Those dishes are going to get done! I will have clean underwear! I’m gonna eat the rest of the pineapple in the fridge!

Zofran is the sh*t.



ouch morning sickness

Nauseous becuase I'm hungry

I enjoy morning sickness meme

hurling in toilet



47 thoughts on “Today’s Post Is Brought To You By The Letter: Z

  1. Oh girl I don’t know how you do it! You took such a crappy thing and still had an awesome sense of humor about it! You are amazing! I’m so glad to hear the zofran worked! I’m taking a mental note for myself in the event I get pregnant and find myself without clean panties, dirty dishes, and overgrown lady parts 🙂

    I hope you have a great day tomorrow…and the next day…and the next day! Basically, you need to get that prescription refilled. hehe! XOXO

      • I hope! I was wearing my last clean bra today and before I left the house this morning I asked him to put the clothes in the dryer so I would have one for later….he forgot. I hope his memory improves when he impregnates me. Or else my tatas will be lettin’ loose and swingin with the rest of the crowd that shows up at Walmart

  2. Oh hon! I’m glad you’ve had such a strong symptom, but jeez! I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling so awful and glad that the Zofran has given you some relief! I’m not sure, but I think Zofran is what some of the the other ladies with really bad MS have been taking, so I’m sure you and baby are just fine. Hang in there hon. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Hugs <2

      • And that’s all you can do! It’s better for baby that you take the meds and can get some food in you and get some rest then not take anything and continue to be so sick!

      • If only I could stay pregnant I would be on a boatload of stuff I expect – just to keep it – and I would not be capable of suffering through 22 weeks of nausea again without drugs (I took the anti-nausea drug but it made me too sleepy to work so suffered at work). I’m no granola mom though I try to be mindful. Hell, I even had an epidural in the desperation of having not slept for 3 nights and being induced on an expedited basis because of the cholestasis (despite having diligently studied hypno-birthing through expensive private lessons with the LP). I do not judge. Drug away, lady!

      • I should say that because I was in such distress I refused another depressing check for dilation and the epidural did nothing for me as I was already over 9 cm. I don’t recommend being a die hard for this reason (all the good it did me). I seem to learn crap the hard way. Glad you aren’t following that example!

  3. Hello twin!! I could’ve written this post a few weeks ago ( only I was too nauseous to write!!). Everything you’re going through is what my experience also was. And then I popped in zofran and the world stopped churning around me! Although I still threw up a few days with zofran too. I’ve been taking diclegis and zofran for a month now… if I don’t it’s back to puke-a-thon!! It does get better though… I promise ya! Word of a advice–zofran can cause crazy constipation so make sure you take fiber supplement and/or a stool softener like colace. Hang in there…hugs!

    • Hey lady! Damn, I need to go stalk your blog! I’m a little behind on my stalking. I’m thinking about popping another Zofran before bed, as I can tell the initial dose has begun to lose effect. I dunno if the constipation *can* get any worse, but I don’t want to find out so I will pick up stool softeners post-haste (I have liquid milk-o-mag but…barf…I will pick up some capsules instead). It’s good to know I’m not alone–thanks for popping by! And can’t wait to catch up on your latest! XOXO

  4. Yay I’m glad you found something to help and as much as I hate the thought of you feeling horrid I’m glad I’m not the only one. I certainly do not lust over morning sickness and because of how many people struggle to get (and stay) pregnant i feel like I have to be and not say anything negative. But you’re right it is downright depressing to feel horrid every hour of every day particularly when you want so badly to enjoy being pregnant. X

    • Exactly. That’s why I put the *warning* at the heading–I want ladies having a hard time to feel free to skip the post. But I want and need to talk about it and identify with people who understand! I think it goes without saying that I’m grateful to be pregnant and even to be sick, but that doesn’t make it any less challenging! XOXO

  5. I think I thought, “if I have to feel like crap, I might as well be happy for why I am feeling like it…” Oh rationalizations…. how you make everything better! I never had morning sickness as bad as you, but my green smoothies were e what

  6. Oh my gosh, you poor thing. To me it sounds like you’re suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is a really really bad form of morning sickness and a proper disorder (Princess Kate had it and had to be hospitalised in the end – I’m sure that won’t be the case for you, but it can get that bad). I would go to the doc asap and I’m sure he/she will prescribe you something for it. So glad you’ve found something that works, but please don’t go on suffering like that, it sounds horrid!! Much strength for you for this pregnancy!x

    • Thanks so much! I have wondered it my MS was severe enough to be classified as HG, but I don’t feel like I’ve suffered enough to qualify! I definitely benefit from the Zofran though–it makes a huge difference. XOXO

    • Thanks luv, it is a blessing in disguise to feel so *pregnant*, but I don’t find it as comforting as some people–my Mom never had MS with me or my sister and I almost never puke, so somehow I had decided that I probably wouldn’t have it. Ha. XOXO

  7. I am so sorry for the discomfort but I was laughing out loud reading this. You’re too funny. I am so glad you found the magic drug. It really doesn’t sound like fun. I hope it shall all pass very very soon!

  8. Clean underwear!!!!!!!!!!! I giggled a bit at that. I am so, so sorry that your stomach is being such a hussy but am so, SO happy that there is such medical miracle medications to help. And I have no doubt that your baby is gonna be one tough little bean. I mean, look at Mama 😉 Enjoy your pineapple, lady!

  9. Man, I’m sorry the morning sickness has been kicking your ass. I’m so glad the Zofran is working! Here’s to feeling and functioning like a human being!

  10. I just loved this line “So all you “crunchy mama’s” can go suck on a ginger root for your nausea and have your babies at home in your bathtub.” That’s actually totally me – always trying the home remedies first lol. But I put up with feeling like crap during my 3rd pregnancy and I won’t do it again given another chance. If anything, the medicine will give you a chance to eat healthier than if you are puking your guts out, so I say, it has to be good 🙂 XOXO

    • The meds have allowed me to eat MUCH better! But the meds make you *constipated* and I had a super tough day in regards to that–like I need a pillow to sit on because my hemorrhoids are so irritated. TMI, sorry, but if you’re sick in your next pregnancy & need the meds I strongly urge you to take a stool softener with them. Cuz OUCH.
      I made that “crunchy mama” remark to be silly, but there’s a lot of women who strive for and achieve drug free pregnancies and births. I *wish* I could be one of them–I always wanted to have a water birth. I never wanted to be dependent on medications. But without the meds to keep me in remission I would be sick and probably never have a baby–that’s the reality. I mean, plus I’m gluten-free and I take supplements, etc. I know people judge me for taking meds during my pregnancy–I judge myself. But given that I lost my first pregnancy because I was sick and inflamed, I know that I’m doing the right thing by taking meds to stay in remission. XOXO

      • Absolutely girl, don’t even think twice about the medication – God is in control and the medication is only going to help you and the baby both. I wish I could have a natural water birth too, but with my ITP I’ll have to be monitored during my third trimester and probably on prednisone if my numbers drop too low. I’ll probably need a C-section for the baby’s safety, but at this point in time, I’ll do whatever it takes to have a healthy baby and healthy mom 🙂 Don’t let anyone judge you- like I was talking about in my post today, we all need to support one another in this journey. Pregnancy after loss is no joke! You are doing good, mama, stay strong and do whatever you need to do to feel good.

  11. That’s about how sick I was in my twin pregnancy. I ended up on Zofran too but was so freaked out to be on meds that I only took 1 pill a day instead of 2. It worked OK during the day so I could go to work and then I suffered at night. Hopefully, it works for you and you don’t have any (ahem) “side-effects” like I did. The zofran made me SERIOUSLY constipated. It was terrible! Stool softeners are a must, unfortunately. Good luck.

    • Perfect timing! The constipation just about killed me today–I was in a lot of pain and distress. I lay here now on my side, hoping the preparation H and a good night’s sleep will calm my hemorrhoids. I was straining so hard I worried I might miscarry (irrational but still). From now on it’s collace and/or milk o mag 2x daily. I have Ulcerative Colitis and I don’t want to exacerbate it with the constipation! Any suggestions? Thank you! XOXO

  12. I mean— after everything do you really need to feel luck such crap? I’m sorry. Sometimes I hope I start to feel sick just so I know my embryo is still in there but right now I’m focused on the giant subchorionic hematoma that’s posted up next to the poor embryo. I swear. It’s always something. Glad you found a way to feel better and I hope the doc gives you the ok to keep taking that magic pill. Whatever gets you through the day girl!

  13. Thinking about you. Hope you’re continuing to feel better. I’m so anxious for another update from you! Continuing to keep you and your little one in my thoughts and prayers ❤

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