Solid News

So to report: there is a sac, a yolk sac, and fetal pole at 5w4d

Both myself and Dr. Angel were very pleased. My younger sister went with me since Mr. MLACS is working out of the country, and bless her heart, she was excited and squealed when the image popped up on the screen. I feel kind of bad, but I told her to be quiet because I was holding my breath until Dr. Angel identified the 3 components we were looking for. I exhaled when he found them and said they measured correctly (so far).

Interestingly, we had discussed using Heparin even though I have not shown to have one of the common clotting disorders. Do you know how we came to this decision? Dr. Angel *had a dream* last night that I should be on Heparin. Since four of my female friends in the last couple of months have all dreamed I was having a baby (including a friend who called during the TWW of this cycle to ask if I was pregnant)…I am a believer of dreams. Dr. Angel still waffled, but I said to him “What does your gut tell you? Real quick, just listen to what it says and that is our answer.” And his gut said Heparin–because sometimes, for whatever reason, it prevents loss in women who’ve had repeat miscarriages and have not tested positive for any *known* clotting disorders. Case-in-point, he currently has a patient who had 3 consecutive miscarriages, and is now 34 weeks pregnant with twins–they decided she should take Heparin, and now she is due to give birth to two healthy babies. Is it the Heparin that made the difference for her and so many other unexplained RPL ladies? Who knows. But I can tell you this: *My ass will be taking the damn Heparin* Two injections daily–and I will do it with a smile.

Also, Dr. Diet is PISSED that I refuse to go back to his office for my pregnancy to be claimed in his statistics. But here’s what–that m*therf*cker could have cost me this pregnancy. Because:

1. My progesterone at 15dpo was 11.5 and the *lowest* within range for pregnancy is 9. And this SOB did not prescribe progesterone. I said to the nurse “Surely he wants me to begin taking my suppositories” and her answer was “Nope, he signed off on it”. For this alone, I would like to claw his eyes out. He is a Reproductive *Endocrinologist*, a person who specializes in hormones, in particular of women who are dealing with infertility. Low progesterone is a COMMON cause of pregnancy loss. HOW COULD HE BE SO CARELESS? I was and am stunned.

2. My TSH at 15dpo had already crept up to 2.3 *even though I take a hefty dose of Synthroid*. The upper limit of “normal” for conception and pregnancy is 2.5–he is an RE, there is no f*cking way he is unaware of this fact. But yet, his nurse told me he said it was “Fine”. Well, I started having symptoms. And also, hypothyroid definitely played a role in my first loss *in fact* Hypothyroid is a COMMON cause of infertility and loss, and is easily fixed but must be closely monitored. Per Dr. Angel, the acceptable limit for a woman taking Synthroid already is 2.0, and they always increase the dose in early pregnancy *before* it gets out of hand–an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So again, HOW COULD DR. DIET BE SO STUPID?

If I wanted average care within the extremely wide and varied range of “acceptable” then I would go see a general practitioner, not waste my money at a *specialist’s* office. He had the nerve to leave me a condescending and bullying message on my voicemail. Then today, Dr. Angel said that Dr. Diet called him last night and yelled at him, in Dr. Angel’s words “Dr. Diet seems to have anger management issues”. All this from this assh*le, after he gave us that horrible and offensive IVF sales pitch. And furthermore, if it was up to him I wouldn’t have had this IUI at all, I would have handed him $10,000 for an IVF cycle in September. THE NERVE. I’m glad his ass is chapped. And when I feel like it, I’m going to send him a letter and tell him exactly what a horse’s ass he is and that that is why his *services are no longer needed*. Seriously, I feel violent about the fact that he could have cost me this pregnancy before it even had a chance. It’s awful that you can’t trust doctors–specialists–with something so important and delicate.

Ladies, if I can tell you one thing–BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE. Research and know your options. Don’t rely on your providers, because things slip through the cracks or some of them are not up-to-date about more advanced thought and methods, and most of all–many of us are special cases that they haven’t seen before and they don’t even know what to look for. Please, educate yourselves–it may be the difference between life or miscarriage.





37 thoughts on “Solid News

  1. So happy all is good and baby is measuring right on track! Wow! Dr. Diet is such a dick! So glad you’re trusting yourself and sticking with Dr. Angel. Praying for you and baby. Is your next scan in a week?

    • Yep, next week should see the HB, and Mr. MLACS will be with me. I pray it’s good news. And yeah, I brought Dr. Angel a gift certificate to a restaurant today (since I was too nauseous to bake for him) because he is *awesome*. Whereas Dr. Diet is a *tool*. Thanks lady! XOXO

  2. Oh, I’m so going to ask my doctor about the heparin! I don’t have a blood clotting issue, however I do have ITP which almost killed me during my 2nd miscarriage so I do have to be careful about that, but if her and my hematologist work together, perhaps that’s an option I can try. I’m so glad the ultrasound went well and thank God for Dr. Angel!

    • Read this article:–2030/
      It would seem that Celiac Disease promotes miscarriage because it produces antibodies (I had a different kind of antibody during my first miscarriage, but same idea). Antibodies are an autoimmune response to inflammation (for Celiac’s, the inflammation comes from eating gluten). Besides not eating gluten, I know prednisone helps to get rid of antibodies (any kind)–but it really has to be taken *before* you become pregnant, because otherwise the antibodies will immediately attack the pregnancy and prednisone taken after they start attacking won’t stop them. This is probably more useful to you than Heparin. But I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice, only opinion.

  3. Whoo hoo! I’m so excited to hear about the ultrasound! 🙂 I have such a good feeling for you. I can’t wait to hear about when you hear the heartbeat. And nausea is an excellent sign! Good riddance to Dr. Diet. He’s only in this for the paycheck because he obviously doesn’t care about his patients. I never liked him anyways.

    • Totally. Before I ever even got pregnant, we had discussed using Heparin as a prophylactic measure, but then we weren’t inclined when I fell pregnant–until he had this dream, at which point it seems prudent to use the Heparin as a “better safe than sorry” measure. I’m gonna go load my syringe now! XOXO

  4. Wow I have been busy with drowning in my own sorrow for turning 40 (just kidding!) but congrats girl! Can’t be happier for you! And yay for a wonderful ultrasound. Dr. Diet is horrible! I am so glad you went with Dr. Angel. Happy and uneventful 9 months!

    • Hey lady–I know you’ve had so much to deal with (deciding which RE you will trust–which is obviously a perilous and weighty decision when you need someone to *get it right the first time*). You are so well educated though, that I feel like whichever RE you choose, you will have made the best choice–and in the end, I choose to trust my instinct (and Dr. Angel’s instinct) and I think “trusting your gut” is always the best way to go–that is God directing us on our paths.
      Anyhow, Happy Birthday! I hope you’ve been able to put aside your worries for at least a little while and enjoy yourself. I’m thinking of you and praying for peace of mind and success in the coming months. XOXO

  5. I am so relieved about the positive ultrasound. I must confess to finding a tiny bit of glee in you making Dr. Diet angry by not cow-towing to his irresponsible care and unprofessional bullying. I love it! I’m sorry you had to be so perseverant yourself but so glad that is who you are.

    Is Dr. Angel having you come back next week to see if they can detect a fetal HB or will he wait a little longer to do that? Keeping you and this little miracle baby in my thoughts and prayers, my friend.

    • I appreciate the “atta girl!” because I feel like most people just think I’m a crazy b*tch (which may be true, but only when provoked). And yep we are going back in a week to look for a HB. Thanks so much sweet friend. How are you feeling? Is the prednisone nearly finished and will they re-test you afterwards? XOXO

      • I’m looking forward to next week’s scan and more good news. I have a good feeling about this and pray I’m right about it. You know how much I want this to be the one for you.

        Yep, almost done (Thursday is last dose) and re-testing right afterward. Also checking TSH and T3 and T4 then. It’s a standing requisition so hopefully I can keep an eye on the IgE and thyroid levels over the coming weeks in case we go ahead with the next FET.

  6. Now how did I miss this wonderful update?!! So, so happy for you… this is great news! I pray it keeps getting better and better! Nausea tip–keep eating small bits through the day and especially make sure you get some carbs in you before you sleep and just before you jump out of bed–crackers etc.

      • I had that problem too for the first few weeks. Try stick to bland-ish foods which do not have overpowering flavors. Dry toast and cucumber/ tomato is still my breakfast of choice! Now, of course, I’m the other extreme… pacman-like I swallow everything in sight!


    I’m over the moon happy for you. Seriously. So, so many prayers and good vibes coming your way over the next few weeks.

    And you may already know, I opted to do the Lovenox injections for 14-ish weeks despite the fact that I tested negative for clotting disorders. Once they reassured me that it was a low dosage and I wasn’t going to bleed to death from a papercut, it just seemed like a really good idea. Can’t hurt, can help. The injection itself SUCKED, but hey, ultimately it was all worth it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    Ahhh, so happy for you. Just had to say it again 🙂

    • Thanks lady! Was hoping you’d stop by–but c’mon, you have your hands full of preciousness! Also thank you for the reassurance on the blood thinners–so far only one bruise in 3 days, thats good right? XOXO

  8. Congratulations on having a successful scan. How many more to go til baby arrives? 😉 And yes, we all need to be our own advocates in this crazy game called infertility. My gut has always told me to switch clinics and right now, I’m so glad we did. Your Dr. Angel is just that – a true angel 🙂

      • No! I don’t have a lot to say! It’s been a really uneventful pregnancy and anything which I consider posting seems mundane! It’s a blessing really… Hopefully you’ll enjoy the same smooth ride from here on in *touch wood* (as we say in England – to prevent anything bad from happening after you declare all is well)! xxx

  9. I’m so proud of your for being your own advocate. It’s so important. And I’m glad you’re going to send a letter to Dr. Diet. He’s a prick. Thank goodness for Dr. Angel!

  10. You are so NOT a crazy chick!!!!! Thank GOD you are able to advocate for yourself and the “littlest one” – who by the way has all the starting parts!!!! Words can not express my joy and hope for you and the Mr. Dr. Diet needs to seriously piss off and not harass you any more. Your pregnancy now has nothing to do with him – PERIOD. When I read your levels and that he did nothing I get so angry. Those are two critical components and even borderline isnt just “ok” with a good RE. They typically like to err on the side of caution. Keep us posted. Drink tons of water and get plenty of rest. Can’t wait for the updates.

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